The Sisters Eight Book 3: Georgia's Greatness (Sisters Eight)

The Sisters Eight Book 3: Georgia's Greatness (Sisters Eight)The Sisters Eight Are Back In A New Adventure This Time, Georgia Gets Her Chance To Be The Hero If She Doesn T Completely Mess Things Up In The First Two Installments Of The Sisters Eight, We Met The Sisters Octuplets And Their Eight Cats We Discovered Mommy And Daddy Disappeared Or Died And That To Find Out What Happened To Them, Each Girl Must Discover Her Power And Gift Annie And Durinda Both Found Theirs We Also Learned That The Girls Nosy Neighbor The Wicket Is Very Interested In What Mommy Was Working On Before She Disappeared Or Died In This, The Third Book, The Plot Thickens Mrs McGullicudy, The Girls Teacher, Is AWOL, And The Substitute Teacher Is Too Beautiful To Be Believed In Your Narrator S Humble Opinion Does Her Beautiful Facade Hide An Evil Soul These Are Books Of Course It Does And Georgia Makes A Blunder That Could Keep The Girls From Ever Finding Their Parents Are The Sisters Eight Doomed To Live Alone Forever

Lauren grew up in Monroe, CT, where her father owned a drugstore at which her mother was the pharmacist She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut at Storrs, where she majored in psychology She also has what she calls her half Masters in English from Western Connecticut State University five courses down, another five to go someday.Throughout college, she worked semester breaks as a

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  • The Sisters Eight Book 3: Georgia's Greatness (Sisters Eight)
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  • 24 October 2017
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    And the adventure continues brilliantly in Book 3 This story adds a nice new twist in that the story begins to comment on itself, and on the pattern that is being created in how the books are written and how the powers, gifts, and adventures are unfolding It begins to point out the writing process, such as showing a story rather than telling it which was just brilliant, added a nice dose of humor to the already witty dialogue, and made the reader feel part of the adventure Well done

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    This is the third book in the Sisters Eight series by Lauren Baratz Logsted, Greg Logsted, and Jackie Logsted Our oldest daughter discovered the first book of this series recently at our local library and fell in love immediately We ve borrowed the next few books in the series and she s read them quickly in succession I found the story to be strange, but interesting and I can see that this series would appeal to a young elementary school age child just getting into reading longer chapter books The story occasionally interacts with the reader, usually foreshadowing dramatic parts that will follow later in the book The book has a suspenseful and mysterious plot and I think that the series will keep my oldest enthralled the whole way through The stories have a pattern that is both predictable it s even mentioned in the story and reassuring In each book, one of the eight girls discovers her power and gets a gift within the span of a month the series order goes from the oldest to the youngest octuplet This story still follows this pattern, but Georgia has to do things a bit differently Since the tale occurs throughout the month of March, it has a Spring St Patrick s Day theme and I love the discussion about trite and hackneyed clich s I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series and discussing the stories with our oldest.interesting quote I m sure it will come in handy at some point Nearly everything always does, except when it doesn t p 119

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    This book is part of a great series for readers just breaking in to chapter books and who like a little bit of magic.

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    This book was funny and engaging However, my children were again frustrated with how stupid the girls all seemed to be, when they seemed so smart in the first book.

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    Third entry in the series and I am officially addicted to it now, a delight to read, and hilarious Roll on number four

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    I m really liking this series The characters are memorable and lovable I m really impressed, very few series designed for eight year olds hold my attention this long.Last time Durinda found out her power and the sisters discovered the pattern of discovering their powers and gifts This time it becomes evident that their cats gain the same powers they do, when they do Poor Georgia, it s her month and everything should be going her way, but it s not First a pigeon brings her gift on the first day of the month, and she sends it back because she doesn t like it Later on she realizes how stupid that action was and she works very hard to make up for it Then her cat discovers the power before she does Add to that that their substitute teacher is beautiful, kind, and keeping an eye on Georgia and who quite possibly is evil and she s having quite a time of it Things seem to work out though or do they

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    Both my daughters love this new series starring eight eight year old sisters, mystery, adventure, and a huge dose of humor The Huit sisters live in an unusual house, shared with eight unusual cats In the way of multiples, the sisters find ways to distinguish themselves from one another, and Baratz Logsted has done a brilliant job of imagining the conflicts and the joys of sisterhood The set up allows for each sister to discover a new and unexpected capacity within herself.Georgia s turn to learn something new More villains, adventure, fun.Highly recommended to fans of The Penderwicks, Nancy Drew, Scooby Doo, and any child who s ever thought about what it would be like without those parents around.

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    I liked the book but at the same time I didn t I liked how Georgia s gift came early, I didn t like how Georgia sent it back I liked their substitute teacher, I didn t like how Ms Harkness kidnapped the McG and after the St.Patricks day parade at the school she kidnapped the eights not including Georgia I liked how Georgia s gift was to disappear, I thought it was odd how Georgia s power appeared on her cat before it appeared on her I liked the book almost as much as the first and second book.

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    owh..yess the plot thickens.Though it is nothing you wouldnt have already guessed I have fun reading this third book than reading the previous two Maybe because the main character in this book, Georgia, is somehow antagonized from the beginning that it is nice to see her becoming a lil bit wiser here she even uses the famous quote with great power comes great responsibility or something like that Not only Georgia, the other girls are becoming mature as well, as expected from those who are forced to take care of themselves without having parents around.

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    Not a huge fan of this series There are 8 sisters whose parents mysteriously disappear and then each month one sister will discover her magic power and receive a gift Notes are left for the sisters in the wall The adventures of the girls are cute and fun but the premise of the book seems contrived Parts of the plot don t seem to have any reason except to advance the plot, they don t make sense even Ina magical world way This book is an easy read, good for kids just getting into chapter books 1 early 3rd graders.

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