Hurakans Chalice (Talisman Chronicles #3)

Hurakans Chalice (Talisman Chronicles #3) I love action and adventure in the books I read This did not disappoint in those areas The characters are interesting and the storyline intriguing I enjoyed every minute of this great story and highly recommend this book You won t be disappointed. DEMONS EVERYWHEREIt really did seem like Jack and Jeremy found demons at every turn in this book The neat thing, at least for me, was to unexpectedly stumble across some familiar characters from THE JUDAS CHRONICLES, which I loved, even though it s not my normal cup of tea.This book leaves you cliff hanging and I hate that, especially when I don t have the next book to continue on with, but it definitely kept me reading and wondering what would happen next Would evil finally be victorious after all Or could Jeremy and Jack keep going, despite everything they kept going through I can t wait to read the rest of this series. first let me say..THANK YOU AIDEN This book with all of its eloquent words has left me ALMOST speechless I loved how you made us FEEL Jack s emotions kind of an understatement heart pounding raw emotions Love, Love ALL of your books and the places they take me I love Aiden s books I have enjoyed every book in this series immensely and this one is no different even though he was joined with a co author on this one Mike Robinson definitely brought something different to the table but I am a huge fan of the story from the start So as I am going to give my honest opinion I did love it It was a great book Was it better than the first two Absolutely not Was it worse Not at all Was it different In my opinion, yes and no. they had a lot of the same characters in it along with new ones as well as some of their old enemies as well as some new. There was definitely a different feel to it.Jack and Jeremy have went into hiding If you have read books 1 and 2 then you know why I really do not like to hand out spoilers lol Jack is finding peace and love while Jeremy is restless Jeremy takes it upon himself to leave and soon after Jack leaves to find him Jack soon finds out after a bit of trouble and a dream about Genovene that Jeremy, who also had a similar dream, has found love himself and a bit of trouble.Jack leaves for a bit to go and see the Essenes and when he comes back he sees that all is not well and Jeremy lands them in a big heap of trouble It will take someone s sacrifice to get them out of this trouble.Again It is a very different feel to the book but it does not lessen the enjoyment of the book at all It just brings in something new and makes me curious about an new author I would definitely recommend reading this book and I definitely look forward to seeing what is next In This, The Long Awaited Third Installment Of The Bestselling Talisman Chronicles, Three Years Have Passed Since The Kenney Brothers, Jack And Jeremy, Fled America Wanted For A Series Of Murders They Didn T Commit, Mexico S White Sand Beaches Provide A Haven Steeped In Pleasure Until Boredom Sets InStricken First By The Need For Wanderlust, Jeremy Ventures Across South America In Hopes Of Reaching The Ancient Castle Of The Essenes, Who Saved His And Jack S Lives InBut To Get There Means Moving Through Largely Uncharted Jungles Haunted By Violent Drug Cartels And Ruled By A Bloodthirsty Colombian God, Hurakan When Jeremy Doesn T Return As Promised, Jack Searches For His Brother In The Peruvian Wilderness His Journey Becomes Increasingly Surreal, Entering The Realm Of The Enigmatic Yitari, A Tribe Of Interdimensional Beings Long At War With Hurakan And His Father S Demons, The Brothers Play Key Roles In The Balance Of Power Between These Two Entities Another Chapter In The Brothers Journey To Learn The Truth Of Their Shared Destiny, They Must Decide If A Previous Essene Prophecy Is Worth Pursuing Or, Is It Better To Let Sleeping Dogs Lie And Enjoy Cameril S Pristine Beauty And Peaceful Way Of Life The Decision Is Laden With Perilous Consequences, Regardless Of The Choice

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  • Hurakans Chalice (Talisman Chronicles #3)
  • Aiden James
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  • 02 January 2017

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