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Intelligence MattersIn This Explosive, Controversial, And Profoundly Alarming Insider S Report, Senator Bob Graham Reveals Faults In America S National Security Network Severe Enough To Raise Fundamental Questions About The Competence And Honesty Of Public Officials In The CIA, The FBI, And The White HouseFor Ten Years, Senator Graham Served On The Senate Intelligence Committee, Where He Had Access To Some Of The Nation S Most Closely Guarded Secrets Following The Attacks Of September Graham Co Chaired A Historic Joint House Senate Inquiry Into The Intelligence Community S Failures From That Investigation And His Own Personal Fact Finding, Graham Discovered Disturbing Evidence Of Terrorist Activity And A Web Of Complicity At One Point, A Terrorist Support Network Conducted Some Of Its Operations Through Saudi Arabia S US Embassy And A Funding Chain For Terrorism Led To The Saudi Royal Family In February , Only Four Months After Combat Began In Afghanistan, The Bush Administration Ordered General Tommy Franks To Move Vital Military Resources Out Of Afghanistan For An Operation Against Iraq Despite Franks S Privately Stated Belief That There Was A Job To Finish In Afghanistan, And That The War On Terrorism Should Focus Next On Terrorist Targets In Somalia And Yemen Throughout , President Bush Directed The FBI To Limit Its Investigations Of Saudi Arabia, Which Supported Some And Possibly All Of The September Hijackers The White House Was So Uncooperative With The Bipartisan Inquiry That Its Behavior Bore All The Hallmarks Of A Cover Up The FBI Had An Informant Who Was Extremely Close To Two Of The September Hijackers, And Actually Housed One Of Them, Yet The Existence Of This Informant And The Scope Of His Contacts With The Hijackers Were Covered Up There Were Twelve Instances When The September Plot Could Have Been Discovered And Potentially Foiled Days After , US Authorities Allowed Some Saudis To Fly, Despite A Complete Civil Aviation Ban, After Which The Government Expedited The Departure Of Than One Hundred Saudis From The United States Foreign Leaders Throughout The Middle East Warned President Bush Of Exactly What Would Happen In A Postwar Iraq, And Those Warnings Went Either Ignored Or Unheeded As A Result Of His Senate Work, Graham Has Become Convinced That The Attacks Of September Could Have Been Avoided, And That The Bush Administration S War On Terrorism Has Failed To Address The Immediate Danger Posed By Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, And Hamas In Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, And Somalia His Book Is A Disturbing Reminder That At The Highest Levels Of National Security, Now Than Ever, Intelligence Matters I had no knowledge of Sen Graham prior to reading this book, but I now think him to be just like any other politician slimy, self interested, and probably a morally bankrupt crook Having said that, this is a pretty good book, if not written phenomenally The facts in this book are damning not just to the Bush administration, but the current state of our intelligence community in general Sadly, like every other politician, he fails to accept a single iota of blame, and lays just about everything at the feet of a president who was not a member of the federal government for the first 30 years of Bob Graham s career In this, as well as use of excessive asterisks throughout, the book is pitifully partisan I would personally be embarrassed to have authored these pot shots, but hey, I m not a senator Unfortunately, on the most thought provoking facts in his book, he fails to offer any real theories.All in all, a book worth reading about one of the biggest events in our nation s history, with a summary of the 9 11 commission report as a bonus. Former Florida Senator elaborates on the intelligence failures that allowed the events of 9 11 Senator Bob Graham in this book highlights a lot of the intelligence failures that have been reviewed from the 9 11 commission report but he adds some other pieces to the mix that I did not know a lot of which was no released to the public for fear of embarrassing the respective interested parties Saudi Arabia in this book most other dossiers I have read is nothing but bad news But a lot of the revelations in here about Saudi Arabia should really piss off the average American Some nuggets 19 of the 9 11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia But what you didn t know is that a member of the royal family a wife of one of the ruling family actually cut checks to two of the hijackers paying for both their rent also their fees to attend you guessed itflight schools in the US One of the hijackers was actually flown into DC for an event at the Saudi consulate Paid for again by the royal family Two of the hijackers who were based in San Diego actually were staying at the home of a PAID FBI informant The informant even though he had several discussions with the future hijackers knew their activities mentioned nothing to the FBI General Tommie Franks who was running the Afghanistan war went privately to see Graham to tell him that drones, special forces other resources that were being used to hunt down locate Bin Laden were being pulled to Iraq on direct orders from the White House.Could government be any incompetent Yes


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