His Gentle Persuasion (Ciaran OConnor Book 1)

His Gentle Persuasion (Ciaran OConnor Book 1) Rancher Ciaran O Connor Is One Of The Best And Most Successful Equine And Canine Trainers In The Northwest Finding A Date Is Never Hard For Him, But Unearthing A Woman Who Meets All Of His Particular Expectations And Is Not Too Needy Herself Is Challenging He Is Ready To Wait For As Long As It Takes When He Spots Nurse Katherine Franklin And Makes A Horse Trade To Get Better Acquainted With Her Ciaran Soon Finds That, Just Like With His Wild Or Abused Animals, He Must Slowly Work At The Puzzle Of Katie S Past To Find The Jewel Hidden Beneath All That Manipulation It Will Take All The Tools In His Arsenal To Reach His Goal Katie Has A Reputation With The Men In The Community She S Known For Being Hard To Catch And Impossible To Keep, But Ciaran O Connor Makes Her Blood Run Hot He Is Honest, Protective, A Hard Worker, And The Most Gentle Man She Has Ever Known This Rancher Expects The Woman He Loves To Allow Him To Take Care Of Her, Which Includes Her Obedience When He Asks For It And A Red Hot Bottom When She Doesn T Ciaran Doesn T Need Someone Like Katie, Whose Past Screams For Her To Run While Her Heart Begs Her To Stay Can Ciaran Convince Katherine That His Take Charge Lifestyle Is Not Only What She Needs, But Everything She Craves Or Is She Going To Turn Away From The Future She Desires Because Of The Past She Has Endured

USA Today and International best selling author of Contemporary and Historical Romances I m a proud Texan living it up in Alaska s beauty who loves to write both sweet and spicy romances My heroes and heroines can be found in this time or another, modern or historic, professional or not All include a little naughtiness, sternness, seriousness, a taste of suspense and a HEA.I have always loved w

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 79 pages
  • His Gentle Persuasion (Ciaran OConnor Book 1)
  • Alyssa Bailey
  • English
  • 05 May 2019

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    I WANT TO BE WITH YOU NOW AND FOREVERWhat a sweet start to another series of the O Connor family, and a spin off from Liam O Connor Book Series Rancher Ciaran O Connor takes an instant liking to Nurse Katherine Franklin, but he can see that Katie is very skittish around men, reminding him as an abused horse would The plot kept me captivated and I loved the gentleness, and firmness that he shows in dealing with her and some of her issues It takes his confidence and persistence to pull her out of her shell The dialog is open and honest, and it was fun seeing characters from the first series I look forward to seeing this relationship grow, there is great chemistry between them.

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    Good story, although it dodges the question of what happens when a man is in a bad mood or does something stupid Apparently men never make a mistake or never have to pay a penalty for doing that.

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    I am loving this series of O Connor men and sister Kelli This two book sub series is the story of Katie and Ciaran O Connor Katie has been emotionally scarred by a relationship in college where the man was abusive She knew she enjoyed spanking, but picked the wrong man The result made her relationship shy and untrusting of all men Ciaran is attracted to Katie at a rodeo, and after learning of her fears but not the history , starts a campaign of gentling her as you would a horse It is cute how each chapter title is a stage of gentling a horse He works through her fears and by the end, they are engaged.

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    Both book one and two of these series are a great start to another O Connor brother and his life with the woman his finds as his His gentleness and persistence help Katie heal from a terribly abusive previous relationship He is so understanding and yet firm when needed in guiding their life as a couple It was nice to still see characters from the Liam O Connor series and how their lives are still progressing as well I really enjoy Alyssa Bailey s two series These books have been a wonderful way for me to relax and spend some time reading.

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    This was nice introduction to another of the O Conner brothers Despite being a relatively short story it provided enough story to get me hooked back into the series I really liked how a lot of the story paralleled earlier books, but from a different view point.

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