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I Am Morgan le FayI read this when I was younger and it was my absolute favorite book I read it again for book clubs Nostalgiathon and it didn t disappoint I will always love this book Although his many duties as the Duke of Cornwall often kept him away from home, young Morgan loved her father And when the six year old witnessed a man leaving her mother s chamber, a man that looked just like her father but was nothing like him, she knew something was wrong For her father was dead killed by the king Uther Pendragon, who then steals Morgan s mother away Bitter with anger and resentment, the little girl awakens something magical within her a power that can be used for good or evil For five years Morgan and her sister Morgause are cared for by their childhood nurse, Ongwynn, and during that time, Morgan s hatred for the king and for her half brother Arthur steadily grows When the king dies, Morgan dares to hope that her life will go back to the way it used to be but instead, she and her sister are forced to flee to Ongwynn s isolated home There, Morgan s power steadily grows but so does her hatred Morgan knows she has a dark fate she is doomed to fulfill and although she fights it, her struggles are in vain This was a powerful retelling of a legend, as seen through the eyes of a young woman who fights to control her future, even though she knows deep inside she is doomed to failure A sympathetic look at an often vilified character and the events that made her the person she ultimately became. Morgan Le Fay A woman of mystery, of evil, of legend Who was she What made her turn evil and bring down her half brother Arthur This book tells the why s of Morgan s life.Ok so first off I picked this book up because I just finished watching BBC Merlin and I wanted to hear a different take on Morgana s story.At first I couldn t really get into this book and I almost put it down several times for it was slow at the beginning About the fourth chapter into it though it really started grabbing my interest and I couldn t put it down until I read the last gripping paragraph I found myself really relating to Morgan and sympathizing with her for turning evil I know I usually like the bad guys girls in the stories Cough Loki anyone I hated Morgan s mother and sister, they where positively horrible each in their own ways and frankly I was rooting for them to die the whole book Thomas was icky I thought, Morgan could have done way mucho better.Overall I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who loves the Arthurian legends as I do. Morgan was born into a world where women have little power, where men make all of the decisions, where a son is valued highly above a daughter But there is a power reserved for the women alone It is the power of the Fay, the Faerie When Morgan learns to harness that magical power for herself, she changes history, for she is the half sister of the legendary King Arthur She is Morgan le Fay, and her power will bring down Camelot.The legend of King Arthur is a timeless tale that has been explored by many different authors Traditional tellings of the story are very focused on the male characters, and the women are often either evil or spineless In recent years, books such as the Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and the Guinevere Trilogy by Rosalind Miles have retold the stories from the female point of view, with strong, powerful female characters Nancy Springer chooses to focus on Morgan le Fay as a child and young adult, ending the story before she encounters King Arthur and brings down Camelot Morgan is classically seen as a villain in the mythology, but Springer s take on the tale is that of a good if misguided girl who lets the allure of power lead her astray.While the Arthurian legend will often appeal to young adults of both genders, this particular telling of the story is geared toward young women The novel is told exclusively from Morgan s point of view, which will likely appeal to young adult readers However, because of this perspective, and because the book ends before the major events of the Arthurian legend, a reader who is not already familiar with the story may have difficulty comprehending the plot I recommend that this book be used in tandem with atraditional telling of the story of Camelot so that the reader can fill in the blanks for him or herself.Also, while Morgan s narration of the story mostly rings true, there are passages where the language is too modern to be believable for the time period in question However, these passages are rare by and large the book is very well written.Springer s I am Morgan le Fay and its companion I am Mordred take a sympathetic look at two of the villains in the Arthurian legends They offer an interesting counterpoint to the traditional tales, and would be an excellent addition to a unit on the legends of Camelot. This Book was amazing I had always heard about Morgan Le Fay,since i love stories about Camelot, King Arthur, and just Arthurian legend in general, but i had never gotten this much of a look Even though it is fiction, it almost makes you feel like the real Morgan Le Fay is telling the story, it has many of the same emotions in it that you would expect someone to have with what happens to her My favorite part is when she is in Avalon as a little girl, and she sees the rest of the fates and then meets Merlin Merlin ends up commenting on her druid stone, and offering her a place with him and the baby Arthur This was an amazing story and I think anyone who likes fantasy books should read it, although it is a bit of an easy read I recomend it to everyone who is interested at least a little in King Arthur as it shows insight into the personality of one of his biggest enemies This book will have anyone siding with Morgan, and resenting Arthur because of all the strong emotions shown It was an amazing book over all. I am Morgan le Fay, and I will never die I hover on the wind, and fate falls out of each slow beat of my wings That is what my name means Morgan the fate, Morgan the magical, Morgan who must be feared Ever since I became interested in Arthurian legends, I ve been fascinated with the character of Morgan le Fay I know that in many retellings and sources she s portrayed as a villain or bad character, the one who is involved in Arthur s doom, so I naturally steer towards stories which show her differently and that was the reason why I bought I Am Morgan le Fay by Nancy Springer It sat on my bookshelf for quite few years, waiting until I ll be in the right mood for it, and I m so so glad that I finally picked it up, because I absolutely loved it I ll try to put my thoughts in some order, but I m sorry if it will sound as too rambly.Before I started the story, I read the information about the author on the back cover and that was already when I new that I m going to love this book She explained that she was always intrigued by the hidden truth and in case of Morgan and Mordred she wanted to unveil what hid behind their villain facades that so many writers like to show them as As the title suggests I Am Morgan le Fay focuses on the life of Morgan, the daughter of Igraine and Gorlois and her growing up from a little girl to an adult and a woman from the legends All that happens in this book is set before the big events from Arthuriana, before Arthur became the king, before the knights and Mordred came into the whole image Those characters are actually barely even mentioned and I loved that Even though the book is only 228 pages long, it holds so much substance and managed to tell such a full and rich story, I was in awe after I finished It s told from Morgan s point of view and it was amazing to witness her growing from a little girl to a grown up woman It also allowed the author to develop her character fully and make her very much ambiguous She s no longer a two dimensional villain who only wants Arthur dead, here she s a living breathing woman, who s life events made her the way she became and we see a very well done reasoning behind her future actions and decisions.What I also loved was how the author subtly touched upon other issues, such as the matter of beauty and the way woman and men were perceived back then I found it that some of the truths she told can be very much vaild even today and loved the use of symbolism there e.g the games of chess described the reality of the importance of women compared to men I particurarly liked these quotesI did not mind that Daddy did not call me beautiful, because it took nothing to be beautiful, and I knew he liked my mischief better It didn t matter now what power the queen had The game was over when the king went down I really admired Morgan as a character She wasn t perfect, had her flaws and a personality that didn t fit the current standards for girls women but she decided not to change for other people Her story was both amazing and heartbreaking Another thing that surprised me in a good way was how much fantasy elements there was in the story Usually when I read Arthuriana retellings, there werealong the lines of mythic fiction or magical realism, with mostly historical fiction, but here fantasy played a important part There was a lot of fantastic, interesting characters in Avalon and I loved how this place and the whole system of magic was described It was creative and different for such retelling, at least for me Additonally, I loved the elements from Celtic mythology and the way Morgan s character became connected to The Morrigan Finally, I want to say that Nancy Springer s writing was very beautiful and almost lyrical at times She was able to create a good and believable voice of a child, young girl and grown woman All her characters were well developed and I loved the beautiful descriptions of the setting.This was my very first book by Nancy Springer, and I m pretty sure that it won t be my last, as I particularly want to read I Am Mordred, which is a companion novel to I Am Morgan le Fay I m truly happy that I finally picked this book up and found a gem that I m sure I will re read many times in the years to come, and I would definitely recommend it to all of you that like these genres Findreviews on my blog.Forbookish content, check out my Tumblr and Instagram I read this back in 6th Grade Loved it to pieces And having recently found it lying in an extremely dark corner under my bed a couple of days ago, I decided to crawl into bed and re read it I still love it to pieces I d always thought the Arthurian Legend was fascinating, but I d never really liked the guy Neither did I have much interest in his best friend Sir Lancelot or his lover, Guinevere On the contrary, I liked Arthur s half sister, Morgan And Mordred And while I m ranting on with the M names, I ll put in Merlin too This is written from a villian s perspective If you didn t already know the Camelot story, you d probably never would have believed that Morgan was truly the evil one At least, that s how I felt the entire time I was reading it Nancy Springer s sharp narration and re creation of a magical tale left me breathless but it probably hadto do with the heartbraking ending that aroused a few tears Gah Why did it have to conclude that way Narrated by Morgan, Springer s plot tells the well known legend of Arthur from a feminine perspective.A novel with a similar theme Mist of Avalon A very nice addition to the body of works featuring a female centric, pagan influenced take on the Arthurian mythos It s not as complex as The Mists of Avalon which it is clearly influenced by , but it shares some of the same themes.Here, we see events from Morgan s point of view, as she grows up in tune with old magics, and discovers a stone that enhances her powers Hurt by the traumatic events that shake her family, she is often blind to her own faults but she is also not unsympathetic.The events told here largely deal with Morgan le Fay s youth, her growing up, her first love, and the forces that formed her character and led her to, later, do the things her legend tells of.The flavor of the story reminded me a bit of King Arthur s Daughter, by Vera Chapman. Morgan Is A Willful, Mischievous Girl With Mismatched Eyes Of Emerald And Violet A Girl Of Magic, Whose Childhood Ends When King Uther Pendragon Murders Her Father And Steals Away Her Mother Then Pendragon Dies And, In A Warring Country With No One To Claim The Throne, There Are Many Who Want Morgan Dead But Morgan Has Power, And Magic She Is Able To Change The Course Of History, To Become Other, To Determine Her Own Fate And, Thus The Fate Of Britain She Will Become Morgan Le Fay Springer Wields Language Like A Sword, And Both Blood And Flowers Spring To These Pages In Vivid Hues Booklist, Starred Review

BIO NANCY SPRINGER Nancy Springer has passed the fifty book milestone, having written that many novels for adults, young adults and children, in genres including mythic fantasy, contemporary fiction, magical realism, horror, and mystery although she did not realize she wrote mystery until she won the Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America two years in succession DARK

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