Gods Of War

Gods Of War I am a big fan of his Ramayana series of books the first few books at least , and his 1st book of the Mahabharata series is quite wonderful Gods of War is mythological futuristic science fiction After an interesting start, the book gets convoluted and preachy. A very promising book I highly recommend reading this one, despite the facts that it is the first of a five part work, and the second part is not out yet For one thing, this book ends in a cliffhanger just as the going gets really good.The author s flair in satisfyingly depicting the different backgrounds, quirks and character of the major players is something I admire I love the visual development, with mythology and science interplaying in a splendid dance that will have you drooling in the hope that this comes out as a graphic novel You get simultaneous treatment of godhood, quantum and higher scientific concepts, mythology, and current affairs seamlessly Some of the science mentioned is complex you would ideally need some familiarity with the broad concepts of quantum physics to not feel completely out of your depth The same is true of the mythological features some grasp of the Hindu pantheon and mythology would help you appreciate the detail in the book.I do think that this book could use some real strict editing, though The prose is repetitive in some areas, with ideas being stated and re stated unnecessarily Still, I have no qualms about saying this is one series well, book so far you shouldn t miss. Santosh, A Ten Year Old From A Mumbai Slum With A Passion For Cricket, Bollywood, And Ganpati Baapa Salim, A Socialist Trader From Birmingham And Witness To The Aftermath Of The Unjust War On Terror Ruth, A Lesbian Ship Welder From New Jersey Whose Fierce Right Wing Patriotism Cost Her The Love Of Her Life Akech, A Rakish, Self Obsessed Manga Star With A Fondness For High Living And Beautiful Gaijin Women And Yoshi Akechi S Twin And Fellow Mangaka, A Hermaphrodite Consumed By A Guilty Secret About Their Japanese Father And Chinese MotherCan This Wildly Unlikely Quintet Succeed In Their Seemingly Impossible Mission Of Travelling To The End Of Time And Space To Bring Peace To The World Can They Overcome Their Cultural, Racial, Religious And Other Differences And Find A Way To End The Apocalyptic War Of Wars That Threatens Not Only Humanity, But All Creation, With Ultimate Destruction Does Humanity Even Deserve To Be Saved Got this book 10 years ago during a trip to India Very creative and, for the most part, interesting It s just that it reads like it was written 10 years ago too If you get my drift overall a good attempt..the first of its kind and hopefully not d best.the mytho fantasy genre made famous by rick riordan is fast gaining popularity.adding sci fi and making its indian version is really original.hope d author improves with sequel bcoz with a little better presentation he could make it huge internationally. As a rule, I skip over forewords in books that i read but somehow i felt compelled to read the foreword written by Ashok Banker for this book It was well written, about violence and wars that behave like ouroboros and how this changed the world and all we see around us.Ashok tells in the foreword that this is a prelude to a bigger story, and it is just that.A world on the verge of invasion and five of the most unlikely folk gathered by god Ganesha for a mission The dust jacket calls it an impossible mission but somehow it failed to capture my attention, there was too much scientific detail and the age old religion vs god debate The way Ashok spins the yarn is good with enough mythos, panache and slick writing style For each of the characters from a varied part of the world, he adopts a different writing style and the tale alternates between these characters The only qualm i felt with the book was that by the time the plot and characters are well established, the book grinds to a halt.The characters are not fully explored but maybe that is something Ashok is keeping for the volumes to come Action as in his Ramayana series is captured fully to the goriest details.I would wait for the other parts of this series to come out before i recommend this to my friends Lot of unnecessary stretch in prose Prose is one of his strengths when used in proportion to the plot and complexity of story However in this book I felt the he used excessively which becomes his weakness and lost my interest Story was good and imagination is excellent as usual with Mr Banker. I wonder what direction the sequel will take this book held my attention but too much is on stake for the next book Too many questions I hope there is no lazy escape route magic is science etc I came to the library I saw the book I lost my mind.Ashok Banker s rendition of the Ramayana series was refreshing, as it gave the Indian readers a flavor that was not introduced by a local and it was for this reason that I picked Gods of War I wanted another helping of Banker Tikka Masala made years ago and if you notice, they never serve it with the same taste twice I guess authors too are supposed to age like wine and maybe my short coming is that I am not much of a wine drinker to understand what I m supposed to do with it.After 3 chapters into the book, I was forced to put it down not due to weak wrists With my limited batting reading skills, I was not able to read the doosra In my personal opinion, the language in Gods of War does not have the same flow as the Ramayana series Maybe the author was trying to do something different or it was the requirement of the book subject that had to be presented in a certain manner or maybe it was my limited knowledge and understanding of English that prevented me from comprehending the essence of the book.If you find this book interesting do let me know, so I might take encouragement to wage another war against the Gods of War. An Indian science fiction novel written in English that I picked up while in India It s filled with some fascinating ideas and compelling scenes, though the language can feel overwrought and repetitive at times Definitely helps to have some familiarity with Indian culture, thought the author does a good job of explaining most non Western things Guaranteed to upset both the religious and the non religious readers at points, it s certainly aengaging novel for taking on some seriously large issues Be forewarned though it s really just the first part of a planned 5 part series, so there s no resolution to be found in this volume.

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