House Report (Kate Carpenter Mysteries)

House Report (Kate Carpenter Mysteries)I think the reason I enjoyed this book so much was because, like the main character, I am a front of house manager at a theatre But, whilst I enjoyed it identified with it, the writing was just ok some sections of the book too coincidental I might try the next one to see if they grow on me. I wasn t overly impressed with this story It was an average story It took quite a bit of work to get through this book as it was written in first person limited, and the main character didn t really know a whole lot of what was actually going on She also took a lot of unnecessary risks I hate it when characters who are supposedly smart do idiotic things I did like the setting, the author did a good job exploring the physical landscape.The eBook had some formatting problems in the page number area Sometimes a page turn would advance the count 1 page, sometimes as many as 7 pages No obvious spelling errors. As The Front Of House Manager Of A Large Theatre Complex In Calgary, Kate Carpenter Is Used To Several Things She Is Used To The Late Nights And The Demanding Customers She Is Used To Improvising When Things Don T Go To Plan And She Is Used To A Quiet Life In Her Perfect Apartment With Her Twin Addictions Of Caffeine And Good Books She Is Not Used To Finding Dead People In Her Theatre, But That All Changes When Kate And Her Young Assistant, Graham, Find A Dead Man In The Theatre S Public Toilets And The Murder Weapon Was A Hammer Belonging To The Theatre Despite Warnings From Virtually Everyone, Kate Is Determined To Investigate The Murder Even When It Leads Her Into Serious Danger She Is Convinced She Can Be Of Use Than The Detective Assigned To The Case, And If The Murderer Is Somebody Connected With The Theatre Then She Is Even Keener To Get Involved Two Brutal Attacks Later And Kate Still Has No Answers, But Will That Be Enough To Persuade Her To Stay Out Of The Investigation I think this was just the sort of book I needed at this time in my life I came up doing a lot of theatre, and still love attending when I can, so the milieu was right up my alley.Kate is a front of house manager for a Canadian theatre company When a dead body is found in one of the bathrooms there, all clues and signs seem to point to her boyfriend, Cam, being the culprit Not content to let the police do their work alone, Kate launches her own investigation.This is a well done cozy sort of mystery, with an entertaining and feisty protagonist who is not without flaws of her own I didn t really see the whodunnit coming which is hard to do with me, because I like mysteries a great deal I felt like I was right in the theatre or the streets of Calgary with Kate, and I enjoyed the story I will definitely check out of this author s work. this was ok, but there was a lot of heavy handed writing re trying to get us to suspect one particular character SPOILER ALERT So I am expected to forgive the love interest who hit his ex wife, just the one time, because she had an abortion The author doesn t come out and say that this was justified violence, but it s implied And we should believe a police officer would tell a woman that a man who broke another woman s jaw is really an ok guy This part of the plot pissed me off a LOT. I liked this book The plot kept you guessing until the end I kept changing my mind on who the bad guy was The use of first person worked well for me and in general, the characters were likeable The description of the scene was great I felt like I was there My only complaint was the depiction of a character who had gotten God It seemed a bit one sided I m not sure if she was depicting a cult or just an average church goer in her description I haven t read this author s other works and so have no idea if that is a consistent idea I appreciate the cleaner nature of the story All together, a good read for one morning. I hate giving one stars to a book that I really wanted to like The story started off really rough I couldn t get the relationship between Kate and Graham I was utterly confused and the whole book took me by surprise I think that it was over written and over played I think it was a overplayed, unedited version of an attempt at a Stephanie Plum mystery I just did not like it The one good thing about this book is that it was FREE There were a couple of prime suspects right up till the end, plus a few possibles, which was good I probably would have rated this higher if the relationship between Kate and Cam hadn t been so negative and untrusting the whole time I wondered how they could even be friends let alone a couple One or two of the other characters also felt like red herrings, and weren t really fleshed out, which was disappointing. This story is about a Front of House Manager at a theater in Canada that decides to investigate a murder that happened during a play so that she can clear her boyfriend who is a suspect in the case I am really glad that this book was free on because I would have been ticked if I had paid for this The story itself had potential but the execution was poor I felt like the main character was written to be similar to Stephanie Plum in the Janet Evonavich books in that Kate the main character is the least likely person to be investigating this murder and is a little flaky with all sorts of bad character traits which come off as humorous and endearing with Stephanie Plum Not so much here She was just annoying The editing wasn t great either Poor sentence structure and repetition Things that I can see in a draft but that should have been cleaned up before being released I finished because I really just wanted to see how the author did it Will I read another No. This was a well constructed story I liked the main character mostly The setting was somewhat unique and lended itself for singer very diverse characterizations and scenes spoiler alert The author was way too heavy handed trying to lead the reader astray Also she mostly.his the killer so the reader would least expect him.

Deborah Nicholson has always loved the arts So much so that they inspired her Kate Carpenter Mystery series, based on her experiences as House Manager at Theatre Calgary She has made numerous appearances on The Breakfast Show, Shaw Television and was a featured performed in The Letters Deborah is a member of Mystery Writers Ink, The Alexandra Writers Society, Crime Writers of Canada, The Albe

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