Hard for the Money

Hard for the Money Sometimes The Only Way To Make A Living Is To Stop Giving It Away The Men Of Hard For The Money Know All About What A Guy Has To Do To Make A Buck, And They All Know That It S Impossible For A Rent Boy To Find Love Right In Syd McGinley S A Cheap Racket, Tim Figures All He Has Going For Him Is His Young Body And His Patience For His Older Clients His Roommate Cal Has A Trust Fund, And Is Pretty Sure Men Only Want Him For His Money Can A Rent Boy And A Trust Fund Baby Find Love And Trust As They Battle A Corrupt And Abusive Nursing Home Chaos Is An Uneducated Stripper Who Knows That Life Deals Guys Like Him A Rotten Hand When He Meets RJ At A Bachelor Party, Though, He Has To Re Evaluate His Needs Can He And RJ Find Common Ground Find Out In Kiernan Kelly S A Hard Man Is Good To Find Finally, In Cops And Robby, By Carol Lynne, Brothers And Fellow Cops Cole And Morgan Have Always Had To Hide Their Love When They Rescue Rent Boy Robby, Though, They Find Someone They Can Share Themselves With Robby S Got Problems Of His Own, Though, Problems That Might Endanger Them All All Of These Men Have Been Hard For The Money, But Can They Face Their Difficulties And Find A Happy Ending

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hard for the Money book, this is one of the most wanted Kiernan Kelly author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 142 pages
  • Hard for the Money
  • Kiernan Kelly
  • English
  • 07 July 2017
  • 9781603708920

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    A little D s from Syd McGinley that was a really a small book in the guise of an antho story It should have been a little bit longer to tie up loose ends Hopefully we will hear from Tim, Ari, Mr M and Cal again to find out how things really turned out A little straight forward romance by Kiernan Kelly when a stripper finds a reason to work his way out of the business and seeks romance with the man who inspired himA little brocest from Carol Lynne Brother Morgan and Cole bring abused prositute Robby into their lives and everyone is richer in love for it.

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    Not impressed.1st story DNF It was just too much Hooker with a heart of gold, sucks his way through the towns OAP gay community, whilst socialwoeker roommate and leather daddy best friend tries to unravel medicare scam at a nursing home 1 star2nd story Ok, if rather bland story with a touch of melodrama, that you could spot a mile off 2 3 stars3rd story Brocest cops rescue raped prostitute and start a threesome DNF.Collective rating 1.5 2 stars

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    I didn t love any of the three stories, but they re not badWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS A Cheap Racket by Sid McGinley 6 10PROS This is one of the most interesting and realistic seeming call boy stories I ve ever read or seen McGinley paints a pretty replete picture of Tim s life it s no walk in the park, but it s not all hardship, either The story takes a turn toward fairly mild BDSM about halfway through, but it s not a BDSM story As in, that element isn t primary There s a nice little feeling of community family at the end of the story.CONS Although all of the sex is consensual and much of it is sweet in a non romantic way , some of the descriptions of sex, were just a little ew for me Tim sleeps with some men who are 40 50 years older than he is The ending seemed rushed and a little silly as compared to the rest of the story After reading the synopsis on the back of the book, I thought the romance would be between Tim and his roommate This is not the case which is not really a bad thing, but I was puzzled when another character entered the story and started shaping up to be Tim s romantic interest A Hard Man Is Good to Find by Kiernan Kelly 6 10 PROS On a few occasions I raised an eyebrow at little story elements, but most of them were later explained away with humor The explanation of Chaos s name was one of them Some of the depictions are really well done and realistic the description of Chaos s strip act, for example, and the little signs that lead RJ to a realization about the nature of his sister s relationship.CONS The story isn t all that romantic to me There s not a whole lot of emotional connection between the characters they don t do or say very many things that made me believe in an attraction that was than just sexual And the sex is a big part of the attraction, yet it s not described in any detail at all I found the ending disappointing It s not SAD it s just not very satisfying, either Cops and Robby by Carol Lynne 7 10 PROS Lynne gets across the helplessness of Robby and the heroicness of both Cole and Morgan in about 2 pages Right from the start I could see that the characters were all a good fit for one another The characters are super sweet and the problems are resolved very quickly Unrealistically so This might be a con for some people Lynne has a tendency to create vacuum worlds in which unpleasantness OCCURS but doesn t really AFFECT the characters all that much.CON Cole and Morgan, the brothers, have been together for a while in a pretty solid relationship, and they go from being perfectly happy as a couple to perfectly happy in a threesome with very little thought or discussion Unless a couple is actively searching out a third or has played with m nages in the past, inviting someone else in seems to me like a huge step that the couple ought to first talk about at length.Overall comments I ve read other short stories novellas that I like better I haven t read anything by Kelly before, so I can t compare A Hard Man Is Good to Find to others of the author s works McGinley s story is decent but isn t as quick witted as her Dr Fell series, and Lynne s story seems pretty typical of her writing style simple stories with flat but likeable characters.

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    As with all anthologies, Hard for the Money has stories that shine than others Overall, it was a good read.A Cheap Racket by Syd McGinley An oddly enjoyable story This is not a typical love story between two men Tim sells his body to wrinklies a term that Cole uses to describe the old men nearing or at retirement age This story doesn t sugarcoat Tim s life and there are descriptions in there of Tim s dealings with his clients that might make the average reader feel uneasy I liked this aspect though simply because the sex didn t involve hot, sexy men It wasn t pretty but it was real.While the plotline is believable, I would say it errs on the rosier side of reality which suits me just fine There s some mention of BDSM play in this story but it s fairly brief and not the focus of how Tim finds love I found Tim an interesting person and I enjoyed reading about his exploits.The weakest part of the story was the ending I was so disappointed by how the story concluded after such a great buildup The end was too rushed and unlike the rest of the story, too farfetched I would have liked to have this be a longer story with a better resolution.A Hard Man Is Good to Find by Kiernan Kelly My least favourite story from this book while I found the story about a stripper intriguing, the characters failed to engage and seemed rather flat to me There was not much interesting moments in this story and the wedding scene where Chaos rescues RJ felt forced The sister s storyline was potentially moving, but here again, the overall execution left the whole setup with an unnatural flow to it.Cops and Robby from Carol Lynne Oooh, a threesome story This doesn t have as rich of a story background as A Cheap Racket but it was entertaining in its own way I liked the characters of Robby, Cole and Morgan It was sweet, if somewhat odd, how easily they were able to bond in so short a time In this story, realism doesn t play much of a role in here, but it is not missed by me I enjoyed this story for the guilty pleasures and tender scenes that came from the characters interactions.

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    3.5 stars1 2 stars, the second coupe make me really uncomfortable 40 years of difference The main couple was sweet The story was a little too much fetched Rentboy, age gap, light bdsm 2 3 stars Hot Stripper 3 4 stars Hot and sweet A little naive and a easy read Rentboy, Cop, Incest, m m m

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    1 , 4 4.

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    3 really great stories by 3 really great authors The stories are all a little angsty and long enough for the authors to develop intriguing plots as well as captivating MC s Be warned there is incest in Lynne s m m m story but it s a very enjoyable and hot story.

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    A Cheap Racket by Syd McGinley 4 starsA Hard Man is Good to Find by Kiernan Kelly 2.25 starsCops and Robby by Carol Lynne 1.75 stars

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    My favourite is Morgan

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