How to Deal with Broken Relationships

How to Deal with Broken Relationships Deciding To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Someone Is Probably One Of The Most Wonderfully Risky Decision That Any Person Can Make After All, That Decision Is Not About Sharing A Plane Ride With Someone Babbling On A Single Trip To Miami, Or Dancing With Someone At A Birthday Party, Whom You May Never See Again It S About Agreeing To Stick With One Man Or One Woman For The Rest Of Your Life And Having To Deal With All Of The Trials And Tribulations That You May Have To Encounter In Order To Keep That Union TogetherWhile Getting Into A Relationship Is Often An Exciting And Thrilling Experience, The Other Side Of It Is Not Because Whether You Like It Or Not, Every Single Relationship Has Issues, And Would Continue To Have Issues No Matter What You As An Individual Or A Couple Would Collectively Try To Do If The Queen Of England In All Her Glory, Wealth And Beauty Suffered Relationship Issues And Struggles With Her Husband Who Else Won T Have Issues If Kardishan Was Given The Most Expensive Diamond Ring You Could Have Given A Woman To Re Enforce That A Man Really Loves Her, And Yet Choose To Cheat On Her Fianc Who Else Can Say Their Relationship Will Be Perfect And If Mrs Clinton Was Lied To, Cheated On, Humiliated And Chastised For Her Husband S Infidelity Who Is To Say That They Would Never Face The Same Experiences The Reality Is That Every Single Relationship Has Issues Or Will Have Issues But Even Though They All Have Issues, No Relationship Can Be Easily Broken Or Suffer The Pains Of Failure Or Separation, If The Union Was Properly Vetted By Both Parties Before They Decide To Be A Couple In The First Place In This Book, Noted Lifestyles Author, Dennis E Adonis Sought To Take Off The Pretended Coating That Counselors Often Feed Up To Couples, And Instead Offer A Realistic Though Pessimistic Approach To Relationship Challenges, And The Practical Way In Which These Challenges Should Be Dealt With

❮Epub❯ ➤ How to Deal with Broken Relationships  ➣ Author Dennis E. Adonis –
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • How to Deal with Broken Relationships
  • Dennis E. Adonis
  • English
  • 05 November 2019
  • 9781492114734

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