Good Things Happen to People You Hate

Good Things Happen to People You Hate For Lovers Of Sloane Crosley And Samantha Irby, This Hilarious And Raw Essay Collection Paints A Recognizable And Relatable Portrait Of Life In The Early AughtsFormer Senior Editor For Gothamist Rebecca Fishbein S Adult Life Has Been A Dramatic Reflection Of New York Media Itself Constantly Evolving In Unexpected Ways And Seemingly Always On The Edge Of Disaster In Short, Rebecca Has Seen It All From Bedbug Infestations, To Being Fired, To Being Yelled At While Working At American Apparel, To Losing All Her Stuff In A Freak Fire, To Being Bullied Online By Angry Taylor Swift FansBut The Real Humor And Meat Of The Collection Come From Rebecca S Unwavering Honesty And Unflinching Examination Of Her Struggles With Alcohol, Anxiety, Depression, Compulsive Lying, Female Beauty Standards, And A Slew Of Failed Cowoker Roommate Friend Semi Relationships Are Dark, Insightful, And Hilarious As Jia Tolentino Commented, The Era Of The Personal Essay Ended With The Election This Is Not Your Grandmother S Millennial Essay Collection Rebecca S Writing Is Relatable Without Being Preachy And Conveys A Message Of Resilience By Example, Not By Moral Readers Will Recognize The World They Themselves See A Disastrous President And A Scary Socioeconomic Landscape In Becca S Writing And Find Comfort In Her Humor And A Snarky But Incisive Friend In Her Writing Only put the book down to grab something to eat Full of clever, dark humor that makes you chuckle and even laugh out loud Though it is written to take you through her fears, insecurities, and awkward experiences, it certainly makes you reflect on your own Highly recommend. Happy happy book birthday to this gem of a book by Rebecca Fishbein, and shoutout to William Morrow for the finished copy.If you re missing your hilarious and snarky bff from college, pick up this book Also, maybe you wanna call them and tell them how much you miss them and about your terrible Tinder date last week And remember, Dying alone is better than signing up for a lifetime of Sex Dates In this witty collection of Essays, Fishbein tackles everything from bad dating and depression to the pitfalls of upsetting Taylor Swift s fans It s hilarious, heartbreaking, and brutally honest about the lives of adult millennials Though I wanted to devour this collection, I savored it, reading only one essay every day or every couple of days Now that it s done, I want to start it all over again The myth of depression is that it s something that gets better, when really it s just something that lives inside you all the time, sometimes dormant, sometimes not That punched me in the gut Like any cynical millennial worth her salt, Fishbein peppers her sarcasm and dark humor with wisdom and honest depth, a perfect pairing for someone who also masks her pain with bitter comedy What can I say This collection spoke to me.It s out today, so be sure to add it to your fall winter nonfiction TBR This is the first essay I have ever read and I was pleasantly surprised If you love reading books with cynical humor and pitiful yet super relatable stories then this should be on your to read I haven t experienced all of the adventures Fishbein has gone through, but I do know that life is a firestorm mixed with a tornado full of some cruddy people It s nice to know you re never alone in your misery and, yes, sometimes your happiness even if you so desperately want to believe that you are. Lotta people say something is laugh out loud funny, but they don t really mean it This collection GTHtPYH is cackle inducing Like if Norah Ephron and David Sedaris procreated a book after being forced to actually stay in NYC for their entire lives It s also dark and human and keenly aware of our current cultural predicament But somehow great to read on the beach Fishbein writes on dating, on bedbugs, on watching your industry burn to the ground with the effortless wizened ness of someone who has seen it all She shares generously, and we are lucky for it Buy the book, and maybe good things will happen to you Confused how most of the reviews came out well before the book It is very well written but repetitive as another mentioned It s clear the author has potential as a writer, but a few essays in you will want to scream I get it The author is consistently frustrated with anyone who, heaven forbid, experiences growth instead of remaining stagnant and bitter I assumed there would be some insight regarding emotional growth through tough times, using humor to coat it all, but instead, almost every essay concludes that everyone must be as miserable as the author so she doesn t need to change This kind of self deprecation as an identity makes me cool went out with the 90s It s also out of touch at times not just in regards to how she copes with her struggles, but how she relates to work Complaining about having to work three days in a row or ranting about how no one wants to pay her to be an antisocial blogger or how hard it was to only receive 4 months severance pay is the spoiled millennial trope personified. Love this roller coaster ride of what it s like to be young, smart and trying to make it as a writer as the industry crumbles around you Rebecca s essays are full of humor that will hit home with anyone who feels let down by the world around them but still trying to find the joy and a sense of control in the chaotic hookups and personality defining adventures within her grasp Highly recommended reading for anyone in the market for a Joan Didion of the Brooklyn dirtbag writer set. Cute collection of essays I used to read these types of books in my 20 s and now in my 30 s, I found her anecdotes a little unrelatable or maybe, irritating Tsk ing at some of her poor choices aside, I enjoyed the read the best part about this book is that all the essay titles look like panic at the disco song names Nothing original here

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Good Things Happen to People You Hate book, this is one of the most wanted Rebecca Fishbein author readers around the world.

❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Good Things Happen to People You Hate  Author Rebecca Fishbein –
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Good Things Happen to People You Hate
  • Rebecca Fishbein
  • 10 November 2017
  • 9780062889980

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