Hanger Mangagement

Hanger MangagementI thought it was a lot of baloney in the beginning Come on people grow up and stop acting out, geesh Hangry, that word drove me nuts, still does to be honest I read this book slowly thinking it was just another weird fad diet thing The first 1 4 of this book left me thinking, oh not this again, same old same old The author told stories about people losing it while hungry I really was in disbelief Then about two week later I put on a pair of pants that were tight normally, they were loose Okay so maybe some of the mindful eating and hangry stuff got in my head and it was working There is nothing complicated, or even really new, it was the way she presented it, it stuck I found myself chewing , thinking about what I was eating, when and even why Dang I wasn t even reading this book to lose weight I was just interested I give it five stars for it s subliminal working powers, but I have to subtract one for the first 1 4 or rambling stories. Alright, so the good about this book is its insightful and set up as a self help book that deals with your eating habits, go figure Haha The author Susan Albers captures the Hanger part of this book in a beautiful way and I especially love that the author works at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio I don t get to read too many books dealing with my stomping grounds I loved the breakdown of the 10 types of Hangry People i matched with a few categories which i am unsure if its normal or not I guess it just really depends on the day and its activities Lets see the categories I matched with are as follows Too busy to eat, Too much mindless eating, Too much change, and Too stressed out There is just so many wonderful sections and each one is surprisingly helpful and NO its not a diet book it is simply a book that teaches you to be a mindful eater Susan also has a website she frequently introduces and encourages us to visit for great information I wont include it in here because that would be considered a spoiler You ll just have to read the book to find out, Lastly, i cant criticize this book because upon reading and reviewing and grasping the information it was both gramatically correct and very understandable Personally,I love self help books as it is Definitely worth checking out With simple tips and tricks, Hanger Management makes mindful eating easy to understand and implement This is a wonderful book for anyone who struggles with their relationship with food.Thank you to NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. The Complete Program For Mastering Your Hanger, From Mindful Eating Pioneer Dr Susan Albers With Tips To Turn Hanger Into Happiness It Happens To All Of Us One Minute You Re Happily Going About Your Day, And A Few Seconds Later You Re A Snappy, Illogical Version Of Yourself The Culprit Hanger We Re Living Busier Lives Than Ever Before, And When We Forget To Eat Or Accidentally Overeat Hunger Can Make Us Angry, Unreasonable, And Dull, With Big Impacts On Our Emotional And Psychological Well Being And Hanger Can Become A Cycle When We Get Too Hungry, We Re Likely To Make Food Decisions We Regret, Which Sets Us Up For Another Hanger Crash Later On The Good News When We Make Better Decisions About Food, We Think Clearly, Connect Better In Our Relationships, And Improve Our Performance Hanger Management Is The Book That Can Help You Break This Cycle And Create Healthy Habits That Fuel And Empower YouIn Hanger Management, New York Times Bestselling Author And Clinical Psychologist Susan Albers Sheds Light On The Causes Of Hanger, And Shares Of Her Best Tips For Managing It Well By Learning To Stay On Top Of Your Hunger Cues, Cultivating A Better Understanding Of Your Appetite, And Creating A Better Overall Relationship With Food, You Ll Become Happier And Healthier For Life

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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Hanger Mangagement
  • Susan Albers
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9780316524568

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