Her Viking Wolf (50 Loving States, #3)

Her Viking Wolf (50 Loving States, #3) The Third Steamy Interracial Romance In TheLoving States Series From The Author Of Bestsellers, THE OWNER OF HIS HEART And HER RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE When Chloe Adams Was Four Her Shiftless Shifter Parents Abandoned Her On The Side Of The Road But Now She S A DIY Domestic Goddess, And Engaged To The Hottest Alpha In Colorado That Is Until A Sexy, Time Traveling Viking Werewolf Shows Up To Claim Her As His Fated Mate Wait, What Hold On To Your Seats, Dear Readers, This Book Contains Two Rival Alpha Males, Sizzling Hot Mating, And Nothing Less Than The Adventure Of A Lifetime

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  • Her Viking Wolf (50 Loving States, #3)
  • Theodora Taylor
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  • 22 November 2019

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    Chloe Adams is a wolf shifter who has been adopted by a pack in Colorado and is engaged to the son of current Alpha king However it is incredibly obvious that Chloe simply is not in love with her fiance She constantly describes him as her best friend and often shies away from any physical contact because she feels no passion for him.Part of the mythology of this story and the world build is that these wolf shifters can have fated mates but that mate may not be someone of your own time So wolves from past and presumably future can come through a time portal to find their mate This is what happens to Chloe A wolf from the 12th century named Fenris makes his way through a portal and thanks to a character I liked to call Dr Exposition, we know all about how time traveling fated mates work He is conveniently there to explain it all to Chloe and her grumpy, jealous fiance.Truthfully I thought the book was well written and both Chloe and Fenris were enjoyable, appealing characters that you could easily root for.However much as I liked the writing, I thought there were areas of plotting an some narrative decisions that weren t successful for me For one thing, I think having the PNR werewolf shifter element as well as the time travel element felt like overkill Frankly since neither Chloe nor Fenris ever shifted once during the book, I wondered why they had to be werewolves in the first place I can only think that the fated mates plot point necessitated the characters being wolves and the whole going into heat needing hot sexy sex was also part of that decision But the time travel element with Chloe going back to a time so much primitive than her own was the dominant element of the book and had enough potential to hang all the conflict on Frankly I found the whole werewolf thing of a distraction than something critical to the characters or plotting.I enjoyed the scenes of Chloe adjusting to her time with Fenris And although the author set up the ease of Chloe s transition with making her a blogger who was an expert at DIY in old timey homemaking, crafting, living off the land etc I thought her transition was too easy I wish it had been better established that Chloe had felt out of step with modern times or something so that we could understand why psychologically she felt at home in the 12th century I think the kernel of the idea was there, I just don t think the author brought it home As a result, I thought Chloe s transition was much too easy I would completely FREAK THE FUCK OUT If I was transported back to so many centuries int he past Chloe moped for awhile.And finally my biggest criticism with the book was the constant retelling of the same scene from both the heroine s and the hero s perspective Felt repetitive and added nothing to the scenes.Yes, this review may sound a bit harsh but I did in fact enjoy the read and would still recommend the book.

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    This was a promising sweet story with lots of humor that was a 5 star read for me until I read the epilogue Instead of focusing on Fenris reunion with his family the story segues into a preview of the next book and frankly, I feel cheated.

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    4 stars

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    realisation of what love is and most importantly isn t plus, finding your place, your time, and that being part of your lovereally resonates with me.

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    I absolutely adored Fenris and Chloe Her love of making everything from scratch made her the ideal viking wife This book was the perfect combination of steamy and sweet Quick, addictive read Hard to put down 5 enormous stars

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    I wanted to give this book stars but I didn t get a werewolf vibe from either the hero or heroine Neither of them exhibited any of the usual attributes except for keen scent and hearing Oh and neither of them shifted When provoked the hero always reached for a sword If he s a werewolf you automatically think he s going to sprout some fur I also felt the author took the easy way out on the time travel aspect There was never any real conflict on getting him returned to his time He was conveniently given a spell for a roundtrip journey Although I will say the end time travel by the heroine was clever.There were also too many elements that reminded me of Koko Brown s Frozen in Time which was also an interracial time travel romance with a Viking Like both of the heroines refused to talk with the hero after being slighted And when the heros fail to get the heroine back they seek the advice of a friend or family member who advise them to woo said heroine Even two characters in each book freeze to death in a mountain after losing the love of their life All in all I will say that this book is well written despite the constant retelling of a scene through both the hero and heroines point of view.

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    I feel like I m saying this a lot these days, but this was solid writing just not very clever.Overkill with the dual perspective scenes back and forth They were essentially just repeating what we already got the first go round and didn t add a thing It works when you have one party who is clearly playing his her cards close to the vest and you can t readily ascertain what they are thinking from what the perspective of the narrator In this instance, there was nothing to figure out What we saw was exactly what we got so it was pointless to keep flipping back and forth.One other thing that irritated me was the ending If you re going to HEA something and I m too lazy to do the HTML tags, so SPOILER with a man having to wait a to see his child, you better effin write that scene, write it well and make it worth the wait This one, we get a friggin epilogue with a third party supposedly describing the moment In lackluster detail to boot FOUL FAIL and nothankyou to future installments Which is a shame because honestly the author clearly has talent She just doesn t seem to know what to do with it.

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    This book started off slow but when it got going it was really good I really liked Fenris was a really good male lead I liked how he and Chloe found love together Chole found the family she missed through his family I would have liked to known what happened when they returned when she went back to her time I will be looking for the next book in 2013 I know I will enjoy it also.

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    DNF 32%What in the heck did I just read This book made me Google wolf penis, and once I went down the weird rabbit hole of learning about canine sex I just noped the fuck out It was, however, quite entertaining for the people a was doing a readathon with to hear my exclamations of WHAT THE HELL and then reading certain passages aloud to them I m not super into paranormals, and time travel romance isn t really my jam either There is a lot of good set up in this book, and if you like 1 paranormal shifter romances, 2 time travel romance, and don t shy away from 3 werewolves who somehow have wolf genitalia while in their human form then this romance might be just the thing for you

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    Was excited to read this after reading Her Russian Billionaire This book, however took a bit to get into I just couldn t empathize with the heroine in the beginning She kind of annoyed me even though it wasn t her fault that she was some kind of undersexed happy homemaker Maybe I should have empathized with her because she endured Rafe s kisses, but I couldn t because she was the one who was all gung ho to marry him and she kept convincing Rafe that she loved him Yes, I know she desperately wanted a family but something was missing in her character s introspections actions that prevented me from liking her Technically, I knew all the reasons why I should root for her, but they didn t fully come together When Fenris came into the picture, I felt zero empathy for her I know about the she wolf in heat business but still, the fact that she expected Rafe to somehow understand her betrayal did not endear me to her, nor did her attitude towards Rafe s father or the townspeople yeah they re going to bring you food after you betrayed embarrassed the Alpha prince Chick, they d been waiting on you for 7 years Then she s dumped into Fenris world and her sullen moping and silent treatment just re affirmed my annoyance with her I know she was in a strange place involuntarily, but by that time I was just like, Get over it I didn t hate her but I didn t like her either LOVED Fenris though Yummmyyyy..Anyway, thankfully, Fenris didn t share my opinion of Chloe and started looking for ways to please her and put an end to the silent treatment That part of the book was fun and well done I loved their interaction, loved that she was truly in her element there and that Fenris was so in love with her The family members were a hoot as well So now we re looking at a 3.75 4 ish, especially after the twist that forces Fenris to make a very hard decision.The epilogue, though, killed my euphoria somewhat and kind of ruined the ending It was a little confusing and, really, I couldn t care less about Alisha writing a book about Chloe The villainizing of Rafe was just eh How exactly is he supposed to take the fact that he s loved Chloe all his life, and she turns around and humps someone else when his back is turned Let s not forget that she wasn t attracted to Fenris and would definitely choose Rafe FYI, in the epilogue there is an error Matt addresses Alisha as Chloe Matt lifted his shoulders up and down What did you expect, Chloe His family is one of the richest wolf dynasties in the United States. I think it would have been better to keep the epilogue for Fenris Chloe only and then do a separate preview for the new book Combining the two detracted from Fenris and Chloe s story, especially since the only thing I found interesting in the upcoming book is the mention of the young wolf that s always at the queen s feet, and is afraid of humans.So, it ends up being around a 3.25 3.5ish for me.

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