Godmother Night

Godmother NightPollack s story telling style is perfect beautiful, mysterious and reminiscent of something ancient, long forgotten The first part of Jaqe and Laurie, which kinda reminds me of Lips Touch Three Times, isenjoyable than Kate s part, though now and then I could not quite get my head around what has happened I didn t even suspect Mother Night is the Death until the second half.After finishing this alternative fairy tale, I don t know what to feel Probably confused, but mostly just sad I wonder which istragic losing your love one at the happiest, or the most unhappy stage of your time together Either way, there leaves behind only regret And btw Melissa is sooo sexy and adorable, I totally have a thing for nerdy scientist xD poorly written but engrossing guilty pleasure witchy queer girl chick lit Almost A Set Of Short Stories, This Novel Breaks Into Discrete Episodes, Centered On Identity, Love, And Death Jaqe Has No Identity Until She Meets Laurie, Introduced And Named By Mother Night In That Moment, She Knows Herself, And That She Loves Laurie But Once Mother Night Has Become Part Of Their Lives, Laurie And Jaqe And Their Daughter Kate Cannot Live As Other People Do Knowing Death, Inevitably Each Of Them Seeks To Use The Knowledge, To Bargain With Death, And To Change The Terms In The Balance Of Life And Death In The World Pollack S Characters, Major And Supporting, Living, Dead, And Divine, Are Memorably Human As She Transplants Myths And Folklore Into A Modern Setting, She Gives New Life To Old Tales And A Deeper Meaning To A Seemingly Simple World One of my absolute favorite books I originally found it for 1 at Half Price Books, but since then I have lent it to friends and purchasedcopies It s out of print but worth searching for I want to read it again and again. I wish I could give this book a higher rating It grabbed me right away with the very specific tone, a strong voice and point of view But then came the bucketfuls of information in a single chapter, then came the jerky time jumps, then came the dozens of plot decisions details that I began to suspect would never be backed up as anythingthan arbitrary By the end, this story had nothing big to say, had no great climax or poignant anticlimax It s sort of like, Here look at these interesting characters and these random plot details I chose for reasons you ll never know Interesting, right Here look at this person s life I made up, how her parents met, how she was born, how she grew up and fell in love and died Interesting, right Sort of I guess Way to write a novel where all the main characters are lesbian But what else Sadly, I walked away with littlethan that. I started Godmother Night about a year ago And then I stopped No real reason I got about halfway through, then returned it to the library.A couple weeks ago, in some weird midnight thought process, I decided to place a hold on it.Completely forgetting that the library had been working diligently to transport GN to my on the way to the middle of nowhere local library, I was quite surprised to see it waiting for me when I went in to use their slightly faster internet connection on Saturday When I say slightly faster, what I mean is that I only had to wait 3 hours instead of 5 hours for the music I bought to download So, in that time, I started reading GN on and off in between bouts of getting mesmerized by teh internetz.Apparently, when I stopped reading a year ago I was almost to the good partI finished Godmother Night last night It was good Confusing at times, but good I didn t get all of the allusions to things, but I know that they re there Maybe I ll read it again in 20 years and understand it better.Anyway, after finishing it, I cried for a while I remembered things from my past that I haven t thought about in a long time for whatever reasons Then I felt better I felt good I still feel good. This book is a tear jerker I had tears streaming down my face at the end I had to walk around a bit to chill before writing this review It s a modern day fairy tale told in a somewhat na ve voice about the personification of death in the lives of a lesbian couple and their daughter Despite its simple language, the prose is wonderful and the plot is inventive It poses the question of what death would be like as a godmother.Come visit my blog for the full review Du o paskudnych ludzi, toksyczny zwi zek hej, b d chorowa , dop ki nie wymusz na tobie dziecka zaprezentowany jako idealna utracona mi o , symbolika jaka taka przypadkowa i na si zw aszcza ta zwi zana z kultem Bogini , du o w tk w po nic No i najgorsze dwukrotne opowiedzenie w ramach ca o ci niemal dok adnie tej samej zawej historii. Wow I crammed in the last hundred pages of this book in one hour because I had to return it to the library My very own copy is now in the mail and I plan on savoring it This book is brilliant, and will take onand deeper meaning with re reading Rachel Pollack packs in references to lesser known Grimm s tales, to Neil Gaiman comics, and to probably many other things that I didn t catch The engrossing story follows the relationship ups and downs of two generations of women loving women and how Death Mother Night plays a part in their interactions The writing is simultaneously realistic and fantastic, with the bonus of truly hot sex scenes. This was a very interesting book Pollak writes in a very naive style, one that reminds me of a narrated story told to one s child at bedtimethan a novel This is the only book by her that I ve read, so I m not sure if it s an affectation or if it is her normal voice I m also not completely sure if I find the style distracting or if it enhances this adult fairy tale The story is compelling, and follows a clear arc However, the pacing is uneven Pollak narrates events, and it is not always clear which events are important and which are distractions Whole chapters appear to be wasted Much is implied rather than said outright, and perhaps it is relying on cultural cues that don t always come across, but at times in the story this seems to be over writing, as the importance of the event doesn t always match the tone of its description Admittedly, the greatest strength of the book, despite these flaws, is probably in conveying the mood and feeling of falling in love, and some of this may be in these overwritten passages.

Rachel Pollack is an American science fiction author, comic book writer, and expert on divinatory tarot Pollack has been a great influence on the women s spirituality movement.

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  • Paperback
  • 355 pages
  • Godmother Night
  • Rachel Pollack
  • English
  • 26 April 2018
  • 9780349108360

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