I'll Always Be Your Friend

I'll Always Be Your FriendReally great and detailed pictures and a solid not very original though plot. The art is GORGEOUS The story s good too, I just thought the climax wasn t quite punchy enough. Here s a book that can be judged by its cover, a beautifully rendered baby fox with its mother in the background The little fox and his mother play games all day long Adults will see the games as training for the hunting the littlle fox will do when he grows up, but children will see it as running games, sneak up and pounce games, and jump over my shadow games As the sun begins to set, Mother Fox tells the little fox that it s time to get ready for the night The little fox is having so much fun with their games that he rebels at the thought of stopping and tells his mother, I m not going to be your friend againever But left on his own, the little fox realizes that he needs his mother for than games he needs her in order to feel secure A lovely story with gorgeous illustrations to highlight the bond between mother and child. McBratney deals with a fox getting angry with his mother and saying I m not your friend anyAnd I m not going to be your friend againever A simple, sweet story of how a fox cub realizes that he still loves his mother even though he was angry with her, and that she will always be his friend. A beautifully illustrated book about a mother fox and her kit and the bond they share between them. Picked this up as soon as I spotted Kim Lewis and the fox on the cover what a combination The story is sweet, but the illustrations are something else A gorgeous read aloud for a bedtime story and one to treasure for the beautiful pictures. The setting takes place in the field In the story there was a little fox and his mother He wanted his mother to play because in the story his mother didn t want to play because it was getting dark But when he saw his mother again So he rushed, hopped and held his mother soft fur tight Then they became friends before they slept the night.The theme was love because when the little fox saw his mother again he was so excited and happy so that action shows love. A sweet fox and his mom are playing When mam says it is time to go in for the night little fox gets fresh and tells mom he wont be her friend As night approaches, little fox isn t so sure he can do without mom after all Patient mom settles fox in for the night. ReallyLiked it A Mother S Friendship Never Ends When Mother Fox Says It S Time To Stop Playing And Go Home, Her Little Fox Says, I M Not Your Friend Any, And Scampers Off But As Daylight Fades And Dark Shadows Loom, The Little One Starts To Have Second ThoughtsWith His Usual Keen Eye For The Emotions Of Young Children, Sam McBratney Perfectly Captures The Trust Between A Child Testing Out His Independence And His Mother, Who Reassures Him, I Ll Always Be Your Friend

The Northern Ireland native started writing children s books when he was a teacher in his thirties, with the aim of helping out students who had trouble reading But he continued writing for a personal reason the act of imagining simply makes me feel good, he says The fifty seventh book of Sam McBratney s career, and his first book with Candlewick Press, was the much loved GUESS HOW MUCH

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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • I'll Always Be Your Friend
  • Sam McBratney
  • English
  • 11 February 2017
  • 9780060555481

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