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Growing Up Brave When Our Children Are Born, We Do Everything We Can To Make Sure They Have Love, Food, Clothing, And Shelter We Read To Them, Play With Them, And Comfort Them When They Cry But Despite All This, One In Five Children Today Suffers From A Diagnosed Anxiety Disorder, And Countless Others Suffer From Anxiety That Interferes With Critical Social, Academic, And Physical Development Dr Donna Pincus, Nationally Recognized Childhood Anxiety Expert, Is Here To Help In Growing Up Brave, Dr Pincus Helps Parents Identify And Understand Anxiety In Their Children, Outlines Effective And Convenient Parenting Techniques For Reducing Anxiety, And Shows Parents How To Promote Bravery For Long Term Confidence Perhaps Your Young Child Has Trouble Sleeping Or Separation Anxiety, Or Your Teen Suffers From Social Anxiety Or Panic Attacks Whatever The Issue, Growing Up Brave Can Help Using Methods Based On Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, You Will Learn To Identify Your Child S Fear And Anxiety On The Spectrum From Normal And Predictable To What Might Be Cause For Concern, To Promote A Secure Attachment With Your Child In Only Five Minutes A Day, Tools To Foster Coping Skills In The Face Of Anxiety Producing Situations, Strategies For Reinforcing Problem Solving Behavior, Adaptive Parenting Styles, And Much Dr Pincus Includes Stories From Her Practice Of Children From Preschoolers To Teens Who Have Overcome Their Fear And Anxiety Through Her Step By Step Approach, As Well As Information On Therapy And Medication Whether Your Child Has Been Diagnosed With An Anxiety Disorder Or Simply Needs Help Navigating This Increasingly Stressful World, Growing Up Brave Provides An Essential Toolkit For Instilling Happiness And Confidence For Childhood And Beyond

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Growing Up Brave book, this is one of the most wanted Donna B. Pincus author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Growing Up Brave
  • Donna B. Pincus
  • English
  • 14 January 2018
  • 9780316125604

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    If you are looking for help dealing with an anxious child, this practical and insightful book is a great resource The book is filled with stories from Dr Pincus therapy practice, and while some of the stories were relevant than others, her advice made me feel empowered to help my child with her anxiety There is certainly no shortage of books about parenting, but this book has been especially helpful Some of the strategies I plan to employ in my household are the Five Minutes a Day Time, interrupting the cycle of anxiety, and the relaxation techniques One idea that was particularly powerful was allowing the child to feel anxious feelings and then encouraging them to wait until those feelings fade rather than avoiding them Upon reading this book, I have a better understanding of how my child s mind works and how I can intervene in a productive way.

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    3.5 starsMuch of the book referenced cases of anxiety severe and in younger children than my 11 year old Still though a lot of helpful general info and techniques to improve feelings and behaviors A list in the book summarized a lot of what I found helpful The Dos and Don ts of Helping Your Child Get Brave A few general reminders DON T give extra positive attention to your child when she s complaining or distressed about separating from you It s okay to be caring and reflect her feelings tell her you understand how hard it is to try to do this on her own, and you re going to be very proud of her for trying DO save the extra praise for after she s begun to approach the new situation, even for taking a small step toward the larger goal Say, You ve done a great job I m very proud of the way you try new things even when it s hard DON T pull your child out of tough situations because you want to avoid making a scene DO help her engage in developmentally appropriate behaviors and tell her you re confident that the can do this selected activity DON T try to make all the choices for your child DO let her make small decisions on her own Just as you practiced in CDI, it s okay to let children lead This is a useful rule to remember when you and they are talking over a Bravery Ladder What would she like to work on first Going on a playdate, for example, or to a friend s birthday party DON T worry too much if your child is slow to start Learning to be brave takes time DO encourage without nagging Let her know that it will get easier each time she tries something new Let her hear you brag about her to grandma or a good friend She realizes how proud she has made you.

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    This was a fascinating book It talked about all degrees of anxiety in kids Only about a quarter of the book was devoted to toddler issues but I read most of the rest because it was so interesting From a parenting book perspective I did appreciate that the author is a working mother That, and the fact that she runs a center for anxious kids and their families led to some very practical advice I also appreciated that she is a respected doctor in her field, some parenting books are written by people who you can only guess at why they are even writing a book or where they got their sources Would like to revisit the book when my kids are older.

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    Instead of worrying about a setback, point out You just had a hard day Everyone has them It s perfectly normal We re going to start again tomorrow I know you can do it This book is an essential resource for parents and professionals wanting to understand and reduce childhood anxiety Dr Pincus does a wonderful job breaking down the issues into laymen s terms for understanding the underlying causes behind some basic childhood fears and anxieties She also lays out some suggested methods to help combat these issues using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT to actively change the thought processes behind the anxious feelings and actions.The connections and examples are clear, and the suggested CBT methods seem easy to implement There are plenty of activities to try at home between parent and child to work through anxiety to keep it at a functioning level Dr Pincus points out that avoidance of the stressor only exacerbates its existence the goal is to accept that some situations create fear and stress, and the resulting feelings in our bodies are sensations with which we can live The goal is to change our thinking around them to less of a flight behavior and of I feel anxiety, and I can do this anyway I would have welcomed this knowledge for myself as a child I ll look forward to updating this review with feedback about the effectiveness of her methods.

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    This is the book that every parent wishes their child came with at birth It is an outstanding, well written guide that is based on state of the art research not just on opinion The book teaches parents practical, easy to implement skills for helping children learn healthy ways to manage anxiety and stress I highly recommend it It is an essential guide for anxiety prevention and treatment that belongs on every parent s bookshelf.

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    I m in the middle of the introduction and I am already recommending this book to other people A 5 star first impression After finishing the book, I can honestly say that this book is a must read for all parents and teachers I envy the children who will grow up understanding that anxiety is just as valid is anger and shame, happiness and pride.

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    An good, easy to read book for parents to help children who sometimes have anxious times and how to support them the correct way.

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    As a mother of a young child with an anxiety disorder, I found this book very helpful The content in this book is geared towards a wide age range of children This book does a great job of covering the content it intends, helping parents identify and understand anxiety in their children The book also shares techniques for parents to use for helping their children.

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    Super helpful, high level look at anxiety in children The author does a great job of making intense concepts accessible to the lay parent trying to understand She also provides actionable advice and a variety of tactics to try, which was great I d definitely recommend this to anyone worried about an anxious kid.

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    This book contained a lot of great descriptions of how anxiety manifests itself in children and teens as well as some great suggestions of what to try in order to help such a child or teen I m looking forward to trying them and seeing if they help.

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