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Harlequin Holiday Collection Cute little stories that just happen to take place close to Thanksgiving Christmas Between all 4 stories, I liked Evidence of Desire by Debra Webb the best It was about a crime lab worker that finds she is attracted to a coworker one that doesn t seem to like her let alone know she s alive.All that changes when she finds herself in danger Next, i liked Season of Wonder by Marta Perry It was abut 2 childhood friends that rediscover themselves and each other,during the holidays Next one was Seduced by the Season by Merline Lovelace This was about a waitress and a FBI agent They help each other investigate a crime over the holiday season The last one, and the one i liked the least was And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree by Leslie Kelly It was about a granddaughter that helps her grandparents save their home, by turning it into a BB They get a crew to come out and interview them, and tour their BB, with the hopes of drawing in business But the owners find a dead body wrapped in her Christmas tree So they must hide it from a visiting camera crew Some stories are better if read during the holiday as intended, but in this case it wouldn t have madea difference I m not the type to stop reading a book, but i almost did this one Glad i kept going though, cause most of the stories were fairly decent. Very entertaining book with short holiday stories with characters that you will like Stories are sweet and have happy endings with no cliffhangers I enjoyed them and now are going to check out the other books the authors have written Highly recommended if your still in the mood for feel good holiday stories. Harlequin Holiday Collection Four Classic Seasonal NovellasA Struggling BB Owner Scrambles To Hide The Dead Body Wrapped In Her Christmas Tree From A Visiting Camera Crew And From Her Still Irresistible Reporter Ex A Waitress And A Sexy FBI Agent Mix Business With Pleasure While Investigating A Crime Over The Holidays A Crime Lab Worker Finds Herself In Danger Six Days Before Christmasand Only Her Off Limits But Oh So Attractive Coworker Can Help And Two Childhood Friends Rediscover Their Sense Of Wonder And Love When Reunited For The Holidays Discover These Four Classic Seasonal Novellas And A Dead Guy In A Pear Tree By Leslie KellySeduced By The Season By Merline LovelaceEvidence Of Desire By Debra WebbSeason Of Wonder By Marta Perry And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree Leslie Kelly 3 5 Holly is expecting a TV crew in two hours to drum up interest in her and her grandparents inn, but a dead guy just fell out of their new Christmas tree Zach Weldon is tracking down and reporting on a notorious robbery and tracks one of the goons down to the Christmas tree and to Holly s house And that s how he s reunited with the woman he let get away Holly and Zach work together to keep the dead guy under wraps until the TV crew leaves, but they can t deny their attraction and their love has never gone away This was an okay second chance romance It was a bit too much for such a short story what with the dead guy, the lies, the TV crew and the romance under all of it The grandparents were pretty cute secondary characters As for the romance between Zach and Holly, they didn t get enough time to really connect with one another again, though their sexual reunion was pretty hot Also, I absolutely hate it when second chance romances end with the it was for the best anyway because it absolves everybody of blame rather than accepting responsibility and trivializes 8 years of lost time together Seduced by the Season Merline Lovelace 3 5 Clint is a special agent in Dublin to catch a notorious prehistoric art thief and he stumbles upon Sophie, an doctoral student on prehistoric art where she s working in a pub The attraction between them simmers, but professional matters first He invites her to help him on his quest When Sophie is hurt by the thief, Clint decides to stay and take care of Sophie, and this is all the time they need to fall in love Because this was so short and it probably could have easily made a full length novella the author had to resort to quite a bit of telling instead of showing throughout the story This is still an interesting and engaging story, but it needed to be fleshed out a bit , I think Also, that ending needed a bit emotional umph Evidence of Desire Debra Webb 2.5 5 Olivia is new in Kenner City and adjusting to her new job at the crime lab and the crush she has on her co worker Jacob Webster Problem is that Jacob doesn t seem to act like she exists When things start to go wrong at the crime lab and her tests start to go missing, and reports disappear and someone starts following her home, Jacob is there to have her back Despite appearances, he s fighting his attraction to Olivia and may even love her already As a suspense story, this one isn t half bad by itself The mystery of how Olivia s tests are being corrupted and how her reports are disappearing is a good one And the action scene while Olivia is in the lab also pretty good But the romance here is bland and chemistry free Not to mention, their HEA comes with almost no getting to know each other Season of Wonder Marta Perry 2.5 5 Ally returns to her hometown with her daughter having learned a cynical lesson about life and love She s greeted by childhood friend David, who lives with his large, loving family running the inn and dolphin tours He accepts Ally and kristie unconditionally, but Ally can t trust it and doesn t want to depend on anyone but herself She has to get her daughter through one surgery and then she plans to sell the house and move on But David offers her love like she s never known before and she s afraid to accept it This one was good, but I didn t love it Like all the other stories in this book, it too suffers from being too short and there isn t enough time for David and Ally to really connect so they have a believable love Ally comes across as pretty jaded and cynical kinda bitchy and I don t think David took the time to get to know the new Allyhe just kept thinking of her as the little girl she used to be And the ending here is also pretty abrupt. Good ReadsAll the stories were well written and interesting The stories draw the reader into the lives of the characters Worth the read. Wonderful holiday stories True to the heart.These four classic stories are true to the heart Great holiday stories All are easy enjoyable reads.I feel whoever chooses to read this will enjoy them. I love these types of stories Easy to read, keeps you interested, like the script of a great chick flick Some of them should be chick flicks Especially the one on the beach Average 3 because i really liked the first 2 stories The second two are nothing special And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree 3.5 Holly and Zach have a long history and a misunderstanding in the past that has ruined their relationship However, a murder in their small town reunites them and they get to rekindle their romance I just didn t like the unrealistic abandon with which they keep having sex all over her grandparents house kitchen living room, etc without any regard for the grandparents that could catch them at any momentSeduced by the Season 4 An FBI agent goes to Dublin to track an art theif He meets an art history student and she helps him with his case They fall in love Cuteexcept the way she is American but speaks with a heavy Irish brogue, after only 2 years in Dublin Who are you kidding Evidence of Desire 2.5 Olivia is new at work, at a forensic lab, and is attracted to her colleague, Jacob Strange things start happening and Olivia begins to suspect that someone is sabotaging her work This seemed like an interesting enough story until she started stalking Jacob who was clearly showing signs of not being interested in her Then on top of that the silly office murder mystery Unrealistic Season of Wonder 1.5 Another reviwer put it the best Oh whatever My sentiments exactly The woman is acting like a major b tch to the guy the whole time, while shamelessly using him for repairing her house that she plans to sell He is a pushover the whole time, but also gets annoying with you don t need a well paid city job, just move to the village with me who needs money I m not sure how he thinks she is supposed to pay for her daughter s multiple surgeries Even the author seems to have this whole she is a money grabber from the big city attitude and it is played off poorly, since the woman genuinly needs money for her daughter s medical care In the end, the woman just reaches an epiphany and quits her city job real smart Finally, we are hinted at the fact that he might actually have money, but we don t know for sure The end Pretty stupid story where all the characters are annoying even the poor sick girl is bratty And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree by Leslie KellyA struggling BB owner scrambles to hide the dead body wrapped in her Christmas tree from a visiting camera crew and from her still irresistible reporter ex.Holly is trying her best to save the family inn from going out of business She s arranged to have a tv crew come in to do a story on them in an effort to get some publicity When she finds a dead body in her Christmas tree, they have to find a way to hide it before the cameras arrive When her ex, Zach, knocks on the door she thinks he s with the tv crew, but he s really an investigative reporter searching for diamond thieves What follows is a hilarious case of where s the body as Holly and her employees try to keep Zach from finding it and he s determined to protect her Terrific sparks between the two as they end up working together.Seduced by the Season by Merline LovelaceA waitress and a sexy FBI agent mix business with pleasure while investigating a crime over the holidays.Sophie is a doctoral candidate in ancient art at Trinity College in Dublin and Clint is an FBI agent searching for an antiquities thief They join forces when Clint realizes he doesn t have a clue what he s looking for but Sophie does They re also incredibly attracted to each other I loved the way that Sophie jumps right in to help Clint She also loved showing him around Dublin and exposing him to her world I loved the intensity of the takedown, and their reunion was great.Evidence of Desire by Debra WebbA crime lab worker finds herself in danger six days before Christmasand only her off limits but oh so attractive coworker can help.Olivia is a new lab worker who has moved there from Boston She is really attracted to Jacob, who doesn t seem to notice her at all When she begins to experience a string of bad luck computer files missing, emails going astray, car not starting, being followed she appeals to Jacob for help She sort of throws herself at him with her thanks as she works to get to know him Jacob is attracted to her, but was hurt romantically in the past and doesn t want to get involved I enjoyed the mystery aspect as well as the romance.Season of Wonder by Marta PerryAnd two childhood friends rediscover their sense of wonder and love when reunited for the holidays.My least favorite of the four stories Allison has brought her daughter to the island to rest up before a major surgery She is also preparing the cottage in order to sell it She meets her childhood friend David and he offers to help her with the repairs He thinks she ll be moving back to the island and is looking forward to getting to know her again I was bothered by her attitude toward him she seemed to look down on him for what she sees as a lack of ambition I liked David a lot He was marvelous with Allison s daughter I was glad to see him tell Allison what a pill she was being. The 1st story by Leslie Kelly is And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree I didn t care for it very much The hero was both beta and a reporter, two of my least favorite plot devices There was also a cheesy weekend at Bernie s theme to the story which was an eye roller for me 1 star D Seduced by the Season by Merline Lovelace DNFEvidence of Desire by Debra Webb 1 star Very corny story The writing seemed amateurish.Season of Wonder by Marta Perry 2 stars I didn t find the story to be anything special.Overall this was a disappointed.

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