Ink, Red, Dead (Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft Mystery, #3)

Ink, Red, Dead (Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft Mystery, #3) A good mystery, interesting characters and lots of drama in the relationships I enjoyed this book very much Kiki is still struggling to make ends meet There are bad feelings between the people working at the Craft store and one of the customers falls into harms way The police are working on a cold case involving missing women and Kiki is once again forced to spend time with the married Detective Detweiler The story moves quickly and I couldn t put it down. I m still enjoying this series about a scrap booking single mother trying to survive and keep her daughter happy In this one she stumbles on a nasty situation when she turns up to help host a crop at one of the store s clients houses and finds the woman unconscious in an overheated house full of cats and newspapers When she calls 911 the police turn up along with the ambulance, and discover a body in the woman s freezer If you can get past the police being unnaturally willing to share clues with her, it s a pretty good mystery, and the personal story of Kiki and her family is keeping me interested in this series. Things Go From Bad To Worse When Ace Scrapbooker Kiki Lowenstein Visits A Customer S Home, And Discovers She S A Cat Hoarder Not Only Is The Place Swarming With Felines, But There Is A Corpse In The Freezer Kiki Refuses To Believe That The Scrapbooker Was Involved With Her Neighbor S Murder, And Now Her Biggest Problem Is Who Dunnit I an not even sure why I liked Ink, Red, Dead, so much but I really did I think it is because the main character seemed so real and she had good sense, she got irritated at irritating things, she loved her daughter and was willing to work with her mother, she didn t always act the way she thought she should that is real life I know that I am rooting for her and for Detweiler I enjoyed all of the characters who seem to belongs to the series, once Miss Something got her business together It is a small thing, but I appreciated that people who seem tight for money were not taking vacations as one who has had to live on a tight budget it really bugs me to see characters that I otherwise like acting so irresponsible I life to be able to respect my characters as I do Kiki, and mine they do become. I do like the Kiki character, even though she sometimes seems to let people walk all over her She bides her time and adjusts her sails I also really like the developing romance with Detweiler, despite the fact that he s a married man I know in time Kiki will find her way.This story had some interesting elements It introduced us to a hoarder and gave a good idea of how hard it is to clean up a house that s been filled with a hoarder s stash and also a large number of cats I could kind of see where this story was going, and I didn t like the part I knew was coming So I gave this one only three stars It was a little grisly for me I think I m ready for a break from Kiki. Ink Red Dead a Kiki Lowenstein mystery By Joanna Campbell SlanThis was a delightful story featuring a heroine well known to all of us in today s mysteries single woman either never married, recently divorced or widowed, sometimes with a child, sometimes without , who manages to get herself into amazing situations without even trying Still, Slan s character is likeable and manages to separate herself from the crowd of current day heroines Kiki Lowenstein is a widow with a young daughter, who lives in Richmond Heights, just outside of St Louis She is struggling to make ends meet, to rebuild her life, and to provide for her daughter In this, the third in the series, Kiki is working at Time In A Bottle, a scrapbooking store in which she has a small, minority ownership share She also picks up extra cash working for her friend Mert s cleaning business In this book, she gets to do both The daughter of the Time In A Bottle majority owners has dropped out of college, and her parents make her store manager Against, Kiki s advice, she sets up in home scrapbooking parties, which Kiki and her co worker, Clancy, run in clients homes When they arrive to help set up for one such party, they discover the homeowner, although living in an upscale neighborhood, has allowed her house and grounds to deteriorate It s hot, and a trip around the house turns up no information as to why the homeowner isn t answering her doorbell When Kiki finally gets the front door open, the smell is overpowering cats are everywhere Kiki braves the unbelievable mess and smell inside the house and finds the homeowner in her bedroom, near death Kiki calls 911 After the paramedics, police and animal control have finished their work, Kiki joins her friend Mert s cleaning crew to reclaim this home from years of neglect It seems a pretty cut and dry case of hoarding, until they find the body in the freezer So, was this a case of the crazy cat lady becoming overwhelmed by her own problem Or did someone else attempt to silence her and frame her for murder Slan s writing style is enjoyable The story is told in first person, from Kiki s POV Her characters are fully fleshed out and you either like them or dislike them immediately The situations are believable things you could see happening in real life Her prose is well done with wonderful turns of phrase and lots of humor The early part of the story features a couple of well defined flashbacks You know like you expect to see on a TV show that starts with an event and then this flashes on the screen 6 hours earlier Her chapters don t all have headings, but when they do, they tend to relate to the timeline, giving the reader information on where, from the original scene, the action is taking place For instance, the first chapter position 41 on my Kindle heading is Mid August LaDue, Missouri, Early Thursday morning Other chapter headings are Chapter 2, 80 on the Kndle One hour earlier , Chapter 18 886 on my Kindle Late evening after discovering the mess at Marla s, and Chapter 19 894 Friday one day after discovering the mess at Marla s I d not seen this type of chapter heading before, but I found it neither particularly helpful nor distracting, just mildly interesting It was certainly a quick read I started the book on Oct 26th and finished it Sunday night, Oct 27th I think I read somewhere that this was a novella but then I also read somewhere that this was the first book in the series, but according to the author, it s the third book in a 9 book series It looks like it might have been written in either 2008 or 9, but revised this year 2013 I m holding out on believing that it s been revised and the reasons for that will come later I want to stress again that I enjoyed this read I found the writer s style to be interesting and fun I found the characterizations to be nicely done I liked the way the author moved the plot forward and how the action kept me engaged I would have liked to have given it 4, maybe even 5 stars.I also loved the extras at the end of the book Kiki Lowenstein s Craft Projects, Kiki Lowenstein s Best Pet Album ideas, Kiki Lowenstein s Fun, Cheap and Fast Album Idea, Kiki Lowenstein s Ideas for using Zentangle Inspired Designs, Marla Husovsky s Frito Pie Casserole, Candi Bise s Lemor Curd Cupcake recipe, Rebekkah s Pumpkin Cookies, great fun And on the strength of this alone, I ll probably recommend the book to a couple of my scrapbooking friends So, if I liked it so much why didn t I rate it higher If you follow my reviews on Goodreads, I m betting you already know the answer bad proofreading and editing And yes, what follows is why I m having trouble believing the book was revised in 2013 and I m wondering what it was like before if what I m listing here still exists Also, we ve come to why I rated this a 3 star, rather than a 4 or 5 star read.As I usually do with an author who is new to me, I visited Slan s website This is not an inexperienced author The Kiki Lowenstein series has 9 books and some short stories existing, plus the 10th book will be out in 2014 The Jane Eyre Chronicles series has a couple of books in it The Southern Beauty Shop Mystery series has 4 books in it written evidently under the name Lila Dare Plus Slan is about to launch a new series, the Cara Mia Delgatto series, in November of 2013 She also has some other books, including scrapbooking books, inspirational books, and a how to about letter writing So, I see no reason why there should be poor proofreading and editing in a newly revised novel Near the beginning, Kiki s landlord is leaving town and has Kiki dog sit his Pug, Petunia about 919 on my Kindle Kiki has a Great Dane named Gracie I would have loved to see interaction between these Mutt and Jeff canine characters, by the way When she goes to work, she takes the dogs with her, but there is no mention of Petunia when she gets to the shop, just Gracie 939 After putting Gracie in the doggy playpen, I set aside my purse and my lunchbox So, where is Petunia Did she leave him yes, him in the car There was no mention of making a stop along the way, other than to drop her daughter off for day camp Also, Petunia is not mentioned again from the time he is loaded in the car at 927, until position 1339, when he suddenly reappears at Kiki s house Where has he been all this time At 2326, once again, only Gracie is mentioned being put in the pen at work Petunia is again not mentioned But, finally, at 3287, Petunia actually shows up at work and is clearly shown being put into the doggie playpen Yes, it s nit picky since the dogs are not real players in the plot, but it bothered me that Kiki was supposed to be caring for this dog throughout the story, yet, even when Gracie does appear, often Petunia mysteriously is missing As a pet owner, it was something I picked up on Like misused words to come , it takes me out of the action when I stop to wonder what happened to that little dog A good editor and proofreader should have picked up on these omissions There were other, evident mistakes that should have been picked up by Slan s proofreader or editor At 1401, Mert says But we won t remove it from the premises until you say so That way you can you sort through it Two occurrences of the word you, probably due to a rewrite of the original sentence and not caught on proofreading At 1455, Kiki is thinking about a stalking problem she may have Once I came home to a bloody mess on my porch, a clear warning that the killer hadn t forgotten about me What she is referring to was never really explained I m assuming that the stalking or harassment reference comes from one of the two previous books in the series, as I know her husband was murdered and his killer not captured, so I can figure out that is the killer she refers to However, the bloody mess isn t set out, nor are any other instances of harassment, leaving me wondering what that was all about Yep, stopped my immersion in the story and I hate that.At position 1687 is this sentence These were labeled with the name of each scrapbooker on the end where it could easily been seen when the containers were stacked in alphabetical order Oh, I have so much to say about this sentence First, been seen I think she meant be seen And, of course could been sic seen is an infinitive, so the easily should have come either before the could or after the seen Yes, I know split infinitives aren t a big deal in today s grammar world, but it jumped out at me And finally, so the labels only are seen easily when the boxes were stacked in alphabetical order Again, one of those little nit picky things that make me crazy easily could be found would have said it better, as surely the labels were as seeable when stacked randomly as when stacked alphabetically, but might be a little harder to find While Kiki is working with Mert s crew to clear and clean Marla s home, Mert asks Kiki to pack up Marla s deceased child s room The child has been deceased for a long time and Marla has kept the room in pristine condition, just as it was the last time he was in it As a mother of a young child, this is a disturbing task for Kiki She says this I hated her to asking me to do that Again, a good proofreader should have seen the to where for should be This little mistake, that takes the reader out of the action, also spoils a very poignant moment in the narration.At 2826, we find this Touching all this symbols of a boy s inner life had set my internal clock to ticking Again, Kiki is referring to packing up the deceased child s room That little mistake of this instead of these, again spoils a very poignant moment.At 3100, when talking about the possibility that the packaged meat found in the freezer was venison, and might have internal parasites, Kiki says She gets her cat back, and she realized that he s been eating deer meet If they were parasites, and her vet noticed them I m pretty sure she meant, If there were parasites, and her vet noticed them At 3222, after a long and nearly sleepless night, Kiki says this I didn t want to climb back into bed and surrender to sleep, to a place where I couldn t control my thoughts Instead, even though it was really, really early, I showered and dressed for my job at the scrapbook store This was very confusing Her home had been vandalized, she was sleeping at her mother in law s home, had been having nightmares, been up pacing most of the night So, did she really mean she did not want to go back to bed and surrender to sleep, to a place where she couldn t control her thoughts If so, why the Instead, to start the next sentence Or did she mean she wanted to get lost in sleep Doesn t really make a difference, as once again this wording threw me out of the action as I pondered what was meant.I often get asked why these things bother me so much and if you ve read this or other of my reviews closely, you ve seen me say this before because it takes the reader out of the action It spoils the flow It makes the reader realize she is just reading words on a page, not living an adventure I read for fun Trying to figure out whether the syntax or grammar or spelling or word usage is correct is not fun This was a revised edition To wrap up, part of me loves this book and wants to let the world know about it Another part of me is really struggling with whether I want to take a chance and read books in this series, a series I desperately want to like, just to be disappointed by finding the same type of problems once again. Kiki Lowenstein is back in another great story When a customer from the store, who is a hoarder is found dead before a crop at her house Kiki works on finding out who could have killed this old lady who loved cats and scrapbooking Detweiler Kiki s married friend is in and out of her life and with his help they rush to solve the mystery before anyone else can get killed.The story line is great and the characters are very well developed The book was a page turner and I couldn t put it down Kiki is lovable and her family and friends are just people you would love to go and meet I have never done scrapbooking but I love hearing the tips of what to do. Scrappy funA fun, light read Predictable, but still entertaining The dialogue is rather stilted nobody really talks that way , and the situations so far in this series feel placed just so in order to teach an important lesson this book most of all the three I ve read but I still find them endearing enough, and page turning enough, to keep reading Kiki s a fun person to follow This book is surprisingly gross considering that the main character is a scrapbooker This tame occupation involves Kiki with a cat hoarder and 2 men, who under the guise of helping her to feed her cats, use her to hide the evidence of their twisted crimes Not for the faint of heart Kiki Lowenstein with her fellow employee and crafting assistant are going to a customer crafter s home, Marla Lever, to help set up.Marla has agreed to host the shop s Crop there The store s manager came up with the idea to rotate a Crop in a different customer s home each time.Kiki objected to this idea as who knows what you would discover at someone else s place And boy was Kiki ever correct Arriving st the house, there is no answer Kiki finds an open door then.Oh My.Kiki walks into a house filled with hundreds of cats, trash, newspapers stacks, cat excrements, a broken air conditioner and a near death woman Kiki quickly calls for help which saves the woman slife even though she is in a coma.When the clean up crew is hired, they find a dead body in the woman s freezer What is going on here This was a different type story mixing scrapbookingtechniques, hoarding, missing girls, torture, murderalong with saving and adopting a baby kitten, helpinga person in finding herself, relatives helping eachother, love and friendship.Love both of Kiki s dogs and how they adjusted to theaddition on the baby kitten.Good read.


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