How The Warrior Fell (Falling Warriors, #1)

How The Warrior Fell (Falling Warriors, #1) SHE Was The Chief S Daughter In A Small TribeTo Bring An End To An Ancient Feud Between Her Tribe And Another, Leawyn S Hand In Marriage To Chief Xavier Was The Only Way To Ensure PeaceHE Was The Fiercest Warrior Of Them AllPlucked From Everything She S Ever Known, And Bound To A Man She Hates, Leawyn Must Learn To Be Strong Each Passing Day Renews Leawyn S Longing To Escape, But When A New Threat From A Mysterious Foe Puts The Tribes In Jeopardy, Everything Changesincluding Her Feelings For Xavier Bound Between Duty And Honor, Leawyn Must Make The Decision That Could Change Everything Can She Stay And Accept Her New Life, And Her Husband Or Is Xavier S Heart Too Cold For Her To Melt Lines Will Be Broken Blood Will Be ShedWith Love Being Their Biggest Battle Of All, Only Time Will Tell, If It Will Be Enoughto Make Her Warrior Fall

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    The H hits the h, rapes her, and he even brands her with a hot iron, like a cow While I understand that behavior was par for the time, those actions didn t exactly endear me to the H, who was a giant dick and completely unredeemable after what he did.

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    2.5 starsTo my safety gang This contains rape and abuse It is not dub con, it s definitely rape Especially the first times.The writing is good but I did not enjoy the plot As always this comes down to personal preference It s reminiscent of Kristen Ashleys Golden Dynasty Daenerys Drogo but with one huge exception Drogo and Dax kinda redeemed themselves Not as much as I would like but they did something The H here is for me irredeemable and the h is basically a Stockholm Syndrome victim The H acts like a 6 foot something, toddler screaming Mine at anyone that looks at his toy, aka the heroine, and then proceeds to break her And I don t know if I m nitpicking but I don t like modern lingo in my historical books, it kinda takes me out of the period The author does have potential with her writing though and I would like to try her again, just with a different plot Maybe the second book is better

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    HTWF is an incredible story with dark and delicious elements Five star already..dark and delicious Jackpot So first this story is historical Now don t get your britches in a wad.this book is fantastic Although historical, this book has every element of a modern dark romance Xavier is a possessive, jealous, unfeeling, tall, dark, incredibly sexy alpha dude who is the chief of his tribe He s an incredible specimen of a man and doesn t take no for an answer It s his way or the highway Sounds familiar Leawyn, an innocent from a rival tribe, is sacrificed to keep the peace between the tribes through marriage Leawyn and Xavier are like oil and water Initially nothing in common, no feelings for each other except hatred, fear, and duty Xavier in spite of bedding hundreds of women doesn t have a clue how to bed his wife, so he takes what he wants.literally and figuratively Seriously hotness in those scenes He s a brute A caveman What alpha man isn t There isn t ANY room in alpha land for a pansy cream puff And right now Xavier is ruling like the CHIEF he is. swoon So there s war,angst, intrigue, sparks flying, betrayal, backstabbing, secrets, and mayhem Oh yeah and lots of dark sex thank the book gods I mean if Leawyn has to suffer all that she suffers, Xavier can at least swizzle his hips to keep the wifey satiated Oh but Leawyn s a stubborn chit and refuses to acknowledge how she feels in or out of bed So yes the drama is off the charts, the bed play is hotter than a Chippendale show in Vegas, and well the dark elements I mentioned earlierBOOM Like fireworks Don t sleep on this story because its are definitely missing out on some seriously dark goodness

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    Why I read like breathing, but rarely do I bother with reviews Just do my stars, and goodreads shelves, then off to the next adventure But just have say WTF MAN Let s start with pros interesting story enough subterfuge and twists to make me have to finish even when the outcome becameThe cons however are staggering there was no real world building, and only a passing mention of the culture s origins.the tribes aren t really touched on, besides a passing mention of the weak one, the healers and the all mighty warriors.where s the world building but the biggest con for me is the real message of this book The only take away message I got was that if you just put up with your abusive husband hitting you, hurting you, rapping you, and threatening to kill you for long enougheventually he ll realize it s love and all will be well There s no D S consenting here, he brutalizes her for over half the book, but in the end it s love and ok WTF Now, before I get backlash, I m not one to shy away from rough booksbut I expect it to either be the villain or a consenting D S relationship, where its play, when that kind of abuse is heaped on the heroine.NOT the supposed Hero While I have great respect and support for those who write and publish, this book leaves a bad congrats Ms.Rene on your book, well wishes, I will not be looking for in this series.

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    I wish I had known this was a fetish book for the masochist, I seriously tried to get past the rapes and abuse imparted by the hero and pretend she wasn t black and blue and bite marked for most of the book but I gave up when he was about to mark her with a hot iron to make sure everyone knows she belongs to him Of course by then she has started to like his kind of loving even though she s still claiming to hate him So not coming back from that, just like when I accompanied my great auntie to her physical last year, there are things that cannot be unseen, no matter how much you try The warning on blurb says dubious consent which means there is a degree of enjoyment on the physical level if not on the mind but this is not the case at least until over 60% when I stop reading He was still raping her

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    Barbaric Beguilling Staggering Stimulating These are the words that come to mind as I try to gather my thoughts in response to this book It is rare that a novel completely consumes me as this one did and leaves an indelible mark on my soul, and as such, I am at a loss to express everything I want to say about it except it is absolutely amazing Yes, it s harsh, and from many of the low rated reviews, it offends modern feminist sensibilities view spoiler containing rape and physical branding of the h by the H But the rapes were a barbarian claiming his reluctant wife in the relentless manner that was accepted in that time, and the branding was done consensually as he bartered with her and she chose it as a consequence to get something she wanted hide spoiler

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    Xavier was a huge jerk, mean and nasty for the first half of the book I get his a big tough Viking who s never known love, but did it have to take so long for him to realize that he loved Leawyn Then the ending there s a big hole between the last chapter and the two year later epilogue The next book will be good I loved the chemistry between Namoriee and Tyronian was great in this book and I m sure will be off the charts in their s.Must all the names be so weird and hard to pronounce and keep track of.

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    3 and Stars Erotic Bodice Ripper Set in Ancient Sumeria The story is set in ancient Sumer, Mesopotamia no date is given but the author told me it is 3000 BC and that is consistent with the time of the Sumerians This is the story of Leawyn, the daughter of the chief of the Rhoxolani, who, in order to end the feud between their tribes, was forced to marry Xavier, the fierce chief of the Izayges I found this debut novel difficult to rate The concept and the action are both great and the pace fast The story has enough suspense to keep you reading as Xavier fights an unseen enemy However, some things detracted, like the connection between the unseen enemy and the heroine, which comes very late And the love between the hero and heroine, which suddenly appears, again, late in the book Then, too, you have to want to read an erotic bodice ripper lots of bodice ripping and lots of graphic rough sex with an abusive hero Though the scene is not between the hero and heroine, there is also a m nage trois.Xavier is a violent, brutal man who rapes Leawyn on their wedding night and, as far as I could tell, on most nights thereafter Understandably, Leawyn hates him and thinks only of escape Xavier, aware of this, guards her well, for he is all about possession and owning things for reasons I never fully understood When her escape attempt fails, she resigns herself to staying among the Izayges as their Lady Chief.The violence might have been correct for the era, but there were male characters in the story, including those in her family, an old love of hers and Xavier s brother and cousin, who did not engage in gratuitous violence against women Xavier, however, is in a class by himself He thinks of himself as a brilliant strategist and enjoys seeing the cuts, bites and bruises he leaves on his wife s body as signs of his possession Leawyn, on the other hand, thinks of herself as a nice person and, on the odd days she fights Xavier, has no hope of winning.The author indicated this is set in ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia, however there are many references to its being in Samaria and the people are Samarians and Samaritans The name Samaria is derived from the ancient city of Samaria, the capital of the northern Kingdom of Israel Its people were Jews who intermarried with the Assyrians and others in the 8th century BC The ancient Sumerians, on the other hand, lived in the southern part of what is now Iraq many centuries before Sumer was located between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in what the Greeks later called Mesopotamia Because I knew the difference these inaccuracies stopped me.The story could be improved with some editing to correct the historical inaccuracies, the use of modern words and phrases, to add a better sense of the geography and descriptions of their dwellings other than hut I also found troubling the too quick changes in characters point of view sometimes for only a sentence There are also passages where the point of view is so vague I could not tell just whose head I was supposed to be in Still, if none of that bothers you, you might see this as a highly rated book I would understand It s a great first effort and the author is obviously a good storyteller.

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    If you are a fan of The Vikings show or like historical clan based reads this is a book for you Apparently this is the author s debut novel, all I can say is wow and well done I really enjoyed this book.Leawyn is betrothed the leader of another clan, she hasn t met him and doesn t want to marry him.Xavier is to marry a girl called Leawyn, his not bothered but is going through with it his a warrior not a husband.What can I say Xavier is horrible to Leawyn, treats her like property and forces himself on her, leaves her with marks too So how could i possibly like this man I didn t for a long while, everytime I thought he was becoming human and seeing the beautiful gift he had in Leawyn he put his walls up and treated her bad again Leawyn, she gets treated badly by her new husband, but she is strong and sticks around determined she can make a dent in his armour and make him care She even starts to yearn for his rough sex and enjoy it She is a strong characther, she isn t soft and just takes it, she lets him know he has hurt her and I really wanted her to find happinessI did find it difficult to read how badly he treated her, but he showed that he cared in other ways does that mean he should be forgiven difficult He does eventually see his mistakes and its wonderful to see the change, he will always be a warrior though and aggressive when needed or scared for or by the ones he loves.The story has battles, betrayal and strong supportive characthers the book moved at a good pace and I really enjoyed this authors work, I m not even into historical books normally.A recommended read and I will be adding book 2 to my to be read list I received an arc from the author in return for an honest review

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    I don t know quite what to say about this book The writing is excellent, very good story telling BUT I can t say much for the so called hero He was so brutal, raping and bruising etc Not sure how the heroine didn t get killed It s a shame she made the hero such a brute you couldn t possibly find him romantic or nice at all However the heroine was lovely and kind and the other characters were very good The author obviously has talent but did she have to make the hero so bad Still I had to keep turning the pages to find out who was going after them and finished the book Looks like the second one will have a better hero in it.

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