Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things

Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable ThingsA Jane Austen retelling Perfect for fans of To All the Boys I ve Loved Before Say no , I m hooked Edie Price has been rescued from foster care by her wealthy aunt and uncle who care about looking like do gooders than they do about her She moves in with them for the end of her senior year, right next door to her childhood best friend and first crush, Sebastian Unfortunately, he s got a girlfriend Despite the fact that Edie can t stop thinking about him, she s absolutely not going to come between him and Claire She distracts herself with Claire s brother, Henry, who leaves a trail of broken hearts in his wake including the hearts of Edie s 2 cousins, Maria and Julia and is way too charming to be taken seriouslyand yet despite herself, Edie finds herself falling for him Can she move on for real to a guy she s not sure she can trust, or will her heart keep her tied to a guy she s not sure she can have Full disclosure I have never read Mansfield Park This is a modern retelling, which meant nothing to me aside from the fact that I knew MP was widely considered to be Jane Austen s least popular book And after reading this version, I can totally see why Edie is a very wishy washy character She s kind of blah and doesn t really change through the course of the book You want her to have learned lessons and grown up a little, and she mostly doesn t To this author s credit, though, she DOES try to have Edie mature in the way she handles friendships and her plans for collegeshe worked with what she had, while still trying to stay true to Austen s original plot Sebastian is also kind of meh He s mostly spineless, letting his family and his girlfriend make decisions for him Edie s memories of him as a child with a great imagination are far interesting than present day Sebastian He wears lots of wrinkled linen and secretly wants from his life than the future as an attorney that s been mapped out for him, but he s just kind of sitting there, waiting for it all to change LAME But again, I will say that Firkins tried to give him a little bit of a personality when she could She tried, but I still found Sebastian to be seriously lacking.Now Henry OHHHH HENRY Henry is who this book is about He s charming, he s swoony, and he s got a wicked sense of humor He s definitely flawed, used to charming people into doing his bidding and using his wealth to get what he wants But man, he is HOT The countdown of 10 seconds as he and Edie are leaning against the house HOLY CRAP Nothing actually happens, but WOW so very hot I don t think I d be wrong in thinking that this author also prefers Henry to Sebastian and maybe Jane Austen did, too , as he is so much interesting and fully formed as a character Team Henry all the way.BOO to Jane Austen for doing with this story and these characters what she did, because it absolutely did not go the way I wanted it to HOWEVER I can t blame Jacqueline Firkins for Austen s bad plot choices So, I will say that despite knowing nothing about this story going in and kind of being pissed off throughout because I knew it wasn t going to end the way I would have chosen, I still super enjoyed it The banter was great I especially loved the exchange of man walks into a bar jokes , and even the obnoxious characters were well written I didn t think I was going to get sucked into this book because so many of the characters are unlikeable damn it, Jane , but it s a testament to this author that I absolutely did So, to sum up well done, Jacqueline Firkins I ll definitely check out future books by this author.PSHenry was robbed Thanks to NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children s Book Group for the great ARC in exchange for my honest review In This Charming Debut About First Love And Second Chances, A Young Girl Gets Caught Between The Boy Next Door And A Playboy Perfect For Fans Of To All The Boys I Ve Loved BeforeMansfield, Massachusetts Is The Last Place Seventeen Year Old Edie Price Wants To Spend Her Final Summer Before College It S The Home Of Wealthy Suburbanites And Prima Donnas Like Edie S Cousins, Who Are Determined To Distract Her From Her Mother S Death With Cute Boys And Cinderella Style Makeovers Edie Has Her Own Plans, And They Don T Include A Prince CharmingBut As Edie Dives Into Schoolwork And Applying For College Scholarships, She Finds Herself Drawn To Two Mansfield Boys Who Start Vying For Her Attention First There S Sebastian, Edie S Childhood Friend And First Love He S Sweet And Smart And Already Has A Girlfriend Then There S Henry, The Local Bad Boy And All Around Player He S Totally Off Limits, Even If His Kisses Are Chemically AddictiveBoth Boys Are Trouble Edie Can T Help But Get Caught Between Them Someone S Heart Is Going To Break Now She Just Has To Make Sure It Isn T Hers Either Henry had hugged a tree recently or Lucifer endorsed cologne after all Everyone who knows me knows that there is one thing that will make me dislike a book and that s for the author to make it seem like cheating is okay This book made me think that and I almost gave up reading this book a few times but I powered through That was such a bad idea and a waste of my time Edie, the female protagonist made out with her best friend s boyfriend, knowing that it was wrong She also expected her friend to forgive her instantly This same girl thought it was okay to pine after a guy that she grew up with knowing that he was in a very serious relationship While using a guy who she hates that was into her to make this other jealous, she still used him to get this taken guy It was pathetic and disgusting Throughout this book, there was cheating, mentions of cheating, and jealousy cheating I couldn t handle all of that Plus it made me feel that if you have money and do these sorts of things, that it makes it okay This is definitely not okay in my opinion This book was definitely not for me I shouldn t have wasted my time but I was hoping that Edie would finally get what she deserved The only reason why I gave this two stars was because the characters within were obsessed with books reading How can you say no to that But that s the only thing I enjoyed Yes, we ve all made mistakes but it was pretty repetitive here There are a lot amazing contemporaries out in the world, so don t bother with this one. Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Nathalie DeFeliceThere s nothing better than love hating a book to the point of shouting it to the skies, which was my exact reaction to this book Did I absolutely fall in love with it YES Did I also hate the way that it ended ABSOLUTELY, and I would read it all over again just to experience the agony of the ending, with the hope that it might be a little different each time Like any good romantic comedy, it s fun, dramatic, and full of cheesy moments that will melt your heart If that s not enough, it s also a retelling of a Jane Austen novel, which I feel will make a perfect holiday season read.Our story begins in Mansfield, Massachusetts, where Edie Price has come to live with her aunt and uncle the summer before college It s the last place she d want to be, considering she s still grieving the loss of her mother The town is also crawling with wealthy elites like Edie s cousins, who are doing everything in their power to distract her from her grief with makeovers and cute boys However, boys aren t included in Edie s plans As she s diving head first into scholarship applications two Mansfield boys are vying for her attention There s Sebastian, her best friend and first love who wears his heart on his sleeve, but also has a girlfriend Then there s Henry, a local heartbreaker who s technically off limits, despite his addictive kisses Someone s heart is going to break during this process, and Edie has to make sure it isn t hers.I think the reason I loved this story so much was because of the fact that despite it being a clear retelling of Mansfield Park, there s a lot going on in there Despite Edie not wanting to move with her aunt and uncle, the distance is giving her a reprieve from something that she did wrong I can t spoil anything, but this was another thing that I enjoyed about the story I didn t immediately sympathise with Edie As the story progressed, I grew quite fond of her and her conundrums, especially the ones that involved her cousins Her cousins were definitely characters that I felt became a little complex in this retelling Their antics are definitely ridiculous, but at the same time, you almost feel sorry for them because of who s raised them.This story manages to convey how Edie is handling being isolated, ostracised socially, grieving, and the expectations of others using equal measures of humour and drama I adored that Edie isn t the only one experiencing growth Sebastian is also going through his own turmoil, due to performing to parental expectations and denying your own self expression Henry is my favourite character, if I m being honest He s got all the charm you d expect of a playboy, with some sleazy actions to back that up but with a secret heart of gold I think I liked seeing him grow the most If there was one character who I would have loved to see grow a little , it would have been Edie s best friend She comes off as a very flat character for most of the novel, told mostly through our leading lady s perspective.Even when you re wanting to stay away from boys, who could possibly resist when you ve got Sebastian and Henry on the case I honestly wasn t sure who I wanted Edie to be with that s a blatant lie I m telling here I think readers will have this same dilemma and I m still pretty sore about it I can t get into it much without spoiling it for everyone, so I encourage you to pick this up I need someone to yell about this story with The romance were definitely the cheesiest parts of the story to be sure, in the way that kids cover their eyes when they see grown ups kissing but still peek through their fingers kind of way.Let s be honest though, the story is certainly not complete without some antagonists making the road a little bumpy for Edie While this story does have a main antagonist, it can be argued that there are several smaller antagonists that Edie also struggles with I had a lot of feelings about the main antagonist because I felt some sympathy for her In some way, Edie served as a catalyst for the insecurities that she was feeling It ramped up everything a little in my opinion It s interesting, because while the antagonist was definitely in the wrong for some of her actions, Firkin was able to unveil how often people can mask their insecurities as confidence and it doesn t take much to bring that all crumbling down.When I looked at the novel as a whole, I really did want to see of the best friend The story moves along so well, with creative definitions to words that Edie sends her bestie but I really wanted to see something meaningful established I can t complain about the ending, but I can definitely tell you it was not how I wanted to end A girl can certainly dream though I d rate this story a 9 10 It s a hilarious story that s perfect for the upcoming holiday season, when you just want to stay in and read that fun, feel good romantic story. Another Jane Austen retelling that I d like to read because it sounds so good Unprecedented Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things is a young adult contemporary romance by Jacqueline Firkins This book was so stinking cute I absolutely loved it it is a retelling of Mansfield Park by Jane Austen I have read almost all of Austen s books, but Mansfield Park is one that has escaped my attention Regardless of the fact that I have yet to read it, I was very much able to enjoy Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things, and in fact it made me want to pick up Mansfield Park to see if I enjoyed it as much as this retelling.Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things is perfect when you are looking for a fun, cheesy and sometimes angst y young adult romantic comedy hint I am almost always looking for something like this It is a classic combo for me In Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things, we meet our main character Edie, who goes to live with her aunt following the death of her mother Edie is an interesting character Though I almost immediately felt for her because of her situation, she didn t immediately win me over However as the story progressed I grew to understand her better and like her Edie is focused when she gets to her aunt s and will not allow the distraction of boys Of course, this is where we enter all the adorable boys of Mansfield, planted just to try and make Edie lose sight of her scholarship aspirations But also to provide a bit of much needed fun.There is a bit of a love triangle in this book, so be aware of that going in, but I loved that there was a lot of emotional depth explored in Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things Henry and Sebastian our main love interests are both great, and though I had a clear winner on who I was rooting for, I can easily see a case for both guys I think readers may be split on who they ship with Edie Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things was funny, sweet, and vastly entertaining I really enjoyed this book I think it would be perfect to read this holiday season when you are looking for an adorable romance. It s good, it s cheesy, and it s good BECAUSE it s cheesy, but honestly, rating wise, it s tricky to gauge just how good this was It s addicting, for sure Edie is a fine lead she s easy to understand, and while some of her decisions are questionable, she s realistically messy and that, I think, is the exact point that HEARTS, STRINGS, AND OTHER BREAKABLE THINGS is trying to bring across Did it succeed Yep I get it I get its message We re good on that front On the plus side, this is addicting and totally readable I, a slow reader, finished 90% in one sitting and would ve read the whole thing then and there if I didn t have to sleep , and it can join the ranks of books like Morgan Matson s SAVE THE DATE that are meant to be adapted to the screen because it felt humorously cinematic, with a fully fleshed out cast of characters that are dying to be fan cast Dare I say it would make a better movie than book Given that my primary issue is the writing style but not the concept, I d say Aye So why dock two stars off the rating Partly it s a subjectivity thing the writing style and I didn t fully click because there were lots of weird references and weirder similes sprinkled every now and then that tried just a touch too hard to sound like Teen Speak and the other part is the repetitive rhythm that sapped the pacing s speed toward the middle where the plot loses a tad bit of steam and waffles for a while before it rights itself and sticks the landing And the ending Let s talk about the ending I like it It s jarring and sorta non traditional while also being just familiar enough not to stray too far from its trope It s satisfying, and that s not something you can say often Thanks to HMH Teen for sending me an ARC for an honest review. Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things is a sickeningly sweet YA contemporary retelling that reminds of TATBILB and a mellowed down version of Gossip Girl It is also linked to be a retelling of Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, which I do not have a clue about because your girl has not read any classics at all.Anyway, for a quick warning about the story, you must be prepared to deal with a love traingle, and rich teenagers managing their rich people problems and one little outsider in the community a la Dan Humphrey.I, for one, have no qualms about love triangles, and I do love myself a little push and pull I was in the mood for a cheesy cliche romance and this is what I got with this read But though I liked most of the book, I hated the choice made by the main character, Edie The final pick for the love triangle is not a choice that I would absolutely go for, and that choice frustrated me a lot.Well, if I were given the chance between Henry, the playboy, and Sebastian, the boy next door, I absolutely know who would I go for But the story is not about me, oops I love both of these male leads, though If you are after cute conversations, swoon worthy quotes, and clever banter, both of these young men could deliver.Looking at the main character, Edie, though, she wasn t really my favorite I did not really feel a connection with her and I actually just feel meh about her and the decisions she has made Her cousins and the other characters are borderline ridiculous, but those antics made quite a story to tell I have to admit I loved reading about all of their girlish drama.All in all, I m thankful for the presence of Henry because I absolutely adore his character I know I would love the scene as long as he was there Anyhow, this book was still a great one for a quick read and I am looking forward to the next books by this author Blurb Main Character Significant Other 1 Significant Other 2 Support Characters Writing Style Character Development Romance Pacing Ending Unputdownability Book Cover FINAL VERDICT 3.58 5 The whole delightful and astonishing truth is this modern retelling of Jane Austen s Mansfield Park is a must read Edie Fanny Price is a foster kid who is spending the last few months of her senior year with her wealthy Aunt Norah and her two daughters Maria and Julia the cousins aren t necessarily likable but they are relatable and complex than Austen s original characters Edie quotes women s authors including Edith Wharton for whom she was named loved that Sebastian, the boy next door, her old friend has a new flame, Claire Claire and her brother, Henry, are wealthy, gorgeous, and irresistible Edie sees Henry for the player that he is, but when she needs a friend he s there Even if he realizes that Edie is in love with his sister s boyfriend Friendship, love, family, lust, and messy relationships prove that this story is timeless and timely And the ultimate prize isn t a boy but a college dream.

Jacqueline s a writer, costume designer, and lover of beautiful things She s on the fulltime faculty in the Department of Theatre Film at the University of British Columbia where she also takes any writing class they ll let her into When not obsessing about where to put the buttons or the commas, she can be found running by the ocean, eating excessive amounts of gluten, listening to

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  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things
  • Jacqueline Firkins
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  • 06 August 2019
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