It Happened One Autumn

It Happened One AutumnLibrarian S Note Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found Here Four Young Ladies Enter London Society With One Necessary Goal They Must Use Their Feminine Wit And Wiles To Find A Husband So They Band Together, And A Daring Husband Hunting Scheme Is BornIt Happened At The BallWhere Beautiful But Bold Lillian Bowman Quickly Learned That Her Independent American Ways Weren T Entirely The Thing And The Most Disapproving Of All Was Insufferable, Snobbish, And Impossible Marcus, Lord Westcliff, London S Most Eligible AristocratIt Happened In The GardenWhen Marcus Shockingly And Dangerously Swept Her Into His Arms Lillian Was Overcome With A Consuming Passion For A Man She Didn T Even Like Time Stood Still It Was As If No One Else Existed Thank Goodness They Weren T Caught Very Nearly In The Act It Happened One AutumnMarcus Was A Man In Charge Of His Own Emotions, A Bedrock Of Stability But With Lillian, Every Touch Was Exquisite Torture, Every Kiss An Enticement For Yet How Could He Consider Taking A Woman So Blatantly Unsuitable As His Bride 3,5 Stars One thing s for sure Westcliff, the hero, has much patience for ill mannered houseguests than I do The houseguest in question being the heroine, Miss Lillian Bowman The brash American heiress and the starchy English earl, so much potential especially in the hand of such a skilled author, and in fact, for the greater part the book delivered on all accounts and I enjoyed most of their scenes together immensely If only Lillian had been a little less confrontational I understand, and appreciate, feisty, but she bordered on rude several times and showed an animosity towards the hero that really had no solid ground, so the opposites attracts trope often felt overplayed to me.The closed confines of Stony Cross, Westcliff s country estate, where the whole story takes place, didn t allow for much action or plot twists and all the slightly over the top drama was concentrated in the very last section, though the lively dialogues, the sparkly banters between the leads and their off the charts chemistry, the humour and the flowing writing than made up for it And Westcliff, now he was a dear and sexy one.It also was nice to meet once again the Wallflowers and the other cast of characters and follow their further interactions which, as I ve already found in book 1 Secrets of a Summer Night, were some of the best fun. It Happened One Autumn stand alone Marcus Marsden, Lord Westcliff meets his match in the feisty American heiress, Lillian BowmanIt has all the makings of a farce One can scarcely conceive of a ill suited pairBooks in Wallflowers series are stand alones, but most enjoyed if read in order Book 0.5 Again the MagicBook 1 Secrets of a Summer NightBook 2 It Happened One AutumnBook 3 Devil in WinterBook 4 Scandal in SpringBook 4.5 A Wallflower ChristmasIt Happened One Autumn stand alone follows the unlikely romance between Lord, heir and investor Marcus Marsden, The Eighth Earl of Westcliff and American heiress and wallflower Lillian Bowman, Lilly.It s lust hate at first sight with the outspoken Lillian spending the Season in London to catch a respectable, preferably titled husband She cannot stand to be around the stuffy Earl, though he makes her tingle in odd places.Marcus steers clear of the willful American pretty much ever since he caught her playing baseball in her knickers She might do things to his libido, but that does not make her wife material.Follow their tempestuous relationship as they bicker, fight, challenge, argue, hate, steal kisses and lust after each other during an autumn party at Marcus country estate, year 1843 Seven words to describe Marcus Marsden, The Earl of Westcliff Trailblazer, charismatic, proper, loyal, hard headed, graceful and noble.Seven words to describe Lillian Bowman, Lilly Opinionated, snarky, strong, stubborn, innocent, independent and loyal.It Happened One Autumn, told from dual POVs, is an opposite attracts hate to love romance with sexual tension overload, hilarious situations and bantering plus lots of obstacles along the way Stellar character development in both the superb cast to be featured in many books and the unforgettable Lord Westcliff and his LillianShe could never fit into the mold of a Marsden wife Then the mold will have to be brokenHero Heroine Plot Storytelling Sexual tension Sex scenes Story ending 1 2 OVERALL RATING Angst LOW FOCUS Darkness LOW FOCUS Humor HIGH FOCUS Kink LOW FOCUS Romance HIGH FOCUS Sex frequency MEDIUM FOCUS Suspense HIGH FOCUS Thank you Liz for our F BR 4 Hate Love Stars Spoilers It Happened One Autumn was a good read but I didn t like it as much as I thought I would I was really looking forward to Lillian s book I loved her brash, foul mouthed, outspoken american ways I couldn t wait for her to bring Westcliff to his knees So I was a little disappointed that for half the book Westcliff fought his attraction to Lillian I also didn t like that Lord St Vincent was trying to court her or that they kissed I wanted Westcliff to go after her like Simon from book one went after his wife I did like Westcliff and loved Lillian I enjoyed their relationship when they got around to having one I even liked St Vincent even though he acted like a villain towards the end I am still looking forward to his book with Evie Overall it was an enjoyable read Just not as good as I expected. Why are the best books the hardest to review I m not sure I can come up with enough superlatives for this one, the second book in Lisa Kleypas s magical Wallflowers series I think she hit the ball out of the park with this humorous, emotional, romantic read I had my doubts coming into this, after reading Secrets of a Summer Night In that book Marcus, Lord Westcliff most eligible bachelor in England , was such an uptight, humorless stick in the mud how was I going to fall for him in his own book Ahh, but LK did a 180 with his character, giving us his whole backstory including brutal childhood , and I got to understand him, and fall in love with him right along with the heroine, American soap heiress Lillian Bowman.Now, Lillian I loved this girl despite or maybe because she was so opinionated, headstrong, irreverent, stubborn, sharp tongued, funny, and she took no guff from the button downed, often arrogant Westcliff Oh how they battled Their arguing and sniping masked a heap of sexual tension between the two He wanted her but hated that he did she wanted him but hated that she did You knew something had to give who would be the first to break down and do something about it There were many, many scenes in this book that either made me laugh or made me sigh in satisfaction Laughing Any of the many conversations between Lillian and the other Wallflowers Annabelle, Evie, Daisy they had such fun together , but especially between Lillian and younger sister Daisy and the experiments with the perfume that Lillian insisted worked as an aphrodesiac I also got a chuckle out of Westcliff and his friends Hunt, St Vincent, Shaw discussing the frequency of their sexual liasons, and the time Hunt caught Westcliff and Lillian in a compromising position and teased him about his once a week beliefs.The sighing When Westcliff decides to give Lillian a few pointers about how to bat their first kiss while hiding behind the hedgerow the scene in the Butterfly Court smokin hot the scene with the pear brandy funny and scorching hot when Westcliff professes his feelings and tells Lillian that she can be whoever she wants to be as long as she s with him the poached pear scene yowza and finally, when Westcliff stands up to his viper of a mother and tells her where to go Yay, Marcus As usual, Kleypas s story is superbly written, with vivid descriptions of the characters, the food the calf s head , the clothing, and Westfield s beautiful estate of Stony Cross Park Kleypas leaves no stone unturned in her storytelling the characters backstories and every emotion are all layed out for the reader to enjoy I felt that I was right there in the 1840s English countryside, witnessing it all.Now LK threw a bit of a curveball that I didn t see coming, regarding St Vincent who I was liking just fine , that made me dislike him Now how is she going to redeem him in his book Devil in Winter I can t wait to find out I don t know if she can top this one, which earns 5 big stars Westcliff as I see him

LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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