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Its Your Money With Everything She Does, Gail Vaz Oxlade Focuses On Putting Money In Perspective And Encouraging People To Take Control Of Their Money And Their Lives But Over The Years, She S Found That An Astonishing Number Of Smart, Competent Women Are Relinquishing That Control It S Your Money Is Designed To Inspire And Inform Them To Take Charge Of Their Financial DestiniesThis Book Will Help Each Reader Come To Terms With Why She Deals With Her Money As She Does It Helps Her Establish A Solid Financial Foundation On Which To Build As She Moves Through Her Life Gail Walks Her Through The Major Milestones Partnering, Raising A Family And Retiring Making Sure She Is Empowered To Make Her Own Decisions, If She S In A Relationship Or Not It Also Shows The Reader How To Cope When Stuff Hits The Fan, Without Adding Financial Stress To Her Burdens For The Woman Who Finds Herself The Sole Breadwinner In A Family, Dealing With Aging Parents Or Coping With Divorce Or Widowhood, Gail Shows Her How To Keep Her Financial Life On TrackWhether They Need Gail S Voice To Encourage Them To Reach For New Financial Goals, Or To Kick Their Credit Card Happy Butts Back Into Line, Women Will Turn To It S Your Money In Good Times And In Bad

Hello I m Gail Vaz Oxlade I m a mother, step mother, grand mama, friend, confessor, writer, TV host, money maven, teacher, artist, and ex wife I m loud, large and laugh a lot I m passionate about learning, committed to sharing and hell bent on getting people to take control of their money and their lives.I ve written 13 books on personal finance, hundreds of articles for the financial media,

☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Its Your Money  By Gail Vaz-Oxlade ✩ –
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Its Your Money
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade
  • English
  • 19 May 2017
  • 9781554688678

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    I highly recommend this financial DIY book for any woman looking to take hold and make use of their present and future earnings It was approachable, concise, and very relatable It does make me wonder if her other books are much different Nonetheless, great read

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    This book is a revision of an older book called A Woman of Independent Means A Woman s Guide to Full Financial Security, which I think is better While this book does provide a solid foundation for those who are starting to take their finances seriously, and discusses finance changes in the great context of life events, it is not as thorough as the original book.Given that the original book is out of print, and now dated, this now becomes the best Gail Vaz Oxlade book you can get Other books she has written hyperfocus on a topic, where this one gives an appropriate survey to serve as the cornerstone of one s PF book collection.Compare my praises of the original book with this one.

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    This book is amazing and actually helped me to obtain the ultimate goal of becoming debt free Vaz Oxlade is a no non sense woman who tells readers what they need to hear not so much what they WANT to hear I was car poor, being dragged down by the weight of a car that I couldn t afford so I sold it At first, I wondered what I had done and how I would survive without a car, but I made it You think you can t do something until you do it, and Gail teaches you that Gail makes you be honest with yourself so that you can, once and for all, become debt free.

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    I bought this book at a thrift store for 50 cents, and following the tips in the book have already saved us over 100, and the effects will only multiply in the months to come A good return on my investment Easy to read and practical.

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    Straight up and so honest about life it s scary But Gail tells it like it is, covering everything you need to consider in this life to ensure that you re financially secure.

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    Plan like a pessimist so you can live like an optimist Gail Vaz Oxlade

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    Excellent book on accumulating wealth dealing with different investing instruments through the various stages of lifel

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    I love Gail Vaz Oxlade Over the last few years, hubby and I have watched many, many episodes of her TV show Til Debt Do Us Part , admiring her blunt, frankness and full attack mode to help desperate couples take charge of their financial disasters and get back into living within their means So, when I had the chance to grab a copy of her new book, It s Your Money I snapped it up I had a few worries about reading the book though before I started First, this book is marketed to women, and knowing that Gail is a very strong personality, I was concerned that this book might be rather anti men, or at least very focused on how to keep your finances separate from your significant other Second, I was a bit nervous on how I would handle reading a book about finances Typically, I tend to have a switch in my brain turn off when it comes to money matters No matter how hard I try, it is like T m reading or listening to a foreign language I can never fully comprehend But, I dove into the book anyways.Typically, I just avoid finance stuff Over the years, I ve let my Dad take care of it, if needed, since he is wise in that department or deferred issues to J since he is the man in the house and it s just easier to give it over to him I know these aren t GREAT methods of financial wisdom, but they ve worked Now that I mostly handle our family finances, it s time for me to understand about what I m doing, set priorities and goals, and know what is important in our decisions Hence, the book Gail has done a great job of approaching women with this book tackling the psychology of money through profiles and questions designed to get us thinking about how we look at money Are we spenders or thrifters Avoiders or Debtors Once we can have an idea of our personal attachment with money it makes it easier to understand what steps to take from there and what roles we need to take when we are making decisions Although there is a brief section on the importance of how to set up a spending plan aka budget , the book doesn t dwell on the nitty gritty of getting your current finances in order, but actually looks at bigger and scenario based topics such as buying a house, RRSPs, wills, and how to make sure you have your own credit not just being attached to your spouses credit She also tackles the challenges of various life changes, from having a baby to retirement and preps you for some just in case scenarios such as divorce or widowhood These aren t easy topics to work through, and usually something we avoid thinking about or planning for Although I hope I don t need to think about these situations for a long, long time or not at all , it was good to read the financial suggestions for them.Interspersed with the text of the book are little blocks of Gail s Tips which drill into specific discussions with a little clarity and her personal opinions Gail s no holds barred approach to finances is like a breath of fresh air I only felt my eyes glazing over a few times in the book, but was able to get back into it easily as she typically writes relatively jargon free and like a friend across the table trying to help you understand what she s talking about She s done a terrific job of tackling some hard and potentially messy situations and breaking them down into segments of your finances so you can see what steps to take in order to survive them and stay afloat financially I recommend this book, because I think even if it s like attempting to understand Chinese as an English speaker knowing something about money and finances is important.

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    I am a 24 year old recent graduate who just got a job So from my perspective having little no background in personal finances, this book was excellent in covering those basics She divides her book into three sections Part I Understand how you feel about your moneyPart II Build your financial foundationPart III Adapt your plan as your life changesI found Part I and Part II the most useful Both tackle understanding your money personality turns out I m a miser , setting goals, building a budget, credit identity, investments, insurance, taxes, and wills powers of attorney Part III tackles things like having a baby, divorce loss of partner, or bad situations that can upset you financially and how to approach.I would recommend this book to anyone who has little to no background on financial basics I found I learned a lot from this book, but I could see someone experienced who may not find the book as useful It s a great starting point, and what can I say I love Gail

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    This is a fantastic and Canadian centric financial advice book Gail Vaz Oxlade is down to earth and practical and I am definitely a fan While at first I was a bit wary of a female centric financial guide can t men and women just take the same financial advice Gail does an excellent job of highlighting situations women commonly find themselves in and how to financially address those issues realizing you don t want to go back to work immediately after maternity leave, divorce or separation, making the decision to care for an elderly parent etc In the end, the gendered perspective that I initially scoffed at is what made the book so relevant and something that I will reference for years to come I ve recommended and lent the book to numerous friends since reading it and will continue to do so Move over wealthy barber it s time to make room for a woman of independent means.

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