I Am Nine

I Am Nine As People Across The World Die From Some Incurable Disease, Naomi A Five Year Old Girl Who Lives In England Is Torn From Her Parents Naomi Finds Herself Alone, Growing Up On A Ship With Strangers As She Journeys Across The Sea Into A New And Very Different Future On The American Coast A Future Where A Pack Of Great Vicious Dogs As Well As Cannibals Roam The Land I am Nine is a dystopian novel written with little dialogue and narrated solely from the POV of Naomi, a young girl born into a typical family but who grows up under circumstances her parents never envisioned.In a world ravaged by an unknown disease, five year old Naomi is set afloat on a cruise ship with a few hundred other survivors after her family becomes inflected The ships have fifteen years of supplies in hopes the disease will die and the land can be repopulated When Naomi is fifteen, she and two boys are sent ashore to assess the situation, but Naomi becomes separated from the other two during an attack by man eating dogs She is rescued by a young man who calls himself Nine The rest of Naomi s journey to adulthood is filled with danger, hardship, love and grief Her life is constantly at risk from the wild dogs, a tribe of cannibals or simple starvation This engrossing story will make you laugh or cry, sometimes both, but it will never bore you A highly recommended read. I AM NINE takes place in the distant future Very much alone with people having died from a disease, orphaned and very young Naomi is on a ship with strangers on their way to the American coast Or is it, with cannibals and vicious dog like beasts Will Naomi find strength as a leader in this cruel place I m a fan of a great story with a rapid pace, done superbly by Diane Major. When I started reading I am Nine by Diane Major I assumed the story was about a 9 year old girl surviving a zombie apocalypse This incredible book is so muchthan that The pace never lets up as the author starts with 5 year old Naomi leading a normal family life until a virus kills off most of the world s population Through Naomi s eyes we are taken on her terrifying journey as she and her family race against time to find a ship that will take them away from death But the authorities only allow Naomi to leave Poor miserable Naomi is left on a passenger liner with the rest of the healthy survivors and sent to a destination unknown.Diane Major uses a first person narrative with very little dialogue to great effect She describes Naomi s new life with such love and precision that this reader felt every emotion full on We are taken on a journey that takes all of Naomi s childhood and dumps it into the ocean She has to grow up fast, real fast The older she gets thedangers she faces until the ultimate test draws near food is running out a shore party must search for provisions Naomi and teenage boys set foot on land for the first time in a decade, but they are attacked by vicious devil dogs Naomi is left behind.From this point the story develops into a perfect survival of the fittest as Naomi meets Nine, another survivor and together they create their own life, forever hunted by packs of devil dogs, cannibals, starvation We are deluged with breathless scenes of action, heart wrenching moments of anguish and brief intervals of joy and love This amazing adventure as it all and I recommend I am Nine to all readers of YA and older.A brilliant FIVE STAR action packed survival course Highly recommended I loved this book I am Nine is a dystopian novel, written in a simple, almost child like voice, with very little dialogue It is fast paced and compelling Unlike most kindle books I ve read, I can honestly say I didn t skim a single word I was spellbound throughout, waiting to find out what would happen next as the young narrator, Naomi went from a happy, ordinary family life, to a post apocalyptic world containing ferocious dogs and vicious cannibals This is a great read, and I highly recommend it and look forward to readingbooks by this author. A well spun tale about human survival following a cataclysmic infection that nearly destroys the human race The story is brilliantly told from the viewpoint of Naomi, in her infancy at the time We follow her as the uninfected people put to the safety of the seas, biding their time before returning to land and we are also party to her development as she matures into a woman and discovers love as well as tragedy through meeting the masked eponymous survivor, Nine The remaining humans have to relearn basic skills of hunting and self protection in their battle against rabid wild dogs and cannibalistic humans I was kept on the edge of my seat Is there hope for the human race or will it end in disaster and primitive regression Check it out It ll be worth it. What a fantastic action packed piece of fiction TheI read of this great book, theI loved it.This is not a story about author, Diane Major when she was nine At first, I thought it was going to be about zombies Once Naomi was aboard ship, I quickly realized it wasn t Naomi s battle to stay alive is amazing.A must read and I think that once you ve read it, you ll want to readabout Naomi.Rebecca Scarberry Scarberryfields on Twitter

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  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • I Am Nine
  • Diane Major
  • English
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9781467880879

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