Harem The Body Of A Teenage Girl Is Discovered In A Cistern Deep Below The City Of Istanbul For The Turkish Police Force S Most Talented Officer, Inspector Etin Ikmen, This Is A Difficult Case The Girl Was His Daughter S Friend And Her Attire, That Of A Nineteenth Century Ottoman, Offers No Easy ExplanationWith His Promise Of Justice To The Dead Girl S Mother Still Fresh On His Lips, Ikmen Is Suddenly Taken Off The Case And Reassigned To The Kidnapping Of An Ageing Movie Star S Wife The Star Is Hiding Something And So, Ikmen Fears, Are His Superiors A Powerful Secret Exists In The Labyrinthine City One Which Those On Either Side Of The Law Will Do Anything To Prevent Surfacing

Barbara Nadel is an English crime writer Many of her books are set in Turkey Born in the East End of London, Barbara Nadel trained as an actress before becoming a writer Now writing full time, she has previously worked as a public relations officer for the National Schizophrenia Fellowship s Good Companion Service and as a mental health advocate for the mentally disordered in a psychiatric hosp

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  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Harem
  • Barbara Nadel
  • English
  • 20 May 2017
  • 9780747267201

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    Crime thriller That you buy on a notion that it will kill the boredom of insomnia and when are just pretty much bored of your own ponderings over conspiracy theories, tedious travelings and visiting relatives It is quick read how you opt to skim the repeated content Especially when the character is a chain smoker and in every page or two he is lighting his cigarette if only I knew how it feels The plot was ambitious and steady Too many characters in it which made it somewhat exciting for me I like multi dimensional perspective stories which however makes it repetitive Confidentiality is the fundamental aspect of the novel.The plot is of few criminal Turks making clandestine Harem underground Istanbul resembling the ancient tendency of secrecy and festal accessible to personages beyond commonplace involving lewdness and a murder of a girl of which mystery is being pursued by the most idiosyncratic and talented officer of Turkey However it s not easy for him as he surmises how huge the influential people are behind it and ironically he s being controlled by them There is manipulation and distortion of truth for the common people.

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    As much as I love foreign based mysteries this one is in Istanbul, Turkey they do all seem to share some common themes that get old and wearying after awhile, such as corruption in the police and government, with no real resolution even when the mystery is solved I love this main character Cetin Ikmen, a chain smoking atheist who is married to Fatma, a devout Muslim They have nine children and live in a crowded apartment, mostly because Ikmen is squeaky clean and doesn t take bribes His group of co workers and friends are also very interesting This is the fourth in series with many to come and despite my enjoyment of the character and the culture immersion provided by the book, the mystery itself was destined to be disappointing and I foresee the same thing happening with others in the series I will likely carry onthe books are well written and as I said, interesting from a cultural perspective But I will continue to leave lots of space between them.

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    I have not been back to Turkey for a good ten years after living there for 13 years So this book brought back many memories The plot was excellent I have fallen in love with et n kmen someone not to familiar with the country I think would find this quite interesting i will be reading the rest of et n s books and i hope his integrity stays with him I would prefer less sex but the book s subject did call for it i do recommend it.

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    Love these BooksAs ever, another great read from the most wonderful Barbara Nadel I ve lived in Turkey for 16 years yet she has introduced me to so much I didn t know about Istanbul and her stories are so well written with such wonderful true to life characters.

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    I had read parts of two other Inspector Ikmen novels Good immersion in modern and historical Turkey This one reaches back into the Ottoman past for traditions while looking at a modern sex trafficking scheme.

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    A series to get lost in Within modern Istanbul, a good man fights against unspeakable horrors Nadel introduces you to the poverty and wealth of an ancient city struggling to keep up with the modern world.

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    This one was much darker and bleaker than the previous books It was enjoyable to read, but somehow sad like a world you knew and liked was ending Replaced by something unknown, but darker.

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    Inspector Ikmen rocks in this page turning thriller But the rock of Ikmen s integrity is tested to its limits in this book Ikmen begins investigating the murder of one his daughter s coworkers and is swept into an international conspiracy theorist s dream about sex and power Meanwhile on the homefront his daughter is falling in love with a Jewish boy, his brother in law is moving in with him to die, and one of his officers is engaging in some inappropriate behavior At the same time a Turkish movie star from Hollywood returns home to become the focus of Ikmen s attention and we get to visit the sewers and the underground of Istanbul The thing I love most about Ikmen is how different he is from all the other stereotypical policemen in crime fiction who are all career focused, lonely, divorced, and like to drink Ikmen has nine kids and lives in a crowded apartment He is devoted to his job but also to his family and his wife, Fatima Needless to say he couldn t spend so much time at work if he didn t have such a good partner in his wife In this episode Fatima is gone most of the time so Ikmen gets to bond with his teenage daughter who has always been a source of concern to him.

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    Este n o o g nero de livro que costumo apreciar Associado, desde h uns anos que as tradu es para portugu s me fazem revirar os olhos Assim, as espectativas inicias eram francamente baixas No entanto, este livro surpreendeu me Para algu m que dificilmente se deixa cativar por policiais, dei por mim sempre a questionar me como tudo se ligava A verdade que me prendeu at ao fim A cad ncia foi excelente E o fim n o era nada expet vel e estranhamente realista A autora n o caiu na tenta o de criar um personagem principal imposs vel que se liberta de todas as situa es Ikmen extremamente humano e cred vel.Adorei toda a descri o do imp rio otomano, os seus costumes e carater sticas bem como, do vislumbre da Turquia Toda a cr tica social e pol tica impl cita na hist ria tornaram na ainda melhor.A tradu o tamb m me pareceu de boa qualidade Sem duvida vou voltar a ler outros livros desta autora.

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