In Bed with a Highlander

In Bed with a HighlanderMaya Banks Beguiling New Trilogy Features Three Unforgettable Brothers Risking Everything To Save Their Clan And Their Legacy And To Surrender Their Hearts To LoveEwan McCabe, The Eldest, Is A Warrior Determined To Vanquish His Enemy Now, With The Time Ripe For Battle, His Men Are Ready And Ewan Is Poised To Take Back What Is His Until A Blue Eyed, Raven Haired Temptress Is Thrust Upon Him Mairin May Be The Salvation Of Ewan S Clan, But For A Man Who Dreams Only Of Revenge, Matters Of The Heart Are Strange Territory To ConquerThe Illegitimate Daughter Of The King, Mairin Possesses Prized Property That Has Made Her A Pawn And Wary Of Love Her Worst Fears Are Realized When She Is Rescued From Peril Only To Be Forced Into Marriage By Her Charismatic And Commanding Savior, Ewan McCabe But Her Attraction To Her Ruggedly Powerful New Husband Makes Her Crave His Surprisingly Tender Touch Her Body Comes Alive Under His Sensual Mastery And As War Draws Near, Mairin S Strength, Spirit, And Passion Challenge Ewan To Conquer His Demons And Embrace A Love That Means Than Revenge And Land

Maya Banks is the 1 New York Times, 1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.

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    9 14 16 This is an AWESOME series and this one is on sale for 1.99 So, for any of my friends that had this on their TBR, I would grab it while it lasts One of my favorite Highlander romance series.

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    4 to 4 1 2 SHINING STARS I m going to make this review short and to the point ILOVEDTHISBOOK This story was fantastic The writing was superb and the plot marvelously creative The characters were multi layered, endearing, and wonderfully human Unlike some of Banks s other books, the sex scenes were tastefully written and only moderately graphic I love when authors include delightfully written children within the plot, and I found myself eagerly looking forward to the interactions between eight year old Crispen and Mairin, the heroine Those endearing scenes became some of my favorites I can not end this review without giving BIG kudos to Maya Banks Typically, her main characters actually communicate and work together as a team A quality sadly lacking in many romance novels It was refreshing to read Why did I wait so long to read one of Maya Banks s historical romances That s a good questionthey re simply fabulous.

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    When she was his wife, he d take great delight in advising her of her duty to him and, most important, her obligation to obey him without question.Sigh What a disappointment I was so eager to read this book because I adored ADORED Banks Montgomerys and Armstrongs trilogy, Never Seduce a Scot and Highlander Most Wanted I loved Banks kind, honorable, compassionate, and patient heroes So I dived into In Bed With A Highlander expecting a real treat.Instead I got stuff like this Misogynistic views, such as She said nothing the entire time she was with you Let nothing slip Think, Alaric She had to have said something It simply isn t a woman s nature to be silent for prolonged periods of time And There ll be plenty of time to see her face Besides, tis not the face you need to concern yourself with Tis the rest Really This is our hero Are you serious And I m not talking about early in the book, okay, in case you are thinking, Oh, he just needs to be reformed No That second quote is from the 62% mark By that time, even an asshole hero should know better.We also have a complete obsession on the hero s part in re the heroine s obedience and I m NOT talking about in bed You WILL obey me and I am your laird, and you will obey me as everyone else here obeys me Is that understood and When I issue a summons, I expect you to heed it, he said I expect nay, I DEMAND obedience I won t accept defiance from you Ew, really Ugh He also likes shutting her up, mostly by kissing her but sometimes with hand gagging When she would have opened her mouth to dispute his assertion, he shocked her by clamping his hand over her mouth You will be silent and allow me to finish Unless you are enjoying a sexual game which they were NOT , you just do not treat another person like this and disrespect them in that way It s wrong The fact that he just wants his wife to shut up all the time and has no desire to listen to what she wants to tell him is bad enough, hand gagging her is atrocious I can t forgive this.Then there s all this possessive crap Lord, but she was sweet Nay, bedding her would be no hardship at all The image of her swollen with his child flickered through his mind, and he found himself very pleased with the image Very pleased indeed.Ew, ew, ew He was hard and aching Want was fierce within him There was nothing to prevent him from charging across the room, yanking her from the tub and laying her on the bed She was his to take From the moment she d set foot on his lands, she was his Whether she wanted him or not.Okay, two things One peeping Toms are disgusting Not only is what you are doing watching her bathe without her knowledge or permission dishonorable, but it is very creepy, skeevy, and revolting No one likes a peeping Tom.Two Really All women who set foot on your land are your property to do with what you wish Really And you re the laird of the clan I can t believe anyone would let you lead if that is your attitude You don t sound like a very good leader You re just okay with raping someone Really You think raping people is your right I can t even with this.Mairin is a virgin and he deflowers hate that term her in the most brutal way Keep in mind that she was badly beaten two or three days earlier I mean he just rips her wedding gown to shreds and plows into her It takes two minutes and there was zero kissing, foreplay, anything Ugh Could you be disgusting I don t think so He leaves her bleeding and sobbing on the bed Do you expect me to forgive him for this shit NO I never forgave him He didn t even feel guilty or bad about it He finally starts caring that he might have hurt her or done the wrong thing when she starts sleeping with his 6 year old son in her bed to keep him away from her at night He confronts her about it and she says, Tis truth you ve no skill at loving Tis a well known fact that a man is either skilled in matters of loving or matters of war Tis obvious that fighting is your skill Ewan winced The little wench was shredding his manhood His cock positively withered under her criticism.THAT S when he decides that kissing and foreplay and good sex is worth his time, because he has to prove his manhood and he s insulted that she thinks he s bad in bed Not, you know, because he should be loving and affectionate to his wife and care about whether she s enjoying herself or not Good gravy, I can t BELIEVE that this guy is supposed to be the hero He s a cretin.Is this book bad Well, it s bad for ME I hate bossy, demanding, possessive, ruthless heroes I HATE THEM I know they are super popular right now, though, labeled as alpha and many readers swoon over them So If reading my quotes in this review and my status updates makes you excited instead of making you want to vomit go for it It s well written for a romance book and Banks certainly knows how to make a book exciting and pull on your heartstrings I think she was kind of going for a Julie Garwood type of thing in this book ditzy heroine who is cute and feisty, but like a kitten and domineering hero who wants a slave, not a wife You know the type of book Not dissing Garwood she was my first romance novel ever If this kind of thing floats your boat go for it Banks is not a bad romance writer.If, however, you like men who are patient and merciful and into things like kissing, I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Banks other books, Highlander Most Wanted and Never Seduce a Scot They are sweet, charming, and heartrending Skip this drivel and go for the good stuff ONE REAL STAR, ONE ROMANCE STARP.S If you want to know what the actual plot is, Tessa Dare made THE CUTEST book trailer for this book using Barbies and My Little Ponies See it here to KarenF for letting me know about this

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    4 1 2 stars In Bed with a Highlander was a great surprise I really enjoyed reading this sweet and sexy Highland romance.Mairin has spent years at a nunnery because she is the illegitimate daughter of the former King of Scotland and has a generous dowry that would tempt men to force her into marriage She is abducted from the nunnery by bad men loyal to Duncan Cameron, who tries to get her to marry him then beats her when she refuses to say her vows Along the trip to Cameron lands, her kidnappers find a young boy who she takes under her wing She escapes the Cameron holding along with young Crispin McCabe, who she helped to save from Cameron The boy s family finds them, as they were out looking for the missing Crispin, and bring them to McCabe land where Mairin meets the intimidating Laird, Ewan McCabe who is the father of Crispin.Ewan McCabe is intrigued by the beautiful Mairin, who refuses to give her name or any information But Ewan is a smart stubborn man and eventually figures out who she is He proposes that she marry him because he is able to keep her safe from men like Cameron and can offer her a home and family In return his clan will get her badly needed dowry So their marriage starts out as a convenience but these two quickly start having deeper feelings for each other Ewan enjoys his new wife s happy personality, though her impulsiveness gives him some heartburn Mairin loves finally having a home, while Ewan s protective but caring actions help her fall for him.This was a really enjoyable romance The tone really reminded me of Julie Garwood s The Secret, Ransom and Honor s Splendour, so if you are a fan of those I highly recommend it I like the fact that there were no big misunderstandings or hurtful behavior, just a good love story about two people who appreciate each other The story was really good, it really held my attention I love that the heroine was a nice person, but she also would stand up for herself Ewan was a good alpha hero who learned that it was okay to show softer feeling for his beloved wife I loved seeing the progression of their feelings as they slowly fell for each other The ending was really sweet, but I wanted an epilogue The younger two McCabe brothers will be having their own stories soon and I am excited for them For those afraid of this book because it s by Maya Banks, I would say it s nothing like her romantica books The steam level is normal for mass market paperback but still nice I like her writing much better in this and the KGI books than her romantica, so give it a shot even if you don t like those.Highly recommended if you enjoy a good medieval Scottish romance

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    a really entertaining read,though the end for me felt sudden and quick can someone tell me what happened to the bad guys cause i felt really like they didn t answer what happened to them.

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    Here are the things that happened to our heroine in this story Multiple kidnappingsBeat up Shot with an arrowPoisonedPunched in the faceBackhanded a couple of timesStabbed She s the original Bad Luck Brian.This story was really eventful, obviously It was also cute and funny.Mairin finds herself married to Ewan after another man had tried to force her into marrying him She s got one hell of a dowry It brings all the boys to the yard hasn t worked for me Stupid old curdled milkshake Ewan is happy that Mairin will marry him because he just knows that she will stop being so willful and disobedient She will finally respect his complete authority as ruler of the land When she was his wife, he d take great delight in advising her of her duty to him and, most important, her obligation to obey him without question God has such a great sense of humor Mairin tries to be a good wife She even tries to make excuses for her new husband s apparent lack of sexual skills Tis a well known fact that a man is either skilled in matters of loving or matters of war Tis obvious that fighting is your skill That donkey should be wearing a helmet He could get hurt Mairin cracked me up throughout the book She is so clueless from spending most of her life in a nunnery that her attempts at being a good wife are hilarious She is also fiercely protective of the women and children She pretty much starts a women s revolution I have to approve of that And, she s so bloodthirsty that I want to have lunch with her.After she completely decimates a guy who was threatening her and her husband is asking her what punishment he should give the guy I think he should be fed to a pack of wild wolves Perhaps tied between two trees and left to bleed to attract predators Or we could simply drag him behind a horse for a few miles she asked hopefully. Aww, kids say the cutest things There was a lot going on in this book, which I liked Never a boring moment I also really liked all of the side characters and am looking forward to their stories I am especially looking forward to the third book because the grumpy brother and the girl who is a warrior and kicked ass in this one are going to be featured It should be a fun series.

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    I m in the mood for a Sexy Laird in a Kilt Ewan McCabeLaird McCabe s son is missing and he s ready to go to war in order to get him back Only when he finds his son, he s with a bruised and battered woman When he discovers that she is the illegitimate heir of the King, he knows me must marry her to secure the future of his clan His gaze narrowed and she could see his hands twitching again like he d love nothing than to throttle her She was beginning to think it was an affliction of his Did he go around wanting to choke the life out of everyone or was she special in that regard Mairin Marin has spent her entire life in hiding If any Laird were to discover that she is the illegitimate heir of the King s, they might force her to marry them in order to steal her dowery She has just escaped the clutches of one man, only to find herself in the arms of another that wants to marry her What are the two of you whispering about Alaric demanded irritably If I wanted you to know, I d have spoken louder, she said calmly. I usually love a smart mouthed heroine, and Marin is beautiful, sassy, and confrontational But she is also too stupid to live She s constantly butting her head in where it doesn t belong and acting like she is in charge of shit when she doesn t even know what s going on She s openly disrespectful of her husband, but it s because he is openly disrespectful of her too.Thank goodness the last 25% gets better as the couple finds love, and begins to treat each other with respect and devotion But I wanted to throttle them both during the middle of the book It made for great angst, which I am Not a fan of.This was a joy to read and it had all the elements I loved A kidnapped damsel in distress, a sexy Laird with an attitude, and a couple that marries before they fall in love Oh, and the villain was a complete Dick I hated him I highly recommend this to all of my friends that love historical romances about highlanders You will not be disappointed I also look forward to reading of this series.

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    2.5 starsIn Bed with a Highlander had that B movie sort of feel to it my opinionIt wasn t bad It just wasn t superduperamazing, either I m not really sure I have any real complaints, but it kinda left me with a bland taste in my mouth when I closed the book And maybe that s because I like my romances to have a little humor in them I saw this one, and was hoping for a good Men In Kilts romance to sorta tide me over till I found my Next Big Read shrugsAnd it wasn t awful I read it in a few days, and didn t hate it So There s that.Plus, you should check out some of the other reviewers who adored this one Just because it wasn t totally my cuppa, doesn t mean it won t be yours.I will say that I liked the secondary characters enough to snatch up the next book in the series Onward Pssst This is one of my favorite Kilt Romances When a Scot Ties the Knot

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    I guess I m in the minority on this one Lots of my GoodReads friends that I am so often in synch with loved this one I couldn t get past a couple of things Still, I m willing to give this author another try I ve just requested the next book in the series from the library instead of purchasing it this time Lost interest at a crucial point and had to force myself to go back to it Really needed the I in the title for a challenge Never a good thing So, consider that, and take my review with a grain of salt.Why I didn t like it view spoiler 1 Ewan didn t seem all that interested in Mairin, or even hot for her, until he found out about her dowry He also didn t deduce her identity by any intellectual reasoning, but b c a rude maid invaded Mairin s privacy and told him 2 Did not like the deflowering scene Ugh Not why I picked up this book 3 I ve just been re reading some of Julie Garwood s books this last year, mostly by audiobook, and this one seems instead of a flattering retelling a blatant rip off with a bit of a modern touch to it all.4 The whole giving up the virgin blooded bed sheet to the enemy Not conceivable in that time as they practically filed them with the church along with the marriage documents.5 Last, but not least, I love a great escape scene, and this was denied me Poof They re out of there hide spoiler

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    A Fun, Romantic, Sexy Tale In Bed with a Highlander is the first book in the McCabe Trilogy, a sexy, romantic, fun historical romance written by the very talented Maya Banks I thoroughly enjoyed this story with its twists and turns, wonderful characters, sweet romance and the steamy sex that Ms Banks writes so well.The StoryThe story opens with Mairin Stewart being kidnapped from the nunnery she d spent most of her life hiding away in The illegitimate daughter of the king, Mairin is heiress to strategic, prized land, and the man who marries her will make his Clan a force to be reckoned with, a power unlike any other Duncan Cameron is determined to be that man.Laird Ewan McCabe, a widower, has spent years rebuilding his Clan after an attack that almost wiped them out He wants nothing than blood revenge against Duncan, the bastard who killed his father along with most of his Clan When Ewan s young son, Crispen, goes missing, he sends out his brothers and his warriors to find him What they find, however, is Crispen in the care of a bruised and bloodied but feisty, strong willed woman, a woman who might just be the salvation of the Clan, and the answer to all of Ewan s problems if he can just open his heart and let her in.The Audio The narrator for this book, Kirsten Potter, has a lovely, rich, clear voice I enjoyed her Scottish accent and the emotion and humor she gives to the characters and brings to the story Her flow and pacing is well done and I m very impressed with how wonderfully she gives men, women, and children, unique and distinctive voices The Bottom LineWhile I wish there had been Scottish brogue and period dialog used in the story, I truly enjoyed In Bed with a Highlander Whether you read the book or listen to it, it s fast paced, witty, sensual and poignant, and with Ms Potter s narration, an absolutely engaging, entertaining read I m looking forward to returning Highlands to spend time with those amazing McCabes

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