Highland Kiss (Kiwi Bride, #2)

Highland Kiss (Kiwi Bride, #2) Highland Kiss Is Book Of The Kiwi Bride A New Adult Contemporary Romance Series This Is The Story Of Ruby Williams Chan And Billionaire Alec HastingHighland Kiss Is A New Adult Contemporary Romance With A Scottish, Alpha Male Hero And A Sassy, Virgin Heroine They Are Flawed, Passionate, And Very Relatable To Readers Who Enjoy Sensual Contemporary Romance Ruby Williams Chan Is Ecstatic When The Man Of Her Dream, Brian, Invites Her To His Ancestor S Home On Her Big Overseas Trip Her Plan Of A Romantic Holiday, However, Goes Haywire When A Hunky Scotsman Abducts Her To His Highland Manor Ruby Is Outraged By This Arrogant Brute Who Sets Her Pulse Racing And Is Determined To Escape At All Cost Her Attempts, However, Are Futile, And The Only Option Available Is To Wait For Brian To Rescue Her While She Plays Cat And Mouse With Her CaptorIn Order To Help His Sister, Susan, And Her Ex Fianc , Brian, Get Back Together, Over Protective Brother Alec Hasting Whisks The Woman He Convinced Is Standing In The Way To His Isolated Country Estate Making The Beauty Stay Put And Out Of Trouble, However, Is Harder Than Alec Imagined Worst Of All, He Finds Her Terribly Desirable, Her Sweet Innocence And Strong Spirit Truly Refreshing, And That He S Falling In Love With Her

Alexia is a self confessed hermit whose undying love for books leads her to naively abandon the generous warnings of failure from numerous individuals and dive into the publishing world to claim a spot as an author In the romance realm, she thinks anything goes as long as there s love involved be it contemporary, historical, fantasy, paranormal, or a combination of any of these In the young adul

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  • Highland Kiss (Kiwi Bride, #2)
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  • 01 August 2018

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    Read on Wattpad I found the writing hard to get used to with this one I also couldn t stand the constant cocky attitude from Alec And it REALLY irked me how he still kept pushing even when Ruby was saying no Just because you can eventually seduce her to the point of being on the brink doesn t mean her initial no is invalid There should never be a need for a girl or guy to say no than once before you back off Ruby also wasn t a likeable character for me I get she s supposed to be innocent and naive but she just came across as weak in my eyes.

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    I started it thinking I ll have to add it to my permanent bookcase after reading it But no drama, or humor if there was implied or tears or anything moved me What this book read to me was some sort of excuse for you have money you can do anything Roby read like a stupid preteen, never once realising she lived through kidnapping, imprisonment, abuse verbal and his constant gripping and grabbing and tugging , rape and brainwash He never once tried to get to know her, didn t even know what she did for a livig It left me feeling slightly nauseated and a huge head ache especially because he never felt sorry for what he did, by not telling anyong and demanding the secret be kept, he knew a few years of jail would be a small price to pay The love story read like a sick joke and I m sorry I went past the page 50 or something Sorry too because the author s other book Sakura something was really interesting and I liked it.

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    Honestly i liked the other books by the author not this. i could feel NO chemistry between Alec and Rose I honestly didnt understand why he fell for her I get get he was attracted to her thats it Again i didnt know why Ruby fell for him too This book was way boring for me tbh.

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    ARC kindly provided by Alexia Praks in exchange for an honest review Review

    Highland Kiss is a new adult contemporary romance with a Scottish, alpha male hero and a sassy, virgin heroine It will be New Zealander Ruby Williams Chan s first time abroad and overseas, as well as away from her family and home, and she is going on a vacation across Europe, finally Her first stop is Edinburgh, Scotland and she is ready to visit all its historic wonders whilst residing in Brian s mansion After crossing paths with him back home, the two intend to travel together to see what comes of their attraction and Brian is intent on making Ruby his girlfriend But things don t turn out the way she plans Billionaire Alec Hasting s sister, Susan, is trying to restart a broken relationship with her ex fianc but after finding out he is to bring a woman from overseas home, she fears that her future with the man she loves is not to happen Unperturbed, Susan plans a kidnapping who better to do it than her own brother Yet after arriving at the manor where Alec has secreted away Ruby, the two grow closer and are falling in love despite the circumstances that brought them together Yet Alec is not who he seems he was once her dearly beloved, childhood friend, Alee Yet due to unintentional interference from Susan and ex fiance, Brian, misunderstandings and doubts start to arise between Ruby and Alec, threatening their budding relationship.The setting was lovely due to its location in a large manor surrounded by expansive ground in England and added its own appeal to the novel It created a sense of tranquillity in the otherwise turbulent events of the story which I really liked.The characters were dynamic, full of chemistry and passion The story itself was captivating, warm and fun There were a few flaws to the novel such as the off kilter grammar, some typos and spelling mistakes The story was also really clich , but I personally liked that.It was a fun continuation of the series and the second story of the group of four friends which the series will capture.Congratulations to Alexia Praks on yet another published book

    Rating Plan1 star Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad Idea of the book was against my liking.2 star Didn t like it, didn t find it interesting or gripping Seemed to drag on to me.3 star An average book Wasn t bad or good Everything else was well done Original idea.4 star Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.5 star I LOVED IT I stayed up late until 3 am Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR

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    Almost did not finish reading this book, but keep reading it although most of the time i just skip alot I like the 1st book but this one a big no no for me, i m sorry Did not like how Alec treated Ruby and how stupid Ruby because she didn t realize that she s being kidnapped I hope the next book is better.

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    Honestly, this book made me so mad, that I stopped reading it It really saddened me I had to do that, as I liked the first book Not that the first book didn t have some flaws too, but not as eye catching as this one This book is really silly and unrealistic I mean for christ sake Alec kidnaps Ruby, just so his sister can get back with her ex fiancee, Brian, just so she can be happy again And don t get me startet on how Alec s staff just makes the conclusion that Ruby is suicidal As that is the only reason why Alec would lock her inside a room On top of that Ruby falls in love with him I know this is supposed to be a romance book, but I mean, Why the f k would Ruby fall in love with Alec First of all he freaking kidnapped her and afterwards forces her to have sex with him I just don t get it How can you fall in love with someone like that.So yeah this didn t make much sense to me.The writing is a bit different from other books but when you first get the hang of how it works it s not that hard to read I actually kind of like that writing style as you get point of views from everyone.

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    This was so bad, this might be the only book till yet which I had to leave in middle because I couldn t handle the nonsense of this female lead Seriously, in name of love writer literally just wrote such a BS. I tried really hard to go through the kidnapping in name of such love stories by which time this was going steep ridiculous but when she got the chance to call someone for help and said nothing, that was above the water level.And the dream of her mother when she called home Something representing the male admirer to come in your life.And that s it I am done with this book Not interested Zilch, nope,nada.

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    If I wrote this, I d have Ruby running away and dying a death where she slips and falls down a ravine and drowns in the creek A perfect ending for a character who s TSTL.

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    hai Alexia it s a beautiful story can t wait to read 2 part

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    Stockholm syndrom anyone

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