George Washington: Young Leader (Childhood of Famous Americans)

George Washington: Young Leader (Childhood of Famous Americans)I liked this book It was the story of George Washington s life I didn t know that he was a really great surveyor You should read this book because you might find it interesting and learn a lot about all the things that George Washington did before he became president Isaiah4th grade My children and I read this for history We all enjoyed the stories of what Washington was like as a child Each chapter gives you a key to his character and what type of person he was He is not charaterized as a perfect child, but getting into scrapes which probably caused his parents and teachers many headaches I appreciate that although Wahington was from a wealthy family, the book tries to be realistic and show that there were struggles even in that household It gives a picture of what Colonial America was like, and we liked the descriptions of the family using the river for tranportation than the roads It makes certain facts about history have some context. One Of The Most Popular Series Ever Published For Young American S, These Classics Of Childhood Have Been Praised Alike By Parents, Teachers, And Librarians These Lively, Inspiring, Believable Biographies Sweep Today S Young Readers Right Into History In the book George Washington By Augusta Stevenson George Washington goes from being a very bad kid to being very kind and leading adult When he was young he broke sticks off of a tree and gave them to his classmates and they used them to fight George was always wanted throughout his life and he would always go into peoples shops and would watch them as they work Towards the end of the book he would always go into shops and then he would get told to go out because he would bring his siblings inside who didn t act the way they should Then he would run away and hide so that they can t find him so he doesn t get yelled at or mad at.I like how it told about all of the details How he became president for eight yearsand how he decided to have his wife chose if he should stop being president and then So far I ve been really impressed with this series My children really seem to be connecting to the people and are really getting a feel for what it was like to live and grow up during that time period.I was really impressed with how great George Washington was It s inspired me to read an adult bio of him sooner than later. Read aloud to Emma and Will They enjoyed hearing about George Washington s life as a child, but I think they would have been even enthralled if there was about his adult life than the final chapter s quick overview I always enjoyed hearing the lesser known details about the early life in this biography series, but I was a bit older when I read them too. Good overall view of George Washington s life especially his childhood Did fine it odd however, that there was really no discussion of his service to our counrty in the Revolutionary War Basically skipped from his childhood, his profession as a surveyor and then on to his election as President. I LOVED this book It is a very easy read, level about 4th Grade, but it was very informative and I learned a lot from it This book was very factual but it told a lot of stories throughout his life I recommend this book to kids in Elementary School. This was another great book in this series I thought the author did a very good job with the amount of time she spent on the different stages in Washington s life She showed how his honesty and leadership at a young age helped him prepare to be the first president of the United States of America. Written for a children, a book about many events in the life of George Washington I m reading Hamilton s biography right now, so it s interesting reading what happened to Washington to make him the man he was who we see in that book.

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  • George Washington: Young Leader (Childhood of Famous Americans)
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  • 01 June 2019
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