How The Warrior Claimed (Falling Warriors, #2)

How The Warrior Claimed (Falling Warriors, #2) A sexy warrior solely devoted to one woman Yes please That s exactly what you get with How The Warrior Claimed Tyronian has known Namoriee was his for years At first she was too young, so he patiently waited while guarding over her until she was old enough to be wed Namoriee is a shy and sometimes insecure young woman, but she still has a bit of steel in her spine and is fiercely independent She wants to resist Tyronian, not because of him, but because she feels she s not good enough But how long could anyone really resist a handsome, sweet, warrior Tyronian was such a change of pace from what I typically see in historical romance, he wasn t a womanizer, nor was he an uncaring brute who refused to admit his love He was the complete opposite This man knew who his heart belonged to and did nothing to hide that fact, while still being a strong and powerful warrior That s not to say he didn t force his way to win his lady, he most certainly did, he is a warrior after all There were times when I was a bit frustrated with Namoriee Occasionally her resistance to such a loving man was frustrating I understood her fears, but I also felt at times she was just too closed off to seeing what was right in front of her nose Overall though, I adored this book There was the perfect mix of sweet and heat throughout which kept me glued to the pages. DNF 79%.I tried to finish this but was really turned off by the characters and story The h had a wonderful husband that loved her but she wouldn t accept the relationship Also the h from the first book was still having bad things happen to her It was so sad This series is depressing HE Was The Chief S Cousin Namoriee Knew The Only Way To Protect Herself Against The Blond Haired Gentle Giant Was To Stay Away The Way Her Heart Pounded And Her Insides Fluttered When He Was Near Could Only Lead To DisasterTwo Years Ago He Made A Promise To Her That She Never Thought He Intended To KeepShe Was Wrong SHE Was The Handmaiden Tyronian Wanted Namoriee Even When He Knew He Couldn T Have Her The Need To Possess Her Was So Deep, It Took Every Ounce Of Mental And Physical Strength He Had To Keep The Promise He Made To Her That Stormy NightHe Promised He Would Wait Until She Was OlderHe Promised Her Two YearsBut Now Time S Up Namoriee Wants Nothing To Do With Him But He Has No Plans On Stopping Until She S In His Bed, And He S In Her HeartShe Will Be His ForeverWhether She Likes It Or Not Rate 1.5I didn t like this book, though I remember I loved the first book, in this year I have matured Now, I don t like any reading about a way over dominant man who treats the girl like she s a little girl.I didn t like reading that he kept telling her what to do or with whom she could stay.No thanks.The only thing I liked is that Namoriee became independent throughout the story, but it ends there. How The Warrior Claimed is the second book in the Falling Warriors series by Nicole Ren.Tyronian, cousin to the chief of his tribe has known Namoriee since she was a toddler, and he s known since she was 16 that she would be his woman.Namoriee is just a poor girl, in her mind a girl of no consequence She doesn t believe she is good enough for a man like Tyronian, and I think perhaps she is a little scared of him She says she will never be his He gives her two summers to get used to the idea and to reach her 18th birthday which is when he will claim her whether she likes it or not.Her 18th birthday comes, and Tyronian does indeed claim her for his wife, and what follows is the trials and tribulations that both go through during Tyronian s determination to show Namoriee that although he wants her body, he also wants her heart because she has his.This book is described as a dark historical romance It is indeed a dark romance, but at times I was confused about the time era the book was set in A lot of the character s wording sounded too modern, so much so that I had to remind myself that this was supposed to be set in times of old The names of the characters were so unusual, perhaps too unusual and most just too much to read, so it wasn t long until I shortened them to Ty, Nay, Tor, you get the idea Despite those two small issues, the story was a good one, and although Ty came across as a caveman many times, he also had the heart of an angel He has protected Nay since she was small and he would protect her for the rest of his life He desperately wants her love which makes him much than the caveman he can come across like Will he get her to love him, and to accept his love You will have to read the book to find out.I enjoyed watching Ty and Nay s relationship develop despite the odds The sex scenes between them were erotica at it s finest Sometimes the wording was a bit crass for my liking, and I will admit I didn t like the roughness dealt by Ty at times When Ty was overbearing he really did annoy me, but he always made up for it when he was being the loving partner Nay needed This book wasn t perfect, but it has enough going for it that I still recommend it If you don t mind a dark romance and are happy to read explicit sexual content, then you will enjoy this book Will I carry on reading the rest of the series, I don t think so Not because this was a bad book, but because I like my romances to be light hearted and feel good.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. 5 stars Alpha Hero who knows what he wants. Namoriee is willing to admit she s afraid At times she seems to be a little timid but her past may hold answers as to why Tyronian knows whom he wants to share his life with Xavier seems to be a force to be reckoned with If you want to know his story you will need to check out the first book titled How The Warrior Fell Their world shows that there are men that think they can treat women any way they choose and damn what anyone else thinks I m glad we ve at least gotten somewhat better but in light of recent events we still have a way to go Tyronian is a great champion Xavier s story seems to continue here so you may want to read this series in order so there s no confusion as to what part he plays in this tale.What I loved about this story is that it takes me to a time long ago It s a place where violence is part of the norm doesn t matter if it s against men or women Tyronian seems to be an alpha male but he s patient when it comes to Namoriee He also seems to be very modest not A secondary character named Tristan was a man that I found myself wanting to see of especially since he was kind to her Another secondary character that also seems to be Namoriee s champion is Torrick This is a story that shows Namoriee s steps into womanhood and the man than willing to show her the way The only thing I couldn t figure out is whose story comes next I ll just have to try and be patient So I should have plenty of time to get the first book read so that I can catch up once book three makes an appearance.I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own. Review Rating 5.0 out of 5 stars.This warrior s heart was already claimed all he needed was herI received an Advance Reader Copy for How The Warrior Claimed Falling Warriors Book 2 written by Nicole Ren and voluntarily reviewed this book Tyronian knows exactly who he wants to claim as his wife already, but she is too young yet The honorable side of this fierce warrior had him staking his claim on his Namoriee before all their people to see that the little handmaiden will be his when she reaches her 18th summer Obsessively present throughout most of her life, watching over her from afar, she was never far from his mind As Namoriee nears the age of maturity, Tyronian is impatient and becomes possessive and watchful of her, unable to resist getting a little taste while waiting This warrior also spouts some of the sexiest dirty talk, which completely overwhelms as well as arouses this innocent girl Can she really trust these feelings he stirs up in her, both body and heart, when she was never given the choice to be with him And worse, why would he choose her, a mere slave, when he has his pick of the women and is also a close cousin to the Chief Terrific characters throughout the whole story, including those pivotal to Namoriee s development Engaging storyline, richly detailed with warrior clan politics, hierarchy, culture, and society Thoroughly enjoyed and loved this dark historical romance and cannot wait to read the next story, which I hope will be Tristan s 3.5 starsI have to admit I struggled with this book It wasn t a historical that I was interested in, I think that may have been the downslide for me The hero was way over the top ALPHA IMO and dominate. Fierce tribes and really fierce, brutish love from the warrior men towards their often unwilling brides.I ve waited ages for the second novel from this author, but it was worth it Tyronian and Namoriee are linked by tempestuous passion He marked her to be his since he saw her first when she was young, but his soothing temper allowed him to wait for her to mature before he claimed her fully.If you re into sweet, yet obsessively possessive alpha males, this one covers all checks Check for strength, heroism, utter conviction that his woman will be his even against her inhibitions, fears and insecurities After all, this is a bit of a dark romance set among a viking like tribe that faces bloody enemies and dangers Though for of that, I recommend the first book about Xavier and Leawyn This novel ties really well with the ongoings of the first couple, the chieftain and his bride, who appear here with great and funny repercussions I liked that I could re acquaintance with them Tender yet forceful, this man is a heady combination I really enjoyed this story because it s not as dark as the first one, yet it s still passionate, it tells about the tribes customs, and the relationship between Tyronian and Namoriee deals with trust, free will and love Good read, and I m keen on reading the next one about Tristan

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