花花遊龍Hua Hua You Long Novel In Order To Help Their Chief Find A Wife, The Bandits Kidnapped A Woman From The Bottom Of The Mountain In Order To Offer Her Up To HimThe Chief Of The Mountain Stronghold, Lu Cang Falls In Love At First Sight With The Absolutely Stunning Beauty However, On The Night Of The Consummation Note There S A Manhua Adaptation Here Hua Hua You Long

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 花花遊龍 book, this is one of the most wanted Xing Bao Ni author readers around the world.

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  • 花花遊龍
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  • 10 September 2018

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    4.25 Emperor stars Holy FatherWe need to talkI have a secretThat I can t keepI m not the girl thatYou thought you wantedPlease don t get angryHave faith in meSay I shouldn t be here but I can t give up the dark and tabooIt is dark that I loveI enjoy fluff sometimes But when its dark, I feel my blood boil and the darker the betterIt is the dark I loveIt is dark I love Disclaimer The words are from Sam Smiths song HIM no copyright infringement intended.God bless Yaoi, Manga, Anime, the translator, especially the translator or else I would have missed out on this depravity and the authors who push boundaries to feed our addiction The good, the bad and the damn right ugly all rolled in one summary.Set in ancient China, ruled by the elusive Emperor Jing Zong who kidnaps a bandit, Lu Cang and in his twisted mind turns him into his bride and instead of treating him like one, let s just say Jing is no angel He repeatedly abuses Lu Cang without even learning his name What follows is a filthy journey that is not for the faint heart, I wanted to skin Jing alive but then again, I was intrigued by his wickedness and lack of boundaries One minute he was a saint the next he was Beelzebub Then after all the horror Jing puts Lu through He couldn t help but fall in love And made me fall in love too UGH Stockholm Syndrome and all it s brothers These two deserve each other.Too bad this Manga is unfinished, I would love to read the rest So, If you Survived Father Figure, Mob for Jack 1 and all the other dark Yaois, you can survive this one.I will not talk about the Royal Dog My poor eyes will never unread that Thank you SHIN for the rec.I will just leave this here When I first saw you today in the great hall, I knew in my heart that you re the one destined for me in this life Feeling the sappiness of his words, Lu Cang blushed an even darker shade of red My wife, you re so beautiful Unable to control the desire deeply nested in his heart, he cautiously leaned in to kiss that soft cheek A fragrant breath invaded his senses His heart swayed even wilder My bride, it is late Let us rest As he finished in a quivering, gentle voice, Lu Cang carefully extended a hand over towards that tender beautyBut abruptly, he was seized Huh Pretty good looking Who who are you What re you doing he demanded in alarm, almost in hysterical panic as Xuan Yuan Jing ripped off his clothes layer by layer.Jing smiled Baby, isn t it obvious We re going to consummate our marriage You you Oi, I m a man He was scared to the point couldn t even speak clearly I m a man, too So I think you know very well what I m about to do, right Pfttt The Emperor is a Psycho

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    For the first time in my life, I regret not learning Mandarin diligently when my parents sent me to summer language school every year when I was a child I am not ashamed to admit that despite being half Chinese, I can hardly write my Chinese name let alone speak or read fluently sigh Only if I could go back to the past and tell the young Shin to learn Chinese properly so that she could read Danmei Chinese term for yaoi, boy s love, gay romance in the future Lol, I bet I would have won every competition then Anyhow, since I can t read Chinese, I had to read this novel in fan translated English There is no official translation for this novel and fans did it for free And I don t mean this as an insult since I know how hardworking those fans are but even with an ok translation, this novel fucking blew me away In case you still don t know about my endless quirky kinks and fetishes, I love arsehole MCs who are super dominant and macho And Jing surely is one The novel gripped me from the very first page I mean I do have a thing for Chinese costume imperial dramas because I love all those treacheries, backstabbing, plotting and intricate politics and man, this book is everything First of all, the top is super feminine and ethereally beautiful while the bottom is manly and handsome OMG My underpants are used as a flag now to prove my fangirling Second, while most Danmei novels are subtle and clean, this book is bloody and super erotic I mean how Jing broke Cang by piece by piece and brought him back to life again surely is not for the faint of heart And I loved every single second of it EmperorJing s love for Cang is borderline obsessive and maniac and not healthy at all but damn, it was delicious And call it Stockholm syndrome but I love how Cang came to devote all his love to Jing in the end I didn t want this book to end And I kept thinking how glorious it would be if I could read this book in its original text Anyhow, I adored this book 5 Cang is Jing s destiny stars

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    O.M.G.Dysfunctional is my first thought on this My second thought is why did I like it so much The dynamics of a somewhat naive bandit and an Emperor that seems perfect on the surface, is the basic plot however, this book is not basic, far from it for this little gem if you like your reading pearls black and dark.There were times when I wasn t comfortable with where the author took us, but I have to admire her skills in navigating us around these heart wrenching moments The Emperor may look like an angel, but in reality, he is a sadistic devil in disguise Make no mistake, this is brutal but it is a romance though I can see some disagreeing with that statement Was it Stockholm Syndrome For me, no These two were both highly dysfunctional, how Cang forgave Jing is beyond my simple comprehension, but he did They worked There was disgust from me, anger as well, but the I read, the addictive it became, the anger and disgust turned into something else..This is a direct translation from the Chinese, so some parts are pretty rough, but it didn t stop my reading flow and I kept up well.If you are looking for a romance that is not a romance but is a romance, you ve just found it.Read the warnings though

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    Sadistic lover A devil with the face of an angel A twisted romance of brutal and dysfunctional relationship Be ready for multiple stab wounds on your poor heart This book left a bitter aftertaste Yet I am appreciative of the author s skill at manipulating the fragile human heart I am also grateful for the author s effort to keep the story real So real, it left an indelible mark on my mind To me this meant the author is successful in his her work since their main aim should be to grasp the reader s mind and mold it to their own desired shape A book that is able to control the psyche of its reader is a winner That s how I see it And this book had subjected me to various onslaught of intense emotions of amusement, joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, frustration, anticipation, surprise, expectation and last but not least love Yes, love even though this is a very brutal romance story which I had nearly lost hope of finding a flicker of romance within its pages Some might reject the ideal of romance in this story due to Jing s seme antagonist violent and selfish way of pursuing love and also Lu Cang s uke protagonist seemingly masochist acceptance of abuse from his lover To be fair, I too could not exactly shake off the possibility of Stockholm Syndrome in play as I did find it hard to see how Lu Cang as broken as a battered rag doll could ever find in his heart to forgive Jing s incessant cruelty upon this mind and body Nevertheless how ever twisted their love is, love is still the catalyst of their tragedious joining Sigh such highly dysfunctional relationship this pair has I am still worried for Lu Cang s future even upon finishing the book Afterall, to serve the king is like accompanying a tiger. famous Chinese proverb The version I read was in Chinese Text via TTS text to speech If you are interested, you could try the fan translations in English here Click Me I am not sure how the translation fairs but I do believe the real thing is surely better than a translated copy For the record, I have read the manga adaptation up to volume no 5 and am keen on reading its next installment The artwork is not bad and so far the story sticks with the original novel BOOK DETAILS Title Hua Hua You Long Author Xing Bao Ni Type Novel Genre Chinese M M dark erotic romanceDescription In order to help their chief find a wife, the bandits kidnapped a woman from the bottom of the mountain in order to offer her up to him.The chief of the mountain stronghold, Lu Cang falls in love at first sight with the absolutely stunning beauty However, on the night of the consummationThis review has also been cross posted on READ FAN TRANSLATIONS Hua Hua You Long English Translations Reviewed on October 3rd, 2015 Read via TTS in Cantonese

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    I had to think for a while how to rate thisThis was my second M M book ever, and my first historical M M settled in ancient China I should say historical ish, since none of the characters actually existed and it has a fantasy element as well.The unfinished manga made me read the book.So my review there is a lot of rape, a lot of torture, the emperor is a bloody sadistic maniac How I felt about it HmmWellI loved every second of it, and I m not even sorry Everything is ridiculous in this book, from the Stockholm syndrome to the way Jin goes AWOL from the palace even if he is an emperor and needs to bloody rule the place, to the constant shifts in attitude in the uke Lu Cang from every single sex scene to every single interaction with a side character I don t remember muttering so many times in my life What the f k while reading a book If you came here in search for a decent plot, you have to look elsewhere Let s be serious, the only reason you may want to read this book is to be able to brag you have read HHYL and you have survived with your wits intact If you manage to survive reading this book, then you are a stronger person I would recommend this book to anyone Red wine combined with HHYL makes the story even better.Enjoy

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    I have absolutely no clue as to how to rate this book.I read an English version, translated by multiple people, which did not go well with my reading experience of the story the explanations, within the story, with a bit of banter from a translator threw me completely off I was gripped by the story, but it didn t flow nicely, I didn t connect with the characters, and I had trouble with the names Still it gripped me, I have no clue whyIt wasn t good, but it wasn t bad either, it was confusing.

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    I don t know how to rate this It s like watching a train wreck horrible and gory, but I couldn t stop reading it The so called romance was of abusive, non con, dysfunctional D s relationship I think you have to shift your way of thinking if you want to read and accept this couple.

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    4.5 stars At last the monster came to his knees Jing was downright the most sadistic person in the whole book Some scenes were a little hard to believe but this was kind of different read.

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    DNF A sadistic and deranged Emperor goes AWOL from the palace, encounters a renowned bandit leader, and sexually terrorises him Seriously, wtf Nothing but a series of characterless, gratuitous, violent rape scenes Oh, and some animal harm All in the first 3 chapters Even if the protags magically develop some character after this, I won t be around to find out.

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    As someone wrote before Stockholme syndrome , and worst of all, the author doesn t stick to the characters their values and acts change so much between the chapters its like reading another story, yuucks Didn t bother to finish it.

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