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Guide Me Home Working As A Guide In Mammoth Cave Might Allow Rebekah The Chance To Bring Joy Back To Her FamilyBut Will The Cave Claim Than It Gives After Tragedy Leaves Its Mark On Rebekah Hardin S Family, She Plans To Help Her Parents And Six Siblings Honor Her Beloved Brother S Memory And Alleviate Their Poverty By Working As A Guide In The Dangerous Cave System Kentucky S Renowned Mammoth Cave Presents Profitable Opportunities For Hardworking, Capable Men But Rebekah Is Determined And If It Means Presenting Herself As A Himself, Then She S Up To The Job Under The Wing Of Experienced Guide Tolly Sanford, Reb Begins To Learn The Complexities Of The Cave The Two Are Joined By An Aspiring Young Cartographer, Devlin Bale The University Student Has Traveled To The Hill Country To Map Tunnels Not To Fall For A Girl In Disguise Can The God Who Designed Miles Of Underground Astonishment Shape Devlin S Ambitious Plans And Free Reb From The Weight Of Her Past

Award winning, bestselling author Kim Vogel Sawyer told her kindergarten teacher that someday people would check out her book in the library The little girl dream came true in 2006 with the release of Waiting for Summer s Return Kim s titles now exceed 1.5 million copies and are available in six different languages A former elementary school teacher, she now enjoys a full time writing and speak

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  • 09 October 2018
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    by Andrea Renee Cox A legacy is worth protecting Guide Me Home by Kim Vogel SawyerA legacy is something a person works his or her whole life to build up, then hands it over to the next generation as an inheritance.In her latest novel, Kim Vogel Sawyer explores different types of legacies The approach she took was especially creative, since she presented four unique perspectives on the subject It was neat to see how one person can help build up a family s legacy or tear it apart Or how someone who doesn t have children may still create a legacy to leave behind for other folks to enjoy.Though Kim has children and grandchildren, who are a legacy in themselves, her legacy of faith also pours out through each of her novels to everyone blessed to read them It s quite evident that she floods her writing time with prayer, not just for her career as a writer but also for the impact her words will have upon the hearts of her readers Because of this dedication to God s legacy of faith on her life, Kim pens beautiful stories that wrap around the heart and into a person s soul What a magnificent legacy Guide Me Home captured the essence of a growing faith Every scene in each chapter built on the one before in a sort of intricate word dance that wove together the various challenges, sorrows, and joys of the characters Kim Sawyer brought to life The depth and range of emotions she laced through this story remind me how much I still need to learn in my own writing journey.Once I finished reading this book, I realized Guide Me Home had become my second favorite Kim Vogel Sawyer novel, after only My Heart Remembers It s tough to beat some of her other historical books, as they re fantastic stories in their own rights, but it just goes to show how much effort, passion, and talent God has given Kim for this writing adventure of hers.

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    This is my first Kim Vogel Sawyer novel not set in Kansas.There were several aspects I liked about this novel There were four different points of view shared in the book main Character Rebekah, her dissatisfied sister Cissy, cave tour guide Tolly and college student cave mapper Devlin Each voice is unique and through these four character the story unfolds I was pleased that although Rebekah dressed like a man for her job as a tour guide, it was known that she was a female There was no reveal build up in the novel I also enjoyed that each character was fallible and not portrayed as perfect Perhaps my favorite aspect of the novel was the history surrounding the cave and geographic area.While not my favorite Kim Vogel Sawyner novel that would be Room For Hope , I did enjoy Guide Me Home and look forward to the author s next novel.

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    Another great Kim Vogel Sawyer book, as always Although I didn t enjoy this one as much as Waiting for Summer s Return, I still really liked it The characters were so much fun I loved Rebekah s and her family s hill billy way of speaking, it got me smiling several times She and her family are so sweet loved them But, I m pretty sure the worse part about this book was Cissy Rebekah s younger sister She had such a rebellious attitude and she was just awful While I was reading, I found myself thinking about myself because I know I can act similar like Cissy had been acting I m glad things turned around for her and she realized her attitude wasn t right.Tolly is the sweetest man He had such a kind heart I love how protective he was toward Rebekah making sure she didn t do anything inappropriate with Devlin.And speaking of Devlin. he was nice too Kind of city ish, but great XD His whole reason of being at the cave kind of grated on my nerves, but I m glad he changed his mind He was such a gentleman too no wonder a certain girl couldn t help but like him view spoiler I really liked how he and Rebekah didn t kiss at the end They only hugged 3 hide spoiler

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    Follow the lives of Hardin sisters, tame Rebekah and wild Cissy, who are poor hills girls with a rich family heritage of faith in Christ Jesus Add to the story city slicker Devlin with his mapping project and colored guide, Tolly, and there you have the ingredients for a rich story The characters all felt very real, their growth genuine and easy paced Because there were diverse characters, there were also diverse goals and subtle plots woven throughout the story, which I enjoyed I loved the setting too I mean, poor communities and the Mammoth Cave It felt very well represented.Yes, there was romance in this book It wasn t quite a, girl loves lost guy, then guy gets saved so now she can marry him story, but hinted at it Also, Cissy s infatuation with flirting and making plans behind her parent s back made me cringe it was resolved, yes There were only two kisses that I remembered mentioned it was about the characters talking about the kisses in both situations.There were some loose ends that I felt weren t tied Who had taken their packs and why Who had stolen the minerals While a certain family was pointed out, I didn t feel satisfied that the questions were explicitly answered And then Nick kind of just disappeared in the end So for me personally, the story didn t quite feel complete, though I did enjoy it very much I received this book in exchange of my honest review from Blogging for Books

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    The story is about Rebekah, the eldest daughter in a family of girls Their only brother Andy died in an accident in the nearby caves, and she s anxious to buy a good quality headstone for his grave, knowing it would please her parents The only job she can find is a guide in the same caves that claimed his life, but it means she ll have to dress and pose as a boy.It s also about her sister Cissy, the second eldest daughter, who is a far restless and discontented soul, seduced by the luxuries and pleasurable lifestyles she reads about in magazines Cissy aspires to escape the hillbilly lifestyle which is all she s ever known, to hit the big city and make the most of her assets.It s interesting how an author s style may skew a reader s attitude It s clearly written in such a way that we re supposed to deplore Cissy s selfishness and cheer for Bek s generous, easily satisfied nature But I can t help noticing that Cissy s attitude is one we re most often urged to take on board in modern internet articles and self help books Follow your dreams, don t settle for what you ve always known, move out of your comfort zone, explore the world as much as you can because you don t know what you re capable of until you try It makes me wonder whether this novel is promoting old fashioned, outdated ways of thought, or if the wholesome, pastoral mindset really does have a lot going for it despite the obvious limitations I think every reader needs to decide for themselves.Anyway, the two sisters are presented as different in every possible way, but they re alike in one respect, which is a weakness for the same handsome fellow the moment they see him He s Devlin Bale, a likable uni student who plans to chart a map of the Mammoth Caves for his land surveyor s degree His good natured, city boy ways made him one of my favourite characters, although he comes across a bit overly naive at times He had nothing but suits packed in his luggage, for a couple of months of exploring caves Come on dude, even rich kids know you need casual clothes for strenuous recreation.The scenes in the caves are good, bringing out both awe for their beauty and respect for their possible terror But the story reminds me of the type of Christian novel from the 1980s, with an in your face, straight preaching agenda At times it verges on proselytising rather than having characters simply living out their faith an appealing, respectful way As soon as Rebekah vows to stop Devlin from heading to hell, the tone of the book changes like a snap of the fingers, which was a bit heavy handed.Thanks to WaterBrook and Blogging for Books for giving me a review copy through NetGalleyFind reviews on my blog,

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    Journey into Kentucky s incredible Mammoth Cave with Kim Vogel Sawyer s latest historical novel of adventure, romance, and family, Guide Me Home For fans of historical fiction, it won t disappoint.For the sake of her family, Rebekah Hardin disguises her identity to work as a Mammoth Cave guide Her story soon intersects with fellow guide Tolly Sanford and university student Devlin Bale and fills with danger, suspense, and an excellent pursuit of spiritual growth As expected, throughout Guide Me Home, Sawyer surrounds her characters with the rich and interesting history of the cave system The history complements the story so well I had a hard time putting this book down It s easy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Guide Me Home It s an adventurous, uplifting, captivating read, and I definitely recommend it.This review is also posted on Hallie Reads.Thanks to Blogging for Books, I received a copy of Guide Me Home and the opportunity to provide an honest review I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    About this book Working as a guide in Mammoth Cave might allow Rebekah the chance to bring joy back to her family But will the cave claim than it gives After tragedy leaves its mark on Rebekah Hardin s family, she plans to help her parents and six siblings honor her beloved brother s memory and alleviate their poverty by working as a guide in the dangerous cave system Kentucky s renowned Mammoth Cave presents profitable opportunities for hardworking, capable men But Rebekah is determined and if it means presenting herself as a himself , then she s up to the job Under the wing of experienced guide Tolly Sanford, Reb begins to learn the complexities of the cave The two are joined by an aspiring young cartographer, Devlin Bale The university student has traveled to the hill country to map tunnels not to fall for a girl in disguise Can the God who designed miles of underground astonishment shape Devlin s ambitious plans and free Reb from the weight of her past Series As of now, no Spiritual Content 2 Samuel 22 29 at the beginning Scriptures are mentioned, quoted, read, discussed asked to God Church going, sermons hymns Witnessing Sharing Many Prayers, asking God questions blessings over food Many talks about God, Jesus, Creation, Heaven, eternity, forgiving, trusting worry H s are capital when referring to God Spoiler view spoiler Devlin comes to God near the end hide spoiler

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    Guide Me Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer was such a wonderful novel Faith, family, romance, and adventure deep in the belly of the Mammoth Caves of Kentucky 1907 I thoroughly enjoyed it _ Rebekah Hardin, oldest daughter in a family of nine, hopes to partially make up for a tragedy that befell her family two years back, by working as a tour guide through the Mammoth Caves Along the way, she meets dear old Tully Sanford, and a handsome city boy named Devlin Bale While she grows accustomed to her new job and makes friends, her sister Cissy is planning something that may well ruin Rebekah s plan for healing.It was homey, thoughtful, and sweet an endearing historical tale about the Hardin family s lives and one young woman s journey to grace and love I really enjoyed learning about the history of the Mammoth Caves some of my relatives have visited there before, so it was definitely cool reading about it, set in the year 1907 It was fun to read the exchanges between Rebekah and all her younger sisters So cute I know a little bit about what that s like, being the oldest girl in my family smiles Cissy was a piece of work, but by and by, you come to understand her a little and I was happy to get parts of her story I really liked Tully he was a superb character hugs him And Devlin was wonderful too These characters each had their own personalities and were real in my mind I had a great time reading about them Guide Me Home had a little bit of slower pace, but that s perfectly alright It suited the story It s a little along the lines of Janette Oke s novels The romance was simply beautiful I loved it _ And the family growing together, and the church, and yes It was a simply, country, beautiful story With a dash of suspense and action grins This is my first time reading by Kim Vogel Sawyer in quite awhile, and I must say, I so enjoyed this latest release of hers _ I received a copy of Guide Me Home from Blogging For Books review program in exchange for my honest review.

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    I ve had a secret fascination for the Appalachian culture since reading Where the Lilies Bloom when I was a kid so it thrilled me to my toes when I started reading Guide Me Home and immersed myself in the lives of the people of the hill country And, goodness, but isn t that a stunning cover Captures Rebekah perfectly Definitely eye catching and promises what the text delivers Told from four points of view Reb, Devlin, Tolly and Cissy Rebekah s younger sister , Sawyer gives each character a unique voice and it was easy to lose myself in their simple but oh so complicated lives Tolly in particular has a special place in my heart An older African American gentleman with the wisdom only true faith can bring He knows what s right and he isn t afraid to say so Everyone needs a Tolly in their life Rebekah and Devlin s friendship seems doomed to stall right there Class distinction, educational differences and family backgrounds all seem insurmountable stumbling blocks to their budding romance Plenty of fodder for angst And I so appreciated the guileless way the author wove faith throughout the storyand the lives of these endearing characters This is the kind book you willingly lose yourself in only to emerge hours later all discombobulated over finding yourself in the 21st century Love losing a piece of myself in a good book

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    When a new Kim Vogel Sawyer book comes out, I don t have to wonder I KNOW it will be great So I was not surprised that in Guide Me Home Kim crafted an awesome story of of love, family, faith, hopes, and dreams.As in all Kim s books, the characters are real to life and draw you into their stories from beginning to end, coming across as friends or family you have known all your life In Rebekah Hardin she gives us an incredible young woman, devoted to her family and her home in the hills, yet not totally afraid of dreaming of Her sense of loyalty and sacrifice, even at great hardship, drives her beyond her guilt and fears Devlin Bale, the college educated city boy with great ambitions, has plans that are quite different from Reb s, and he has much to learn about what is most important in life Tolly Sanford is a hard working gentle spirit with a healthy dose of Godly wisdom that is valuable to everyone.The historical aspect of this story adds a fascinating component, and it is obvious that Kim has done her homework on that The uplifting emphasis on faith provides a generous level of inspiration.I highly recommend this books to fans of great inspirational fiction Thanks to the author for providing a copy of Guide Me Home in exchange for my honest review.

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