Half Black Soul

Half Black SoulIn The Past Few Weeks Alexa Montgomery Has Had Her Entire World Flipped Upside Down She S Gone From Living A Semi Normal Teenage Life To A Life Full Of Vampires And Werewolves Who All Expect Her To Deliver Them From The Control Of An Evil Dictator Alexa Is The Last Of Her Kind A Sun Warrior, And Now She Has Left The Safety Of Two Rivers To Search For Her Mother, But She S Left Her Sister Behind To Do So, And Nelly Is The One Person That She Was Told That She Must Always Protect Kayden, A Vampire Who Is Alexa S Other Half, Has Followed Her On Her Journey But, Secrets Are About To Come Out, Relationships Will Break And Danger Lies Just Up Ahead Will Alexa Be Able To Get Through All Of This And Make It Out Alive And, Will She Be Able To Protect Nelly From Danger When She Is So Far Away

H.D Gordon is the author of several urban fantasy novels She is the mother of two amazing daughters, and a lover of kick ass females, beautiful things, and nerdy t shirts.She resides in southern New Jersey, which she insists is really quite lovely.Please visit hdgordonbooks.com for details.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • Half Black Soul
  • H.D. Gordon
  • English
  • 12 April 2019

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    I received this book from the group Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics as part of their Read 2 Review program here on Goodreads Thanks to the mods, and author for providing this book for us to read Half Black Soul is the second book in the exciting Alexa Montgomery Series I loved Blood Warrior which was the first book Actually, it looks like almost all PNR UF lovers loved Blood Warrior In fact, nearly all of my GR friends rated it 5 stars, and I rated it 4 The book was amazing and exceeded my expectations, but I did feel the author was very talented and would only improve So I held back that last star in hopes that book two would blow book one out of the water.Well, H.D has done it I don t understand how this woman hasn t been picked up Amanda Hocking style and offered a great deal for this series Sorry for this long and probably unimportant intro to this review.Half Black Soul picks up right where we left off after Blood Warrior Alexa wants to find out what happened to her mother, and so sets out on an amazing adventure filled with many twists Alexa is still a phenomenal heroine She s smart, strong, and thrilling to read about In this book we get to explore her darker side a bit which I admit was written perfectly Kayden seems to step up his hotness too if that is possible He went from average hottie to full on swoon worthy Some of this book is written from Nelly s POV, and I thought, again, the author did a great job with the multiple POV During this time we get to see inside Nelly s head, and understand how she feels about her power We get to see how she deals with life for the first time not having Alexa around to take care of her.I don t have much to say about the plot, because I don t want to give anything away This book has a well developed plot, and the characters are very well developed, too The plot moves quickly with a great pace, and there is never a dull moment.I really hope this author soon gets the recognition she deserves Until then I will recommend this book to every PNR UF lover I know When you read the first book you will see writing that is exciting and able to grab you When you finish Blood Warrior you will be aching for , and ,finally, when you read this one you will be amazed.

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    I am completely beside myself, I have no idea how to make you understand the how spectacular this book isDid you love Blood Warrior Wasn t it great Suspenseful Didn t you love Alexa and her journey Did you hold it dear to your heart as I have Well. Throw it in the f ing trash Why Because it is Hankey the Christmas poo next to Half Black Soul Seriously.This past year has found breakout author H.D Gordon very well indeed Her writing has surpassed Blood Warrior by leaps and bounds and now we have an author who will reinvent the genre H.D Gordon is Stephen King for Young Adults I know I can t believe I said it either but mark my words this young author is going to be a best seller before you know it.Alexa is magic, a tough young heroine with a very dark side to her In book 2 we get a better look at that monster and what it is capable of Also since half the book is written in Nelly s perspective you get a very good look into her mind and it s not all peaches and cream guys We know Nelly is half Lamia already but she has held her power in check because Alexa has always been there to protect her Now with Alexa on a mission to find out what really happened to their mother Nelly has to protect herself as well as try to figure out what he sister has discovered Also on this journey, nope I don t do spoilers so keep reading, we get a better look at Kayden and the stuff our sexy hero is made of sigh Can it get any better than that DO NOT answer that because just when I think it can t get any better, you know it does.There are some huge bombshells Ms Gordon drops on us in this book, surprises even I didn t see coming This is a gripping journey into a spectacular and unique world, there is nothing like it out in this genre I said in my review of Blood Warrior that House of Night and Vampire Academy fans will enjoy this world, well in this book H.D Gordon separates herself from those well known titles because they are NOT like this darkly thrilling world.I gave Blood Warrior 5 stars and now I wish I hadn t because now I have to invent a new category as everything else will now be judged BEAST You will love it if you like bad ass Chicks, sexy heros, fast paced stories, and epic adventures.Edgy YA recommend for older teens and AdultsRating BEASTRelease Date January 31st 2012, Do Not Miss it You know I already know what Alexa Nelly look like they have their own covers And this is my new Jackson is this guy have no clue who he is

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    4 s Rounded up for GoodReads Okay, if you re looking at this review, you ve probably read the first book So I won t bore you with re hashing the blurb But, my oh my, this is JUST as good as Blood Warrior just as good, if not better than, the first Some of the things I absolutely LOVED in this one The changing POV I adored getting to know Nelly better and seeing the world through her eyes It especially adds punch to the ending of this point because you ve become attached to Nelly as a character OMG that ending Not going to give it away but AHHHHH Book 3, where are you Since Blood Warrior, I was already on Team Kayden now after this book in your FACE for those that were NOT Team Kayden HA He is the man, and stuck by his honor and stuck by Alexa The world created in this Urban Fantasy series is further explored and fleshed out It really creates a unique take on supernatural, and I ve really enjoyed being drawn in further with this second book.It s just great If you can handle YA, and this is still on the innocent YA level, although there are references to carnal acts but no actual acting upon those carnal thoughts I find this to be a GREAT series, and the price is really wonderful on these If you like UF and can handle YA this series should be at the top of your to buy list August can t get here soon enough for my next fix of Kayden.

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    Half Black Soul Review on K Books Spoilers from Blood Warrior in this review If you haven t read Book 1 you may not want to read this review.Wow This book was definitely not what I expected at all I really loved the first book in the series, Blood Warrior and HD blew me away with her writing and her story in that but Blood Warrior is nothing compared to this book It is a million times better and there s so many twists and turns I was shocked at the things happening.Alexa has left the safety of Two Rivers to go find her mother Along with her is Kayden, her other half, the Libra to her Warrior and he will do whatever it takes to protect her But by going on her quest, Alexa has left behind her sister The one person she was told to always protect Secrets will come out, relationships will break and danger lies just ahead Will Alexa be able to face all that she does and come out of it alive And will she be able to protect Nelly from danger when she is so far away I absolutely loved this book There were lots of twists and turns and most of the way through it I was shocked by the secrets that came out I really loved that we say a different side to Nelly Book 1 was told from Alexa s point of view but this book was told from two points of view, Alexa and Nelly I really loved that we had these two points of view as we really saw a different side to Nelly The perception I got from book 1 is that Alexa has this dark side to her character and she really struggles with it throughout this book But what I didn t really expect was for us to see a darker side of Nelly Nelly and Alexa have always been so different and come across as one being incredibly strong and will stop at nothing to protect the people they love while the other was seen as gentle and loving In Half Black Soul we really see that they are similar than first thought Nelly is just as strong and while we always knew Alexa would do anything to protect Nelly even kill for her we see that Nelly feels the same way about Alexa.You really see a different side to not just Nelly but all of the characters Jackson really took a backseat in this book but that doesn t mean he is less important to the story I was shocked to find out some of the secrets in this book and it s fair to say that after this book none of the character s relationships will ever be the same again.Half Black Soul is really so different than Blood Warrior and it explores much darker themes than the first one It was brilliant and the first book seems insignificant compared to this one.If you haven t read Blood Warrior this is not a series to be missed and I would suggest this series to anyone who loves YA Paranormal Romance.Throughout reading this book This Song kept coming into my head and I really think it s the perfect song for this book and I think it really portrays the things going on this book perfectly.I genuinely loved this book and I cannot wait for the next book I really think this series is going to just get better and better HD has definitely surpassed herself with this book and I cannot wait to read the next one in this series.Phenomenal

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    First things first Alexa is the shit I was one of the lucky ones to receive this book a day before it was to be released I didn t know how in the world H.D was going to top Blood Warrior but did she prove me wrong Hell Yes I am dangerously obsessed with this series and we are only two books in H.D needs to be locked up and throw away the key because this book is insane We start back where we left off in the first book and boy ole boy H.D wastes no time with getting straight to the action I really loved how the beginning didn t drag with the whole retailing of the first book like other book series do In Half Black Soul the story continues on a fast past with bits and pieces of important information from the first book as well In this installment we really get to see how well H.D has grown as a writer and story teller as we read each book I love that in the first book we had Alexa as the main character and we got to experience her journey from her point of view with her and we also had these amazing supporting characters that we have grown to love as much as the protagonist But in HBS we get to see Nelliana s point of view as well The story gets way interesting with the different POV s and sides of the story We get to see a side of Nelly that we would have never saw coming if we weren t inside her head We also get to see Alexa and Nelly s characters evolve and become and conflicted and dark with each book Because where ever theirs light darkness hovers and we really get to see this theory play out throughout the entire read.We now see that Nelly and Alexa are two totally different people but as the secrets come out we can tell that they are really not so different at all There were so many twist,turns,shocker s,poetic,Kick assness, and heart breaking moments that I cannot even guess where this book is headed which is bad ass because H.D had me guessing the entire read.H.D you really broke my heart with what happened with Jackson Lolz If your wanting a ride here it is What are you waiting for Recommend to My confession I read Blood Warrior Loved It, I read Half Black Soul Loved It So I have come to a conclusion after reading the second book that this series is way better than Vampire Academy It pains me to say but I literally fell into this series and I don t want to be found I love the Vampire Academy series but this takes the cake Sorry Rose but Alexa can kick your ass LOL That s all for now and I can t wait to read the third book

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    DNF at some point near the beginning I couldn t go on with the book Sure, everybody loves Nelly, but her POV s got on my nerves All she does is snoop around, and regret not believing Alexa and her warnings OK There was no need, in my opinion, to do so And the Alexa She wasn t my favourite kick ass worrior, and she still isn t There is nothing special Somehow, this thing isn t working out for me

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    This isn t going to go into much detail I don t do spoilers And this book is so damn good, I want everybody to go into it blindly like I did I read Blood Warrior, the first installment of the saga Loved it Couldn t wait to get my chubby little fingers on this one All I can say is.I don t have the words I m blown away at how good this was This is EPIC I can t wait for what H.D and her gang are gonna throw at us next Go Now and Buy It You Definitely Won t Regret It

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    5 Stars Wow Holy Shmokes I was told this series would Knock my socks off and it did, TEN FOLDS Hoo Boy I don t know where to start The first novel in the series is Blood Warrior I didn t have a feel to it,till,I hit that 52% mark,my reading pace picked up a notch It took me a few moments to realize I was holding in my breath It was THAT good You get the feel of the characters and their backgrounds The main characters are young staring off at 17,some may say its a ya series, I would think so as well I would compare it to the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead But I enjoyed this series much better There s to it then just different vampires and ,yadda,yadda,yadda In this novel it explains about the supernatural beings,and how many are becoming extinct,they are Lamia s which are like vampires just with a little weirdness to them There s Searchers whom can read a persons mind and soul,werewolves,and so much hmmm what else am i missing Oooo the WARRIORS Rwar Lol Sorry but the warriors are my favorite part in this novel,the Heroine,Alexa is a Sun Warrior,her character amped up this series,she ROCKS Okay Enough of all that Lol After you get the feel to the characters and the storyline the author introduces you to a world full of perfection,till people start noticing,theres something missing in the picture The second book will keep your mind reeling It s Amazing Alexa is much fiercer and stronger then ever Her sister Nelly is done being tied up in a cacoon And so much unravels The secrets,betrayals,hurt and lies,lead up to one thing The King has authority to do as he pleases and wishes People live in doubt and fear He s got another thing coming for him,if he thinks it ll last forever Alexa is on a mission,to fill in all the missing pieces,not giving a damn if it causes a war like i said she ROCKS Alexa finds out her mother that was pronounced dead in book 1,is actually still alive,so who s lying and making up stories to cover their own hinies Over time,it will reveal its self,the novel left off in a cliffhanger and totally left me at a jaw dropping moment Pssssbtw,Alexa is a player,Lol Just kidding Ummm not, I m serious P How did she manage to get three guys to swoon over her Lucky chick Lol But only one truly loves her,who will it be Jackson,the werewolf Tommy,the Vampire Or Kayden,the warrior Libia and the much older and yummiest man wiggles eyebrows hehe sighs betrayals,betrayals,betrayals.But all in all,its an amazing series,if the third book was out I would have picked it up to read and not be sitting here jotting down my thoughts Lol Oh gosh I can t wait for book 3

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    The second book in the Alexa Montgomery series picks up right where the first one left off In this book we get to see Alexa grow into her role as a Sun Warrior It is a difficult struggle for her, though, to embrace her destiny and accept what she sees as a monster inside of her We also got to see her grow as a person as she searches out her feelings for Kayden.I loved that we got Nelly s POV in this book She is a great character and you can see, though she did not play a big role in book one, she is quickly becoming crucial to the plot of the story I liked the fact that we got to know her a little bit better and were able to invest ourselves in her .The world the author created for this book was wonderful She has a way of painting a picture with her words that flow right off the page This series is fast becoming a favorite for me.

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