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Genius & AnxietyReviewed for Library Journal I do think lots of people should read this, even as it s hard to recommend it, because it is so dark and overwrought, but so is Jewish history. I really enjoyed this book It would make a wonderful Hannukah present This book showcases many Jews who have influenced our times and tells about their contributions and their lives I highly enjoyed this book and will be purchasing copies as presents this Hannukah I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy free of charge This is my honest and unbiased opinion of it. the Jews are great and powerful in America i think back to Germany, where it all began before WW2 still, to say that one group or class of people are educated than another is presumptuous a quality education is personal yet to devote oneself to any discipline is credit worthy i admire movie stars and pop singers because of their strength and character Michael Jackson is a remarkable human being, yet also one of the most exciting persons in show business all contributions to any free society is historic, but to admire an American because he she possesses traits we don t know is no crime or sin. Well written and very informative.I learned a tremendous amount from reading this book I thought that the histories of communism and Zionism were very interesting and well written At times, however the book seemed to get bogged down with minute detail There should be subdivision based on the name of the person being discussed , with the name of the person as the title for that piece of the text With his way of introducing a new person, it was often confusing as to which person was being discussed. A Unique Chronicle Of The Years , The Century When The Jewish People Changed The World And It Changed ThemIn A Hundred Year Period, A Handful Of Men And Women Changed The Way We See The World Many Of Them Are Well Known Marx, Freud, Proust, Einstein, Kafka Others Have Vanished From Collective Memory Despite Their Enduring Importance In Our Daily Lives Without Karl Landsteiner, For Instance, There Would Be No Blood Transfusions Or Major Surgery Without Paul Ehrlich, No Chemotherapy Without Siegfried Marcus, No Motor Car Without Rosalind Franklin, Genetic Science Would Look Very Different Without Fritz Haber, There Would Not Be Enough Food To Sustain Life On Earth What Do These Visionaries Have In Common They All Had Jewish Origins They All Had A Gift For Thinking In Wholly Original, Even Earth Shattering Ways In The Jewish People Made Up Less Than % Of The World S Population, And Yet They Saw What Others Could Not How Why Norman Lebrecht Has Devoted Half Of His Life To Pondering And Researching The Mindset Of The Jewish Intellectuals, Writers, Scientists, And Thinkers Who Turned The Tides Of History And Shaped The World Today As We Know It In Genius Anxiety, Lebrecht Begins With The Communist Manifesto In And Ends In , When Israel Was Founded This Robust, Magnificent Volume, Beautifully Designed, Is An Urgent And Necessary Celebration Of Jewish Genius And Contribution I just adore the works of Kafka, Freud and Marx wow This book seems to be an insightful and interesting one As the title suggests some intrapsychic process went through these beautiful minds and maybe there is mention of transgenerational trauma which I am very interested to know about Today s society is getting polluted with the extreme right political approach through media Hoping to see some humane understanding of these beautiful souls in this book. I liked it although it was a tad scholarly for me I simply love JEWS so I am paling order for a copy of the book.

Norman Lebrecht born 11 July 1948 in London is a British commentator on music and cultural affairs and a novelist He was a columnist for The Daily Telegraph from 1994 until 2002 and assistant editor of the Evening Standard from 2002 until 2009 On BBC Radio 3, he has presented from 2000 and The Lebrecht Interview from 2006.He has written twelve books about music, which have been

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