HoneymoonI picked this book up in the resort library because I had forgotten to pack a quality book Yes, I finished it, but that was because I didn t have a lot options A quick, easy read, it left nothing to talk about If you like sex scenes, there are some But it was lacking in mystery, suspensewell, really anything The upside This book will make me remember to pack a book next time So this is the guy, who s top earning author of 2015, dwarfing all his competitors Well now, I m not gonna say that it is bullshit though I cannot confirm or deny that I might or might not be thinking so , but certainly I m gonna be very vocal about not understanding why and how, but mostly, why Yes, this book was a page turner chapters consisting of 2 3 pages, leaving a page empty besides a couple of lines up top than once did not impede that , and yes, it has been quite decent story, but besides that Cardboard characters, lots of unnecessary chit chat which, I guess, served as a filler for those half empty pages and unlikely ending, combined with stupid behavior of those cardboard characters surprise, surprise leaves me unimpressed and in the future I will definitely have doubts about reading anything Patterson wrote Don t get me wrong, this book is not bad, it s just that it is so typical, full of cliches and unoriginal, that it s only good to read if you wish to waste some time Meh, though I sort of liked it anyway. Didn t think I was going to like this much, considering it is for adults and is a crime thriller type thing But I did enjoy it I ve been trying to get out and read a wider range of material and this book was the beginning of that I m excited to see what other wonders I will discover along the way. This stands out as one of the worst books I have ever read Just a taste of the cheesiness within Connor vs Jeffrey They were both so much fun They made her laugh, made her feel special And there was certainly no denying that they were wonderful in bed or wherever else they chose to have sex They were tall, in wonderful shape, handsome as film stars No, actually, they were handsome than the film stars she knew The fact was, Nora loved being with Connor and Jeffrey equally Which made her decision that much harder. Don T Give Away The Ending Don T Give Away The BeginningHow Does It Feel To Be Desired By Every Man And Envied By Every Woman Wonderful This Is The Life Nora Sinclair Has Dreamed About, The Life She S Worked Hard For, The Life She Will Never Give Up She Doesn T Just Attract Men, She Enthralls Them So Why Is FBI Agent John O Hara Interested In Nora Sinclair Mysterious Things Happen To People Around Her, Especially The Men And There Is Something Dangerous About Nora, Something That Lures O Hara At The Same Time That It Fills Him With FearIs Something Dark Hidden In The Gaps Of Her Past As O Hara Spends And Time Getting To Know Her, Is He Pursuing Justice Or His Own Fatal Obsession I liked Nora Sinclair. Like any James Patterson book, it was fast paced and read quickly However, like many of his books, Honeymoon was filled with half baked plot twists, plot developments that were unnecessarily made into twists, and just odd narrative decisions throughout If the book had been straightforward, then I might would ve enjoyed it better Instead, Patterson treats every single event in the book as a soap opera style twist before the commercial I was only waiting for the musical stings at the end of each chapter Instead, I found myself confused about some of the twists and their significance In fact, I m still confused about the point of the subplot about a briefcase and large amount of money that has little to no relevance to the main plot at all In short, this might be the book that gets me to sweat off James Patterson completely A waste of time and effort Don t bother unless you are a James Patterson completionist and I don t know how you can do that to yourself and be a serious reader. Even though the story is still quite entertaining, the characters are very cheesy and credulous How can Nora Sinclair pull it off with her marriage with one man and continue her affair of the other man, or how can she so easily transfer the money of her fianc s account to hers in Cayman Island In the real world, transferring that sum of money of 1.9 billion to a different account registration can never be done online by a few clicks without attaining authentication by phone or paper document How can she free from all the 3 murder charges and one attempt to poison the FBI agent O Hara with all had happened, the story never mentions how she gets away from those charges which I don t know any lawyer can defend her that well The story also never lets us know what is in Nora s mom Olivia s letter which left in Nora s purse what really makes Olivia wants to kill her husband besides she is a lunatic There are just many unanswered details which seems to be not a very well planned writing However, this is only my second book of James Patterson, which still makes me want to listen I love audio books of his books I don t deny there is still plenty of guilty pleasure because I find JP s style of writing the plot is so fast paced and jam packed with twists and turns in any short chapters. Ooops Deleted the review.Audiobook Narrated by Campbell Scott and Hope Davis Good narration, although I don t particularly enjoy female narrators.This book is totally unbelievable and cheesyLOTS cheesy But I enjoyed it anyway, for the second time. Ugh You re always taking a risk with James Patterson Often, his books can be trashy, fast paced fun But Honeymoon, which my edition claims is the Worldwide Thriller of the Year , is an unmitigated bore Thankfully, the 2 to 3 page chapters ensure it can be read quickly and easily otherwise you most likely would put it down and not bother picking it up again The book jacket tells us that John O Hara is an FBI agent on the trail of Nora Sinclair, whose rich spouses or fiances have a habit of dying The thing is, that could almost be considered a spoiler, because O Hara s identity isn t fully clear until almost halfway through the book Indeed, this book s only attempts at plot twists is having an unidentified person turn out to be a person we already know, and all of which are groan inducingly predictable and obvious For example view spoiler The Tourist is actually John O Hara as well OMG The blonde following Nora is actually Elizabeth Brown OMG Susan is actually John s ex wife OMG No way hide spoiler

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