I Can Make You Hot!

I Can Make You Hot! Kelly Killoren Bensimon Has Done It All When It Comes To Nutrition And Her Body Eaten Too Little As A Model, Gobbled Too Much Of The Wrong Things In Her Twenties, And Fed Her Body Just Right But Not Quite Satisfyingly When She Was Pregnant On The Eve Of Turning , Kelly Knew She Had To Figure It Out Fast How And What To Eat To Keep Her Body Beautiful An Enthusiastic Outdoorswoman And Involved Mom, Kelly Discovered That Eating Really Eating Is The Key I Can Make You Hotcollects The Diet And Nutrition Secrets She Researched And Tested And Still Uses Herself, Including How To Train Yourself To Never Never Skip A Meal Load Up On Food, Real Food Not Bars, Powders, Or Fake Stuff Kelly S Day Diet For Maximum Power At Your Peak Energy Draining Times Don T Be Afraid Of A Giant Carb Y Lunch How To Lose To Pounds Fast But Smart How To Satisfy Your Cravings Without Sabotaging A Strong, Healthy Body Why You Should Learn To Love Foods You Ve Been Brainwashed Into Fearing Such As Dairy And Eggs I Can Make You Hottakes You All The Way To A Lean, Strong, Realistic Body With Recipes For Kelly S Favorite Dishes, From Thai Chicken Noodle Salad To Mom S Irish Soda Bread To Kelly Green Salad And Pineapple Fried Rice And Don T Forget The Tipsy Gummi Martini And The Book Is Loaded With Bonus Hot Tips , From Why Jeans In A Smaller Size Make You Look Thinner Really To The Spicy Foods That Are Instant Metabolism Boosters I Can Make You Hotis Like Rooming With A Supermodel And Going On A Diet Together Kelly Wants You To BeHOT

Kelly Killoren Bensimon is a model, jewelry designer, former editor of Elle Accessories, and the author of In the Spirit of the Hamptons I II, American Style, The Bikini Book, and I Can Make You Hot An avid equestrian, Killeen Bensimon lives in New York City with her two teenage daughters A Dangerous Age is her first novel.

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • I Can Make You Hot!
  • Kelly Killoren Bensimon
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9781250005564

10 thoughts on “I Can Make You Hot!

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    She may mean well, but this book wasdumb No celebrity books for me for a little while.

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    A book chock full of contradictionswant a HOT bod Try my gummi martini No, kellybensimon, no This book is chock full of lies and and empty promises.

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    Although I am skimming through passages in this book, I did agree with this line Happy is ALWAYS better than skinny She is a supermodel sharing her diet but sadly I am not familiar with her and appears to me on the skinny side But she definitely looks healthy I purchased this book from Dollar Tree, so no losses but decided to review and read Unsure if I will try her recipes offered but I do like shrimp and tuna a recipe of both in the book.I may share this read with someone else.It has some necessary tools that has been mentioned in most nutrition related reads, nice photos, recipes offered to try, and the writing itself was like reading a journal and sense of humor didn t make me crack a smile But there were some tips or passages that I could relate to and liked 1.75 starsLeisure read for DIET DIE with a T, from the author.

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    Another health book by a rabbit food eater She looks haggard in most of the book, and her answers to everything is excerise 20 minutes a day, eat rabbit food, and exude HOTNESS She admits that most of it is genetics, and has nothing really interesting to contribute, except to tout her experiences with Calvin Klein and the likes.She came off as a brat who has too much attention and not enough brains She certainly didn t warrant a book deal Skip this it brings nothing new to the table, and isn t even about a person whose character is outstanding and worth coming to know.

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    This book has a lot of good advice for anyone who wants to start being healthier and making life changes It gives advice on exercise and food and the proper ways to get healthier food in your life This book makes good points that are easy for people to follow so if you re just starting out this book would help you learn healthier versions of food and simple but effective exercises that you could do The recipes in this book all seem interesting and I even marked a few of them to try I always loved healthy eating and enjoy fruits and vegetables Overall this book isn t a bad book to read.

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    She pretty much says everything you already know The book isn t that bad though, I actually thought she made some good points and it was a little entertaining Overall, this is a book that didn t really need to be written.

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    couldn t even finish this waste of ink on paperhorrific

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    Horrible Awful is this deluded chick serious Chew your food extra times WOW this is the stuff of Pulitzer Prizes

  9. says:

    Terrible book by an even terrible authorbut the recommendation to do squats in stilettos made me chuckle Silly models

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