Hey, Good Looking

Hey, Good Looking Darby Lane And Russell Gunn Had Been Inseparable Friends From Their Early Years In The Horseshoe, Their Wonderful Baton Rouge Neighborhood Of Their Youth But After Graduate School, A Tragic Accident Takes Russ S Life And Darby S World Is Shattered Her Long Journey To Healing Brings Her Closer To Russ S Brother Ben, Whom She Begins To See Through New Eyes Suddenly Love Blooms In The Place Of Grief And Now, With The Help Of The Three Wily And Colorful Aunts Who Raised Her, Darby Faces The Challenge Of Reuniting Ben With His Estranged Father If She And Her Aunts Can Get Through The Conniving Schemes Of Ben S Social Climber Stepmother Bit By Bit, Darby Discovers That Loss Can Build New Life And Love Can Conquer Anything

Fern Michaels isn t a person I m not sure she s an entity either since an entity is something with separate existence Fern Michaels is what I DO Me, Mary Ruth Kuczkir Growing up in Hastings, Pennsylvania, I was called Ruth I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day To this day, family and friends call me Dink, a name my father gave me when I

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 358 pages
  • Hey, Good Looking
  • Fern Michaels
  • English
  • 20 December 2019
  • 9780743477437

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    I ve been dealing with a bit of bad luck in reading books that I truly like, so I thought I d find something I like with my first Fern Michaels book This is at least her 11th book as there are ten other books mentioned as written by her in the book I know she s a popular author and I m expecting something along the lines of Danielle Steel whose books I like when I was reading them years ago and Nora Roberts whose books I ve been reading quite a bit lately and always enjoy I m not expecting great literature just a fun, well written story.Boy, was I wrong the book is just full of nonsense.Darby Lane s best friend in the whole world, Russell Gunn, has just been killed in a tragic car accident Darby was in Scotland at the time of the accident and Russell s evil stepmother had the funeral as fast as she could, so Darby wasn t able to return home to Baton Rouge to attend the funeral.Darby was named the executrix of Russell s estate when they graduated from college ten years earlier and one of the things that she was instructed as part of his final wishes was that he not be an organ donor She was also named as his sole beneficiary Darby is furious that this has happened as are her aunts who essentially raised her and Russell and his brother, Ben, and sister, Mary Ben is upset as well.Russell had been dating a woman, Claire we have no idea how she feels about all this and apparently, Russell did nothing to change his will even though he had purchased a diamond ring and was about to propose marriage to Claire Even better, his dates with Claire were regularly threesomes Russell, Claire and Darby That had to be fun for her Claire is treated well, but despite being the woman Russell was about to marry is just dumped as a character I would expect this person to play a much prominent role in avenging the injustice of his organs being donated And, I would have expected a guy who wrote a will at age 22, to have rewritten the will 10 years later to name his soon to be fianc as at least the beneficiary of his will.Donating Russell s organs has given the evil stepmother, Bella Gunn, what she has wanted for 20 years in Baton Rouge acceptance by the high society women of the town Well, except of course, Darby s three aunts Her husband, Marcus Russell, Ben and Mary s father , is bed ridden after suffering strokes and heart attacks He has 24 hour nurse care and is kept strongly medicated including meds that keep him incoherent most of the time.Ben Gunn, while sad at the loss of his brother, is thrilled at the opportunity to hook up with Darby You see, despite the fact that Darby and Russell spent pretty much every day of their lives seeing each other they both went to the same college and lived a couple blocks from each other , they weren t in love No, Ben, who had minimal interaction with Darby was in love with her Of course, Darby, who spent no time with Ben, was secretly in love with Ben as well Isn t that just stupid Then there are Darby s three aunts Dippy, Divey and Dopey Okay, those aren t their names they re Dodo, Ducky and Diddy Yes, those are the names the aunts use although they aren t the given names They each own a home on the historic Horseshoe in Baton Rouge The two other homes are owned by the Gunn family, but have sat essentially abandoned since Marcus dumped Diddy I think it was Diddy with dumb names it just doesn t matter who s who to married Bella Those homes, although in major disrepair, are intended for Russell and Ben upon their father s death Apparently, the death of Russell is making his house Darby s despite the fact that the owner, Marcus, hasn t died and passed the home onto Russell Mary seems to be left homeless.Tragedy has struck since Bella has gained acceptance by the Rougies the Baton Rouge society women she has been granted a provisional construction license Now, despite the fact that these are historical homes, Bella has a wrecking ball and other construction equipment lined up on the Shoe, ready to accidently knock the homes down The provisional license doesn t allow destruction and she has said she is only doing changes to the interior and that the exteriors will remain the same The three aunts come up with a plan to stop Bella which involves hiring a private detective to find dirt on Bella which no one has been able or bothered to find for 20 years and kidnapping Marcus Gunn It s a really bad plan, too I never thought I d say this about a repeat best selling author, but this book is horrid I cannot believe she got anyone to even publish it And, worse, if this is at all similar to her other books, I can t believe she has a contract to write any books, let alone has made any best seller list.Oh yeah, and there were numerous typos in the book missing closed quotes, etc Bad book, bad editing.

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    Definitely not my favorite by this author Not enough resolution in the end for me and the bad guy woman got away with all the crap she put a family through for decades Not enough believable reasoning behind several of the things that happened or were kept secret for years And the person the story revolved around, Russell, seemed to be forgotten along with the woman in his life.

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    Muy aburrido

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    More of the same..

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    Any time the events of a novel are so close to life it makes me think what would I do I enjoy the characters and story line even Darby and Russell have been best friends for life and now each is graduating from college Russell is excited about his teaching career and hopes Darby gets a class in the same school so her students will one day become his Fifth graders They are packed and ready to return their respective homes in the cul de sac called Shoe, where they can spend their summer with Darby s beloved Aunts the ladies who raised them both Russell, the heir to Gunn industries, requires Darby to make one stop with him before they leave town That stop is to visit a lawyer who has written and video taped Russell s will Russell insists Darby be the executor is and after some persuasion she consents After all each of they have just graduated college who needs a will For that matter what 21 Year old, especially one who was recently examined by a doctor and told he has the heart of an athlete, even thinks about death

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    This book was okay, but hokey The story is well thought out enough, and you dont come to care a little for the characters, but there is no suspense, no build up, and very little that compels the reader to keep giong The main character is reunited with the boy she loved as a child, and within 3 pages, that relatiionship is solidified I don t know if it was one of her first books, but in parts it reads like a junior high creative writing assignment With sentences like little did she know how she would come to regret those words and similar variations thoughout the text, it was a little hard to take it seriously I bought this book at a second hand store, and it was certainly worth the.50 I paid for it, but I wouldn t have been willing to spend much .

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    This is not the first Fern Michaels book I ever read I had already read two others One Sisterhood book, as well as Pretty Woman but this was easily the worst of the three, and apparently from the other reviews, I m not alone in thinking this Some of the characters were funny, but there were several unrealistic perks and twists, as well as a very lackluster and sappy ending Dodo and her son, for example And I was disappointed that Bella got away with what she did and was able to sneak off Overall a very, very disappointing book whether you like Fern Michaels or not.

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    Loved this book I could actually seeing this made into a movie The 3 elderly sisters reminded me of the Baldwin sisters in Walton s Mountain plus one Their Southern Charm was interesting and the book kept me reading.

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    Ok The story was awesome and cute However, the version I had had some annoying Italics issues That Sometimes distracted me from the story

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    Light read Beach reading Nothing really deep or mysterious Like her Sisterhood series better.

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