In Fidelity

In Fidelity Hot On The Trail Of Her Much Talked About Debut, Lip Service, MJ Rose Once Again Explores The Dark Corners Of The Human Psyche In A Riveting And Erotic Tale Of Love, Lustand Betrayal Although Everyone Thinks She S Being Paranoid, Psychotherapist Jordan Sloan Knows Better Haunted By The Long Ago Murder Of Her Father, She Learns That His Killer Has Been Paroled And She Instantly Fears His Revenge Only She Knows The Dark Secret Of Her Relationship With Mallory And The Depth Of Her Deception In Providing The Testimony That Put Him Away She Sees Him In Shadows, In Mirrors, In Photographs Her Teenage Daughter Takes In The Park Still Suffering The Bruises Of Her Husband S Betrayal, Jordan Grapples With Ambiguous Emotions Even As She Is Drawn Again To Her Estranged Spouse Clinging Desperately To The Hard Earned Stability Of Her Life, She Maneuvers Through The Meshwork Of Love S Fragile Bonds, Layers Of Longing, And The Chaos That Is Human Relationships All The While, A Mysterious New Patient Seems Intent On Contributing To Jordan S Unraveling For As She Struggles To Prove That Her Fear Of Mallory Is Justified, She Also Wrestles With How It Might Feel To Finally Forgive Robert S Infidelity MJ Rose Has Crafted A Rare And Evocative New Novel Of Spellbinding Energy, As A Woman Come To Terms With Her Own Life Assuming She Will Continue To Enjoy The Luxury Of Living It

New York Times Bestseller, M.J Rose grew up in New York City mostly in the labyrinthine galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, the dark tunnels and lush gardens of Central Park and reading her mother s favorite books before she was allowed She believes mystery and magic are all around us but we are too often too busy to notice books that exaggerate mystery and magic draw attention to it and re

❮BOOKS❯ ✸ In Fidelity  ✮ Author M.J. Rose –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • In Fidelity
  • M.J. Rose
  • English
  • 04 May 2019
  • 9780743406451

10 thoughts on “In Fidelity

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    This book was cluttered in terms of events and emotions There were too many things going on between Jordan and Robert s broken marriage with infidelity , Dan Mallory and his murder, Lilly and Cooper and Zen, Lilly s relationship to her parents and her naivety, Adrienne Blessing and her entanglements and those are just the main plots They are competing and clashing rather than entwined and then Chloe has to have her thing with Max too It is almost as if the author is scared that one of the plots will be boring so she adds too many in like too many spices or too many colours So there was that, but it wasn t the main thing I disliked.I disliked the compulsory heterosexuality of the book women loving women gets mentioned and dismissed but that is not what I mean There are sex scenes A lot of them which some people would enjoy and they are relatively graphic but quite well written for a sex scene I suppose and each one is different from the last so for someone who really appreciates a sex scene I don t it s got that going for it I guess But than this the characters, are constantly talking and thinking obsessively about sex and the sex is pretty phallocentric Men have a selfish, entitled attitude to casual sex even though they are able to act generous to win someone back Women seem to want nothing than to please, gratify and be noticed by men.I guess 2001 when the book was published was at the beginning of the whole uncritical sex positive thing where we were meant to reclaim it as our right to want to be f% ed by men somehow I couldn t quite summon up the enthusiasm or even if we are lesbians to give ourselves permission to objectify other women in the name of being liberated to enjoy sex So in that context I guess this book would have made sense.But I found Robert controlling, I lost count of how many times in the book he silences Jordan don t talk leave the thinking to me don t say anything you always talk too much especially when she is trying to express or understand her own feelings don t be sad, not now Then there was the selfish and spoilt Lilly whose feelings Jordan kept tiptoeing around just this once again and again and who needs to learn a LOT about boundaries or she ll be drawn into a similar emotional doormat role to her mother who seems to respond to the emotions of Robert and Lilly than to herself Jordan s mum was puzzlingly absent until right at the end.There is no way to talk about Adrienne without spoilers but be prepared for misogynistic cliches also is this just an excuse for the author to talk a lot about penises.All in all, if you like sex scenes from a passively domineering renaissance man and a successful neoliberal subject laced with middle class femininity with a side of other neoliberal femininities and phalluses then enjoy this one It does have some reasonable writing and delivers on the covers promise of love however tainted , desire however cliched and betrayal in so many ways all of the in spades.For me it is going to be now for something completely different

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    I really loved the voice of the character I could feel the emotion behind her sentiments for her grandmother and her conflicted love for her husband The daughter I wanted to smack I pray my daughter is not that obnoxious and holier than thouI sort of figured the husbands accident was an accident And that Mallory was somewhere lurking All that hype and he was just around for a couple pages I gave this four stars only because I wished there had been closure on her fathers jewelry and that crazy skirts had some sort of repercussion for her actions And the ending did feel rushed with Mallory But overall I enjoyed the writing so much I plan to check out another book from this author.

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    Omg this book is so good I finally found an adult novel that keeps me focused The writing was beautiful and the story was beyond interesting to the point where I refused to put it down I honestly didn t eat much because cooking required me taking a pause I m now curious on what other type of novels the author has written 5 Stars

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    3.5 stars

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    A while back I read The Book of Lost Fragrances and while looking for something to read a few weeks ago, came across these older books that M.J Rose had written.It took me a bit to get into this book, but once I was hooked, I couldn t put it down As is characteristic of her writing, it is sensual, it is seductive, it is so descriptive that you can see, smell, and taste everything in it.It does have a happily ever after ending, but the twists and turns that get you there are worth it.My favorite quote, found towards the end of the book, summarizes the theme of the whole story If you accept that nothing is perfect and are willing to forgive, if you look at the people around you and recognize them for who they are and for the gifts they have to offer and not damn them for who they cannot be or what they cannot give, if you acknowledge that we are all perfect and imperfect, then you really can live happily ever after.

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    Now s the time to click on In Fidelity, so you have time to relish this and Sheet Music while waiting for Halo Effect I love a book where I can sympathize with the characters pains, glory in their pleasures, and feel just a little bit quicker on the uptake Excellant suspense Unlike many books featuring a woman in peril, this one does not feel like a made for TV movie Readers who grew up on Nancy Drew mysteries and moved on to the suspense of Daphne Du Maurier will recognize a familiar form presented in a format to appeal to literate readers.And, if that isn t enough, M J Rose is the Most Sensual Author in the World I can smell, taste, feel, and hear what s written Every scene is vivid and engrossing Reading should always be this pleasurable Nummy.

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    Honestly.I m not sure how this book got such positive reviews There were a ton of grammatical errors throughout the text The story itself was a bit dry and it wasn t a page turner to say the least I give it 3 stars because the plot wasn t horrendous Minus two stars because of the writing and overall lack of excitement.

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    This book is so good, well written, it s about a woman who learn how to deal with his husband s affair and a guy who killed his father is out of the jail She s suspecting that murderer is stalking him So, basically the book is about how the woman deal with her life, with teenager daughter who has boyfriend and is obsessed with Zen stuff Very interesting, not any dull parts in this book.

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    so far book is very good, the main character is a psychotherapist and the story is being told from her perspective, so we will see hard to put down

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    Riveting Love her writing style.

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