Her Last Whisper (Detective Katie Scott #2)

Her Last Whisper (Detective Katie Scott #2) Katie Focuses Her Mind, Trying To Keep Another Anxiety Attack At Bay The Victim S Long Brown Hair Is Slick And Wet, Her Body Rigid In The Grass She Looks Like A Mannequin Than The Woman Katie Had Spoken With Only Yesterday, The Woman She Had Promised To Protect When A Cold, Naked Body Is Discovered By A Couple On A Jog Through The Lush Woodlands Of Pine Valley, California, New Recruit Detective Katie Scott Is Stunned To Discover The Victim Is Amanda Payton A Much Loved Local Nurse And The Woman At The Heart Of An Unsolved Case She S Been Investigating Whilst Getting A Grip On Her Crippling PTSD Weeks Earlier, Amanda Had Run, Battered And Bruised, Out Into The Headlights Of A Passing Patrol Car She Claimed To Have Just Escaped A Kidnapping, But With No Strong Evidence, The Case Went Cold The Pine Valley Police Made A Fatal Mistake Katie Is Certain The Marks On Amanda S Wrists Complete A Pattern Of Women Being Taken, Held Captive And Then Showing Up Dead In Remote Locations Around Pine Valley And She Won T Let Someone Die On Her Watch Again But Then A Beautiful Office Worker With A Link To The Hospital Where Amanda Worked Goes Missing With Only Days Before The Next Body Is Due To Show Up, Can Katie Make Amends For Her Past By Saving This Innocent Life Totally Gripping Crime Fiction For Fans Of Lisa Regan, Rachel Caine And Melinda Leigh Nothing Will Prepare You For This Nail Biting Roller Coaster Ride

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Jennifer Chase is a multi award winning author and consulting criminologist She has authored eight crime fiction novels, including the multiple award winning Emily Stone thriller series along with a screenwriting workbook.Jennifer holds a Bachelor degree in police

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  • 11 May 2017

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    Book Reviewed on www.whisperingstories.comBack in June I reviewed Jennifer Chase s first book in the Detective Katie Scott series, Little Girls Sleeping and absolutely loved it, so when I heard book two, Her Last Whisper was out I just had to read it.The series follows ex army officer Katie Scott who now works for Pine Valley Police Department as a detective In book two Katie is assigned to the Cold Cases department to see if she can find any new leads on cases that were filed away months or years early and where nobody was charged with an offence.Whilst going through the files she comes across a case that is only six months old The kidnapping of Amanda Peyton Amanda was discovered one night by two officers whose car she ran in front of She was distressed and told the officers that she had been kidnapped, but the location she gave the officers could not be found and without any other evidence, the case was closed for the time being until new evidence was found.Katie is not happy with the way the case was handled and decided to make it her first cold case to work on On talking to Amanda she discovers that Amanda believes her kidnapper is watching her, waiting to pounce again Katie also discovers that evidence taken from Amanda on the night was not processed nor did anyone search the location she gave thoroughly She was dismissed as being mentally ill.Katie s leads take her to an asylum where a woman claims to have no memory of who she is, but her case is similar to Amanda s, could the cases be related Does the woman really not know who she is or is she pretending to protect herself And who is leaving Katie notes telling her whether she is on the right or the wrong trail Detective Katie Scott is a fabulous character Although she is a detective, she was in the army for so long that she thinks like a soldier She also has her old partner and service dog Cisco with her who is always on alert and ready to protect Katie at a moment s notice.The plot for Her Last Whisper is harrowing, women being attacked from behind, knocked unconscious, blind folder and taken to an unknown location The kidnapper rarely speaks to them except he when he wants his victims to tell him the truth and gets off on hearing their confessions.Katie is trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and has a few suspects in her sights, but she is concerned that someone is playing games with her too.The book is filled with twists, turns, and red herrings and kept me on the edge of my seat, especially the snippet sections from the kidnapper killer who seemed to be very calculating and unhinged.Just like with the first book I was invested from the first page to the last wanting to know who the culprit was and why he was targeting these women I raced through the pages needing to know The conclusion whilst not a complete surprise was certainly fulfilling.If you love detective thrillers then this series is amongst the best out there, believe me, I have read a lot of them I would highly recommend Her Last Whisper , however, although I believe it could be read as a standalone to understand Katie and her way of thinking you really need to read book one first.

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    Brilliant Brilliant Absolutely freaking brilliant I had liked author Jennifer Chase s first book, I knew that she had to develop her main character This book proved my predictions and my faith in the author right The writing had a maturity that the story and its main character Katie deserved A police procedural, where Detective Katie Scott was in charge of the cold cases which led her to a 6 month old case and the kidnapping of Amanda Peyton who managed to escape Katie met with her and promised to keep her safe A day later, she was called to a murder scene murder of Amanda Peyton The author took the book from this point and showed me how an investigation ought to be done, with careful examination of each probable suspect and their points of intersection with the victim Another escaped woman, a dead body and a kidnapped woman added to the ordeal It was obvious someone was targeting the women I liked how the author narrowed the field of investigation with every chapter making me feel that Katie was closing in Katie was fantastic and so real Gut instincts and her time in the military gave her an added flair to solve the cases PTSD affected her, but her sheer strength helped her to overcome it, at least deal with it Her K9 Cisco was a darling, always by her side I wished he had been used in the investigation McGavern was her partner, loved how in sync they were It was Katie who led the book from beginning to end Her passion and drive were never ending The story also had hope in her personal life weaved into it which gave me an added insight about her I liked her in book 1, I loved her in this book.

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    Her Last Whisper is the second book in the Detective Katie Scott series and is a cross between a thriller and a police procedural Former Afghanistan bomb disposal expert and PTSD sufferer, Katie has just joined a cold case squad and is combing the books for open cases she may be able to solve when she discovers the kidnapping of Amanda Payton Payton managed to escape her twisted captor and so Katie decides to pay her a visit to see what information she can provide despite it being six months later She then learns of Amanda s demise a day later she has been brutally murdered and her body dumped like rubbish Above all, Katie feels extremely guilt ridden as she had only a day earlier promised to protect Amanda, and then another woman goes missing.Although lacking a bit of grit I felt this was a well written, gripping and intense thriller with enough mystery and criminality to keep you turning the pages The plot is full of excitement, suspense and a few shocks along the way, with chapters primarily from Katie s perspective but also some dedicated to the suffering of the last victim and a look inside the warped mind of the killer himself I always enjoy these extra insights as it immerses you in the whole story Ms Chase has done a sterling job of striking the right balance between keeping the outcome concealed and teasing us with some small but intriguing reveals throughout I like protagonist, Katie, and look forward to watching her blossom as the series continues Highly recommended Many thanks to Bookouture for an ARC.

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    Detective Katie Scott is back in charge of the cold case department of the Pine Valley police department She picks her first case to investigate.Six months ago two patrolmen came across a young woman, battered and bruised, claiming to have been kidnapped She was held for several days She doesn t know where..she never saw her assailant, but she does remember what he wanted from her the truth.The truth hurts but the lies kill.The day after she interviews the woman, her body is found by a jogging couple Has the kidnapper come back to finish the job he started Katie finds a pattern of women being taken captive and showing up dead in remote locations She and her partner start following the bodies and hoping that they can solve the case before any victims are taken.Well written, this one has lots of twists, many plausible suspects to take a look at, and looking into backgrounds of all the victims I enjoy her back story, and the blend of professional and personal are seamless, making this a credible read.Many thanks to the author Bookouture Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction police procedural Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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    After reading the first book in this gripping and addictive series Little Girl Sleeping which I awarded five stars I could not wait to start reading this book Katie Scott the main character was a rookie cop She decided to try something different, joined the army and did two tours of Afghanistan working in bomb disposal When she came home she brought her partner Cisco a German shepherd and a war veteran Katie goes back to her old job and was made detective after her first case She now has a new job in charge of cold cases Her first case is an assault, she is just gathering information when the victim is found dead This is a real page turner which had me gripped, sat on the edge of my seat and tapping my kindle faster and faster This read got my heart racing A very devious serial killer who will not be stopped I love this series This author now goes to the top of my reading list when she has a new book out She is that good An easy five stars and so Highly Recommended I would like to thank the author, publisher and Netgalley for the ARC.

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for an advance copy of Her Last Whisper, the second novel to feature Detective Katie Scott of the Pine Valley, California Sheriff Department.Katie has just started as a Cold Case Detective and is looking over the open cases to find one suitable for investigation She finds the sixth month old case of Amanda Payton who was kidnapped and held prisoner until she managed to escape Katie visits Amanda to ask for help but is horrified when Amanda s body is found murdered the next day Then another woman disappears.I thoroughly enjoyed Her Last Whisper which is a tense, exciting read with an interesting plot It is told mainly from Katie s third person perspective but there are glimpses of the latest victim s suffering and the unnamed killer s thoughts and actions These latter are fairly standard and recount a twisted mind and the victim s suffering, leaving the reader to try and guess the motive behind it It s fairly well done but doesn t really interest me as I m all about the investigation and I loved it in this novel It covers a fair amount of ground, seems fairly logical and has enough reveals to keep the reader interested without giving too much away.Katie Scott is a good protagonist She is a smart, instinctual detective who trusts her gut to move the investigation forward in the right direction It s a good plot device to keep the reader interested but it sometimes requires a little swallowing of realism She also suffers from undiagnosed PTSD from her time in the army but the novel doesn t dwell on it although it gives the author the opportunity to emphasise the bonds of friendship she has and the need to count your blessings as life is too short etc a bit touchy feely for me but maybe I m just callous.Her Last Whisper is a good read which I have no hesitation in recommending.

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    What he craves is their truth the unadulterated reality they hid from everyone else Their most personal secret Things are really heating up for Detective Katie Scott as she s just been named as the head of the cold case unit with the Pine Valley Sheriff s Department Her fist day finds her looking through files and getting used to her new office in the basement of the building, close to Forensics She s coming off some rest after her previous missing girls case when her uncle, Sheriff Wayne Scott, gives her the new assignment and she s immediately put into action The first item she notices to work on has to do with a 6 month old report on a possible kidnapping and assault case that was dropped because the witness was uncooperative It surprises her that this is already a cold case but she s completely shocked when Amanda Payton, a 31 year old nurse at First Memorial Hospital is found dead in a vacant lot near Whispering Pines Then another woman claims that she also was abducted and managed to escape but is now a fearful resident at the local psychiatric facility Who is taking these women and why There s a lot going on in this complicated investigation NO SPOILERS.I enjoyed this second in the series as much as the first Katie Scott is a very interesting female character with her history of military service in Afghanistan and her Army K 9 training Her dog, Cisco, is an important member of her team as well as her new partner, Deputy Sean McGaven Her love interest, Chad Ferguson, a firefighter, has been a life long friend Katie, unfortunately, has some issues with PTSD from her time in service and her experiences there She s tough but quite good at her job The narrative moves along with plenty of background information allowing the reader to get to know the character as well as the police procedural details The writing is good and all of Katie s personal and professional relationships enhance the story I can t wait to read the next installment.Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for this e book ARC to read and review.

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    This is a great series and I really enjoyed this book Katie starts her new job looking at cold cases but soon a body is found and she s asked to lead on the case Katie has been to see the victim the day before and feels like she s let her down so does all she can to find the killer Her dog Cisco is part of the story again, and I love that he s part of the investigation too McGaven works alongside Katie and they make a great team working their way though all the leads I really liked how this book built up to a breathtaking conclusion which had me racing through the pages Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.

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    Her Last Whisper by Jennifer ChaseDetective Katie Scott 2Whama woman comes from nowhere and puts herself in front of a police car claiming she escaped from kidnapping that lasted for almost a week Nearly incoherent and fearful the main word that she says, and is mentioned throughout the book, is TRUTH That is the hook but we don t see this woman again till Katie Scott is back on the job after a rest from whatever happened in the first book of the series Katie s first cold case happens to be the kidnapping even though the woman is still alive And there I realized that cold cases are not always murders Katie is working in her uncle s police department, is a war veteran who worked as a K 9 handler in the army and is back on the job as a policeman after her time in the war She has flashbacks and PTSD and is a bit of a mess but manages to hold it together most of the time When she goes to interview Peyton, the kidnapped woman, she finds a woman still fearful for her life and very difficult to talk to When Peyton ends up deadthings heat up There are kidnappings and murders, red herrings here and there, a friend from the army that shows up needing her to help him find someone, a woman that she eventually helps, an old friend Chad that could be if she is willing and of coursefinding out who the serial murder is and the motivation for the murders.I am not sure what I think of Katie I never really got a feel for who she is and what makes her tick I liked her relationship with Cisco, her K 9 dog from the military now retired, but never really saw who she had been before or during the war or what she found important in her life She could be intense on the job and focused but she didn t have friends that I could see For some reason I felt she was guarded and unwilling to put herself out there in situations with people she might be able to be friends with Perhaps the first book had about her or the future books will On the case Katie works with a number of people that will be part of the series and over time become family It seems that she and Chad will be testing the waters for in the next book as he fights fires and she closes cold cases What I liked Not knowing who the killer was right away Cisco great dog The men in Katie s life all seemed nice guys who really cared about herrings Katie s logical mind and the way she pursued the case Nick s part in the book wonder if he and his brother will show up in future books Deputy McGaven seems like a good man Jane Doe s happy endingWhat I did not like The sicko serial killer that s a given Not being able to get a real feel for KatieDid I enjoy this book I think so Would I read in this series Perhapsto see if Katie grows on meThank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC This is my honest review 3 4 Stars

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    WoW.What a brilliant book Her Last Whisper by Jennifer Chase was This is the second book in the Detective Katie Scott series I loved the first book called Little girls Sleeping and this was cracking read as well Detective Katie Scott has finally taking up a new post at the Pine Valley Police Department as a stand alone detective in the new cold cases department Detective Katie Scott returned to her new position after a period of rest and recovery after working as a member of staff who were working on a very distressing case Katie suffers from PTSD and sometimes her job role can bring back all emotions and sadness she would like to forget from her past memory Within this new position she has a chance to investigate old cases that have gone cold and are unsolved within the Pine Valley Police Department and hopefully solve the cases which help loved ones live again after the unexplained death of a loved one Detective Katie Scott starts to investigate a cold case from 6 months ago which involved a kidnapping of a young woman called Amanda Peyton, she is a much loved nurse Amanda was battered and bruised, she had escaped and ran out into the headlights of a passing patrol car She claimed to have just escaped a kidnapping, but with no strong evidence The case went cold and it was closed Katie mets with Amanda and asks her questions on what happen to her 6 months ago and she promises to keep her safe, especially as Amanda does not feel safe She knows he will come and kidnap her again She may not survive this time.Did the Pine Valley police made a fatal mistake However, a day later Detective Katie Scott is called to a murder scene, a couple who were out jogging through the beautiful woodlands of Pine Valley, found the victim of a naked body of a woman She looked like a mannequin than a woman, her long brown hair is slick and wet, her body rigid in the grass Katie recognises her as Amanda Payton, who she was talking to yesterday, this was the woman she promised to protect Who kidnapped and then murdered Amanda Peyton Will Detective Katie Scott catch the killer before they strike again This book has lots of twists and turns throughout and I enjoyed this book throughout I highly recommend Her last whisper it was just brilliant Big Thank you to NetGalley, the author Jennifer Chase and Bookouture publishers for this free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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