Hell for Leather

Hell for LeatherEnjoyed but didn t love the romance as much as some of the others I ve really been enjoying the Black Knights Inc series by Julie Ann Walker for a while If you have been reading the books you know exactly who Mac and Delilah are The last couple books in this series you ve been teased with little bits of them well it s finally time to see them sizzle right off the page Delilah s uncle disappears and she s looking for Mac and the Black Knights Inc to help her find him At first it didn t seem like it was going to be that big a deal and then someone tries to kidnap Delilah From there things pick up and we finally get to see Steady and Ozzie out in the field when they join Mac and Delilah along with Zoelner They don t realize at first who they are up against until the CIA gets involved and agent Chelsea Duvall shows up which does weird things to Zoelner as they used to be friends back in his CIA days Again if you ve read previous books you will have read a little about this before While trying to protect Delilah Mac is forced into close quarters with hers something he s been trying to avoid for four years Delilah, for her part had had bad things being thrown at her constantly but she continues to be strong This story proves Mac isn t all that he seems He s such a big tough guy on the outside but on the inside he s damaged, something you never saw before He has been letting his past dictate his future and denying himself love Once Delilah finds out Mac s history she has to formulate a plan with the help of Zoelner to make him see she is worth the risk It s interesting to see a big bad ass like Mac be vulnerable and Julie Ann Walker did a good job with that What made this book so enjoyable for me was the witty smart alecky dialogue and the southernisms she puts in this book This Place could use a Xanax salt lick , Is it possible to get the tweeted version of this saga or Talk about ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag That s just few of the funny bits and pieces of this book You will have to read the book to find out the rest and there are many and see just how Mac and Delilah mix. Only The Most Urgent Crisis Could Force Delilah Fairchild To Abandon Her Beloved Biker Bar And Ask The Surly Bryan Mac McMillan For Help Her Uncle The Man Who Raised Her Has Vanished Into Thin Air, And Mac Is The Only Person With The Right Connections To Help Her Find Him What The Ex FBI Agent Has Against Her Is A Mysterybut When The Bullets Start To Fly, Mac Is Her Only Chance Of Finding Her Uncle Alive Mac Knows That Beautiful Women Can T Be Trusted, But He Has To Put His Natural Wariness Of Delilah Aside In Order To Help Her With The Clock Ticking, Mac And Delilah Find Themselves Holding On To Each Other In The Wildest Adventure Of Their Lives Two haiku review Her uncle s missingShe goes to Black Knights for helpAttracted to oneVery excitingKidnapping by terroristsReally great bad guyRe reading series, Sept Oct 2015 I LOVE this author This is one of those series, that I accidentally stumbled across at Wal Mart of all places Long ago, I found the first 2 books for 1.99 a piece It was an amazing series I ordered the next 2 books viathey are on my auto buy list permanently.This was another great addition to the series, continuing shortly after Delilah s bar was shot up a friend of hers was killed Delilah comes in to her bar frantic, because her uncle has gone missing She enlists the help of Mac Zoelner to help her look for him When it becomes too complicated, the whole Black Knights Team is on it Someone has Delilah s uncle they think if they get Delilah, her uncle will talk Mac, has to protect her at the same time as keep away from her charms You get the gist.I like that the next character group was also added to this book to start the build up for the next book best guess or novella Zoelner has some baggage from Afghanistan Chelsea from the CIA knows it She appears in this book to help find Theo, Delilah s uncle.This book is a must read in this series, but it can stand alone It s enough of a self explanatory book that you can read this one go back if you want, even tough other characters are thrown in all over. Another one down in this series I ve got to say, the romance didn t work for me I d have slapped Mac a long time ago and been over whatever feelings I thought I had for him with his treatment of Delilah The humor in here is what saved the book for me I got caught laughing out loud at work several times I can t get enough of the Black Knights This is book six in the series and if you think the explosive action and intense heat has toned down at all, think again If you are already a fan than you are probably as excited as I was to see Delilah Fairchild and Mac McMillan finally get their story told The two have been skating around each other for a while so you know the heat was going to be high and oh, is it ever Every cell inside him thrilled to the touch of her fingers Holy sh t fire, was all he could think Just like a shot of pure crack cocaine Any animosity between them is put aside as Delilah searches for her missing Uncle and Mac steps up to help I love the way the two come together in an intense story that is equal parts funny, sexy and action filled It will have you laughing and biting your lip as they get together in scenes that will melt your Kindle Throw in blow stuff up action and you have a story that will immediately find its way onto the reread shelf.I have to go back and start this series all over again because I don t want to let these characters go Bring onBlack Knights Diane, 5 stars Walker s expressive emotive writing brings this story to life in a huge way Action and suspense kept me on my toes while the explosive chemistry between the characters ratcheted up the heat of the novel by several notches The plot was lively fun, while it also kept me guessing.I love Delilah She s the perfect heroine set beside the BKI Alphas Mac s emotions are so out in the open at times, they were quite unexpected Together they create an emotionally poignant yet extremely suspenseful pair Surrounded by the rest of the Black Knights, this cast kept me on my toes I love how tight they are with one another I also enjoy how real they are These characters don t mince words or actions They are themselves at every turn With every novel in the series I fall further and further in love with Walker s larger than life characters This was a uniquely enchanting tale that I d definitely recommend to others. My Review I ve read all the books in the Black Knights series, but this one had a very different vibe to it There is a LOT of mental thought and self talk with the two main characters in this one On one hand, it was fun because both characters are snarky and full of delusional self honestythey tend to argue points back and forth internally But on the other hand, there was so much happening in their heads that I think the story on the page suffered a bit for it because there was less action on the page and between the characters They were too busy talking to themselves all the time I did enjoy the snarky, fun, feel of it I just think that maybe there was a bit too much of it and it hurt the overall story a bit.This book is about Mac and Delilah Delilah is the bartender who saw one of her favorite customers get gunned down in the last book She s had a hard time dealing with that a bit of PTSD that isn t helped when her uncle who s like a father to her mysteriously disappears She enlists the Black Knights for their help when the cops tell her that her uncle hasn t been gone long enough Mac has had a crush on Delilah for 4 years, but he has some personal issues that means he will NEVER pursue her So instead, he treats her with indifference and stoicism although what he s feeling inside while he s around her is very different that what he projects this is where all that internal self musings come into play in this book Overall, I enjoyed their relationship although I think that Mac held onto his reasons for resisting her for too long And when the details of all those reasons finally came out, I thought his character was evenidiotic There hits a point, even for fictional characters, when you have to grow up and a man in his thirties should be past that point, in my opinion But despite that irritating niggle, I did enjoy the two and the chemistry between them I liked how Mac kept doing things that he knew would get him in trouble emotionally, but he just couldn t resist the pull to Delilah especially when she was upset And in this book, Delilah isthan a little emotionally fragile which isn t the norm for her That temporary vulnerability in her worked for me as a character drive that pushed the two together The suspense story line was pretty good and I liked the addition of the CIA agent, Chelsea and all the tension between her and Daganthere is definitely a good story to come between those two Overall this wasn t the best in the series, but I still enjoyed it It was a bitsnarky and funny than normal and it remained a book that totally kept my interest from start to finish I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest reviewalthough I do also buy print copies of this series for my keeper shelf. Hell for Leather is almost like a full circle book in that Bryan Mac McMillian was the grumpy FBI agent we d met many books ago but really knew nothing about even when he became ex FBI and joined BKI plus there is a huge life event that happens for Nate Ghost and Ali who were the two that started this series Mac and Delilah, who owns the bar where the BKI men frequent, have been doing the dance for few books She likes him but he avoids her like the plague But when her uncle goes missing he waste no time stepping in to bring the team together to help her find him Dagan Zoelner who is ex CIA and newest member of BKI also plays a big part in this book and we get some of his history of some bad things that went down in Afghanistan and also the introduction to who I am sure will be his lady in his book CIA agent Chelsea who ends up also helping the BKI team as terrorist and secrets from back in the Vietnam days are what is at the crux of why Delilah uncle is missing Being the sixth book in the series you ve come to love all the past characters and when this group of guys is together their bickering and humor are some of the best scenes in the books No exception in this one Ozzie gets to tag along on this mission and as usual his lines are some of the funniest in the book All these alpha men that end up working for BKI have tons of baggage from their past they cart around until they meet their woman who makes them deal with those demons and finally put them to rest When we finally find out why Mac doesn t want to get involved with Delilah towards the end of the book, I absolutely loved how she confronted him about it and what she called it Cant say what it is cause it would be a spoiler but for big bad Mac to have this particular issue was to funny.

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  • Hell for Leather
  • Julie Ann Walker
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  • 10 January 2017
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