Half Magic

Half MagicFour Children Wish On A Half Magic Coin That Gets Their Mother Alison Half Way Home, Rescued By Mr Smith Mark S Wish Zaps Them To A Desert Without Island, Where Half Talking Cat Carrie Gabbles To A Camel Romantic Katherine Battles Launcelot Eldest Jane Rejects Siblings For Another Family Stubborn Youngest, Martha, Causes A Riot Downtown The novel is about four siblings finding a magic coin which can grant their wishes,but only half of it However,having a magic in life isn t that easy and the wishes must be carefully uttered,otherwise the summer adventures will turn into than just adventures Gradually the siblings have to learn to control the magic in their lives while the magic will transform them too.The book has this The Little Peppers and The Little Women vibe in the narrative Not a fan of such writing style but this book is great for children stepping into the world of literature I might have loved it if I read it during my childhood but well,it wasn t a bad reading either. Would you believe I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and never noticed while reading and re reading this that it was set in my hometown It s true I don t know if I just figured ALL books were set there, and that s why the street names were so familiar or if I was just extraordinarily clueless I figured it out finally when I was reading this to my son It seems worth talking about in view of how worried people sometimes get about kids getting the wrong message from books sometimes kids don t even notice the town the book is set in, not to worry about the other things So, this time through, I was paying attention The story is delightful, the kids complex and interesting but oh, how I love the cat And Merlin, with his entirely lovely speech, made me cry a little.To wit But what about the good deed I wished said Katharine None of the ones I tried worked out My child, said Merlin, and his smile was very kind now, you have done your good deed You have brought me word that for as far into time as the twentieth century, the memory of Arthur, and of the Round Table, which I helped him to create, will be living yet And in that far age people will still care for the ideal I began, enough to come back through time and space to try to be of service to it You have brought me that word, and now I can finish my work in peace, and know that I have done well And if that s not a good deed, I should like to know what is It seems a shame, said Jane, that no one s going to know about our adventures They would make such a good book If only we could write them down But how would we do that asked Mark We re just kids Oh Wait You don t mean I certainly do said Jane We just have to wish for it, and the Charm will take care of the rest But we need to wish very carefully Now, what kind of book do we want it to be I want it to be like one of E Nesbit s books said Katherine Though if the Charm makes the book like one of hers you don t think it would be stealing, do you That would be very wrong We could put in an Acknowledgement, said Mark Mr Smith was telling me about that just the other day We Acknowledge her Influence, and then it will be quite alright The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons Mostly, I love this book I liked it as a kid except for that caveat I ll get to in a minute I like it now, as a grown up The story is interesting and engaging The trouble the kids get themselves into is believable well, for a fantasy novel , and I like their solutions The problem of having to double all your wishes is interesting to me The only thing isThe only thing is that a whole chapter is taken up with a trip to a desert, where the children run across an evil, wicked, terrible Arab man Even the illustration is an ugly caricature There isn t even a feasible way to avoid this part it s interwoven in the story in such a way that you can t simply say Look, this is a part that I feel is inappropriate, we re not reading it today and skip to the next part.Now, I know, somebody is going to pop up and say But you can t judge books from 60 years ago according to OUR standards today Fair enough But I m not reading this book to a child 50 years ago I m reading it or not, actually I haven t put it on my to be read list yet precisely because of this problem to children NOW Even when I was a kid, a mere 30 years after the book s publication, that part made me uncomfortable.Am I saying you re bad for liking this book Absolutely not I like this book Am I saying you shouldn t read this book to your children, or allow them to read it Not necessarily I certainly support you if that is your choice, but that s not what I mean to say All I m saying is that you should read this book yourself before you read it with your children or use it in a classroom, especially if you have Arab students , and decide for yourself the best way to approach this issue It may be to find a way to skip that passage, or it may be to not read the book just yet or at all there are plenty of good books out there, choosing one always requires NOT choosing another or it may be to discuss this part with your children and explain your views on the subject, or it may be that you think it s not a big deal I disagree with the last, but that s your choice Other than that one thing, this is a very good book It s just that that one thing is SO important Please pre read this book.

Eager was born in and grew up in Toledo, Ohio and attended Harvard University, class of 1935 After graduation, he moved to New York City, where he lived for 14 years before moving to Connecticut He married Jane Eberly in 1938 and they had a son, Fritz Eager was a childhood fan of L Frank Baum s Oz series, and started writing children s books when he could not find stories he wanted to read to

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Half Magic
  • Edward Eager
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780152020682

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