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Get Your War Onhilarious Something just told me it was time to read this one again Can t imagine what Original review from LibraryThing, December 2, 2012 If you want to know exactly how we all felt after the 9 11 attacks, read this book I remember reading the strips when they were first posted online, and it was comforting to know all my confusing thoughts were not singularly my experience.The way language was used in those days much as it still is today , was meant to either psych us up for the coming war or psych us out that everything our government was doing was right and necessary for peace This comic found a humorous approach to that use of language, which is what made it so great. Get Your War On Wikipedia Get Your War On Is A Series Of Satirical Comic Strips By David Rees About Political Topics Initially, The Comic Concerned The Effects Of The Septemberattacks On New York City, But It Quickly Switched Its Focus Torecent Topics, In Particular The War On Terror Get Your War On The End YouTube Mr Notebooks Drinks To The End Of The White Male Era Subscribe To The HuffPost Today The Huffington Post Is An Internet News, Blog, And VideoGet Your War On By David Rees Goodreads If You Want To Know Exactly How We All Felt After The Attacks, Read This Book I Remember Reading The Strips When They Were First Posted Online, And It Was Comforting To Know All My Confusing Thoughts Were Not Singularly My Experience David Rees Talks Get Your War On CBR American Cartoonist David Rees Had Been Writing And Drawing Comics For Years But Only Achieved Recognition In Latewhen He Debuted The New Strip, Get Your War On Get Your War Room Prayer Closet Ready YouTube If You Results In Your Life, You Need Place In Your Home, To Pray In Secret, And Spend Time With God Get Your War On II David ReesNo One These Days Does Political Satire As Savagely And As Honestly As David Rees, Creator Of Get Your War On Be Sure To Get Books One And Two, And Read The This book is like drinking the blood of a small child whose parents killed your ancestors My heart weeps. One of the few voices that made sense of things back then, and could admit to the horror and the absurdity of it all. These were hilarious Probably dated now. No sooner had I finished the Complete Get Your War On than I turned right back around and used its opening section as a referent for another reading of this initial publication, the first yearor less of Rees howl of rage Nothing terrible was done to the strips to repurpose them for the complete collection the broader space allowed for some other framing of the clip art around the dialog, occasionally and mostly early on an interlocutor was changed Mostly what vanishes from this volume is a handful of Voltron Homeland Security jokes and a lot of the Anger at God stuff which I suppose seemed a bit repetitive when looked at across the years But the summer of 02 was a passionate time and bad things were getting much worse and it is mostly remarkable how the strip improved for commenting on how static things remained 3, 4, 5 years down the line from this initial volume A lot of this volume concerns how ineffective the prosecution of the war is, but it is too immediate to get into the ineffective planning there is a great deal about language, and the language about the language is not kind Colson Whitehead has a very fine introduction which is at pains to remind us, and those of you posterity deems ready to live vicariously via comics, that language had gone mad and we made a lot of fun out of this horrific vocabulary that was given to us to make sense of events. Funny and awful at the same time. A series of strips in which office workers rant to each other about bin Laden, anthrax, suicide bombers, Enron, the war on terror, and the suspect motivation and methods of the post 9 11 American government.The strips begin in October 2001 and run for about a year At first they re all AMERICA YEAH 1 If there s one thing I love to see, it s a huge f in SUV tooling through midtown Manhattan with an American flag flying half mast on its antenna What could be less French By the second half of the book they re full on snidely cynical I wonder what would happen if you literally had to fill up your gas tank with the bones of killed and raped people in order to make your car run A few of the strips suffer from the lack of context There was a whole series with some Under God thing going on that I didn t understand But it was awesome when Voltron joined the cast, and the what would it take for you to suicide bomb yourself run is hilarious.Most of the book uses the same two pics of the same two guys talking on the phone over and over The foreword draws some profound conclusion about it representing the universal and the generic , about the same poses being re enacted without progress or relief MaybeI just thought it was damn neat how the author was able to suggest constant movement and interaction by simply flipping the panel and zooming in a little from time to time.Oh, and anyone who gets squirrelly about naughty words shouldn t read this their eyes would bleed and their brains would explode out their earholes Mom, that means you. Voltron is in this book, whatdo u need to know

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[Epub] ❤ Get Your War On Author David Rees –
  • Paperback
  • 94 pages
  • Get Your War On
  • David Rees
  • English
  • 15 June 2017
  • 9781887128766

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