Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for Teens

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for Teens If You Could Only Get Past Feelings Of Embarrassment, Fear, Self Criticism, And Self Doubt, How Would Your Life Be Different You Might Take Chances And Make Mistakes, But You D Also Be Able To Live Freely And Confidently Than Ever Before Get Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Life For Teens Is A Workbook That Provides You With Essential Skills For Coping With The Difficult And Sometimes Overwhelming Emotions That Stress You Out And Cause You Pain The Emotions Aren T Going Anywhere, But You Can Find Out How To Deal With Them Once You Do, You Will Become A Mindful Warrior A Strong Person Who Handles Tough Emotions With Grace And Dignity And Gain Many Friends And Accomplishments Along The WayBased In Proven Effective Acceptance And Commitment Therapy ACT , This Book Will Arm You With Powerful Skills To Help You Use The Power Of Mindfulness In Everyday Situations, Stop Finding Faults In Yourself And Start Solving Your Problems, How To Be Kinder To Yourself So You Feel Confident And Have A Greater Sense Of Self Worth, And How To Identify The Values That Will Help You Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Dr Ciarrochi is speaker, researcher, author, and Professor of Psychology He has published many books and over 80 scientific papers on the causes of well being and interpersonal effectiveness Ciarrochi has been honored with over a million dollars in research funding and a prestigious Future Fellowship His work has been discussed in magazines, newspaper articles, and radio.

❃ Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for Teens  kindle Epub ❧ Author Joseph V. Ciarrochi –
  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for Teens
  • Joseph V. Ciarrochi
  • English
  • 06 March 2018
  • 9781608821938

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    4 Stars Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for Teens had me hooked from the foreword Obviously, I m not a teen any so I m not exactly the target market, but I do sort of wish this book had been available for me as a teen There were so many times that I judged incorrectly, not just people, but situations, and frankly still misjudge sometimes But had this book been available to tell me that pushing past my comfort zones could be potentially rewarding and that saying no out of fear would only lead to building that fear up even greater in my mind well I can t say for sure that it would have made a huge difference, but it might have Of course, hindsight is 20 20, and being able to look back on my teen years from adulthood, I d say I think these ideas, principles, and exercises presented in this book would have definitely helped But that s if I was actually willing to do the exercises as a teen Also, considering I was a pretty stubborn kid was , I m not sure I would have listened to anyone telling me to step out of the safety of my comfort zone All of that being said, I feel like this book if it s not helpful for teens again, I m not really in a position to judge that might be helpful for parents of teens even pre teens maybe and any other person i.e teacher, school counselor, etc that might work with teens and pre teens The authors try to cover quite a large subject in a small book, and while I personally feel like I got a lot out of it and feel like I know some other adults who might also be able to benefit from this read, I think some of these subjects might be better handled not from a book but with interaction with one s parents or loved ones Now I realize that s not always an option, at which point, I would definitely recommend this book For me, it was a fast 4 star read with a lot of take away information to be applied to myself and to my future children Chapter 7 especially stuck with me Realizing my mind is a problem finding machine, and that frankly sometimes the problems it finds are completely imaginary was quite helpful.

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    This guide is in a workbook format, addressing topic including mindfulness, coping with negative emotions, being kind to yourself, valuing yourself, building friendships, and turning negative thoughts into postivie ones Each chapter features an inspirational quote, includes exercises written, meditation, activities, etc to complete, and ends with The Wrap Up which summarizes the chapter and often asks thought provoking questions Two characters guide teens through the chapters One is Jess, a 17 year old girl and the other is Sam, a 15 year old boy The workbook does not condescend and offers good information to equip teens with better coping skills and better emotional well being A good guide for teens in middle school and up This would also make a great book study for a group of teens.

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    A very helpful book, with many different tools, all which were relevant.

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    When I saw this book on NetGalley, I thought it looked interesting After all, although I know that there are quite a few books targeted at teens, I haven t really read that many Well, this book is meant to help teens as they grow up right And I m still a teen so I m the target market But why do I feel so, so dissatisfied with the book after reading it Basically this short book focuses on being what they call a mindful warrior which involves the following skills Breathing Deeply and Slowing Down, Observing, Listening to your Values and Deciding on actions and doing them It actually sounds like something I was taught before, in golf My golf CCA, Co Curricula Activities if you don t know the term, was very big on LifeSkills But somehow, it feels like the book says that you can change your life on your own strength That s probably the part where I disagree with I believe that without God, it s impossible to change your life because He is the One who gives me strength Although I know that those lifeskills are good, and I do use them, I don t think that they would work for a very significant changes For me, I would take this book with a very large pinch of salt The skills they talk about are by themselves good skills, but I don t believe that they can bring about the inner change needed to change your life The book itself is a quick and easy read, and within the book itself are a lot of excercises you can do to take stock of your life practice the skills mentioned So really, the only thing I disagree with are the contents If you still want to read the book, then just bear in mind what I wrote, read what the book says and evaluate it yourself Disclaimer I got this book free from NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review First posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

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    I liked this book It gave some helpful tips to living life that are worth remembering I also liked some of the stories of teens that turned their life around Joseph Ciarrochi wrote this book to help teenagers and young adults by making them look at life in a new way I would certainly recommend this book to several of my friends.

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    Review to also be posted on

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    I wanted to understand my teenagers, but I don t think I will lol I didn t find this book helpful for me But it was an interesting read and some things were helpful.

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    Review to come.

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    This book wasn t as useful to me as others in this series Some of the chapters seemed suited to younger children Not bad, but I m still looking for something age appropriate.

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    Too late to use w my almost 18 yo daughter I am fully planning on reading and doing these exercises with my little ones when they are Tweens.

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