Hungry: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Fat to Thin

Hungry: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Fat to ThinAllen Zadoff Spent Years Reasoning That A Big, Healthy Man Should Have A Big, Healthy Appetite And That His Rapidly Increasing Girth Was No Than A Regular Guy Thing At Pounds, However, It Became Clear That What Had Started As A Little Weight Problem Was Destroying His Life Desperate To Find A New Way Of Living That Would Carry Him Into Thin And Beyond, Zadoff Began To Focus Less On What He Ate, And On The Physical And Emotional Underpinnings Of What He Came To Understand As A Disease The Pounds Melted Away, And So Began The Adventure Of A Lifetime Following Zadoff S Incredible Journey Both Up And Down The Scale, Hungry Blends His Personal Story With Surprising Strategies For Weight Loss Success It Is As Laugh Out Loud Funny As It Is Inspirational I struggle with whether to go with 3 or 4 stars It s a solid 3 1 2 for me.Zadoff tells his story with humor and great candor I appreciate his honesty I ve always felt like I have an unhealthy attitude toward food, and while I don t know that my problem is as severe as his, I learned a lot from his journey and am grateful he shared his story.This is an easy read in one day, although I went a little slower and finished in two. At last, Hungry is an e book It s hard to believe that when it was published only a few years ago, e editions were nowhere near a sure thing I ve updated, edited, and added new sections and made it available in all formats I m happy to be able to share it as an alternate take on the food diet issue for those who might be struggling Rather than review my own book, I ll share this piece from the Los Angeles Times Book Review Los Angeles Times Discoveries THERE S no shortage of books on how to lose weight Hungry is not that sort of book It s about the importance of understanding the emotional sources of hunger, about how much effective that understanding is than any diet could ever be, about the myths we create about our bodies that must be debunked Its gentle, non preachy, funny and forgiving tone is uncommonly appealing I don t know why Devil Dogs were so special to me, muses Allen Zadoff, who began his obsessive eating at 6 and weighed 300 pounds when he was in college, 360 by the time he was 28 At 15, he d wanted to be an actor, but an acting teacher told him that as a heavy person he d be doomed to character roles He embarked on a war, restricting, dieting, exercising, drinking protein powder, counting calories I fought by hating myself, swearing I would never overeat again I fought battle after battle, and I lost every time, until he realized he wouldn t win using willpower His method involved identifying the red foods trigger foods he could not eat just one of yellow foods bread, say , which were comforting in times of stress and green foods grilled chicken, broccoli , which did not inspire obsessive eating The green foods are boring, I know Hungry does not end once he s lost 150 pounds I was thin, he writes, but I didn t know how to be happy Happiness, it turns out, is like a muscle If I don t exercise it, it atrophies. I ve been reading Allen Zadoff s book in this first month of my own journey with weight loss through Weight Watchers Allen s book has been on my radar for some time.Allen was among those first authors that came on board RAW INK Online with this title, FOOD, GIRLS, AND OTHER THINGS I CANNOT HAVE I remember seeing a picture of Allen that didn t seem to connect If I remember correctly, he is wearing a red striped shirt at the beach His hair is curly and he is notably using observation, not perception overweight But if you saw Allen today, you d have a hard time connecting the two people too Today, Allen appears to be the model of health and success with two successful young adult titles, with a new one that just released this fall, SINCE YOU LEFT ME, that is sure to follow in the successes of the first two titles.Allen s first book, HUNGRY LESSONS LEARNED ON THE JOURNEY FROM FAT TO THIN is a like a love letter to the person who also struggles with weight and food issues, but don t expect the typical coddling that might come of a celebrity s exploration of this issue Allen renders his journey in shorter chapters that read like vignette s that seemingly dropped out of the journey of someone named Anyman Social situations, attempts to mask those isolated situations, and earnest attempts to enter into a healthier lifestyle are all explored in Allen s personal journey I want to say about Allen s book, but this is Allen s journey His story If you wish to dive into the book, do so It has been very meaningful for me Many times, I found myself quietly thinking, Yes I ve felt that way too or finding something that Allen shared that made me think, This is how I might also avoid feeling I read this on my Kindle, but I intend to get a physical copy to use as a journal as I continue on my own path HUNGRY is the kind of book you d wish WEIGHT WATCHERS would pick up and offer in the lobby to their members This is not a HOW TO book, but a BE YOU book It comes with Mr Hankins s highest recommendation as a inspiring work that could be shared with young adult readers in the room. My sister convinced me to read this by telling me her favorite line from the book, which I have copied and pasted from her reviewI d like to try the bunny, I said, pretending I hadn t already eaten three or four pieces But how I tried to decide from Zadoff s description whether I was a normal eater or a problem eater I could tell quite easily that I wasn t a compulsive eater Eventually I decided that I was a normal eater who happens to enjoy thinking about food, but who strangely does not often succumb to the cravings she has Food happens to be interesting.My favorite aspect of the book is that it isn t preachy I can think of several people I d love to gently nudge toward this book, but I can t quite think of a tactful way to do so People can be quite defensive about the way they approach food, especially if they happen to have a weight problem and perceive books like these to be didactic Zadoff s no pressure, supportive voice was soothing.I also wondered about one of his anecdotes, where he ate a very healthy meal while out with others, all the while planning the real dinner he was going to order for eating alone later I ve often found it surprising that some of my friends are obese, considering that they appear to eat healthfully when I m with them, and then I attributed their weight to genetics, not to their eating behaviors Somehow it never occurred to me that they might eat one way in front of people and then another way in private Wow It was eye opening to realize that there are people who might go through an entire box of cookies, a whole bag of chips, or a whole container of ice cream in one sitting I just couldn t fathom eating that much.Classifying this book is certainly a problem It s not truly a memoir It s definitely not a diet book, either Yet, it s not quite a self help book What do they call books that are like survivors tales I guess they would call them memoirs, but it just doesn t fit the memoir mold.At any rate, the label doesn t matter Bravo to Mr Zadoff for laying his innermost thoughts out for the world to view.

[KINDLE] ❦ Hungry: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Fat to Thin ➚ Allen Zadoff –
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Hungry: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Fat to Thin
  • Allen Zadoff
  • English
  • 12 September 2019
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