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It Was Me All AlongA Young Food Blogger Shares Her Inspiring Story Of Incredible Weight Loss A Journey From Nearly Pounds To Losing Than Half Her Size And Establishing A Healthy And Confident Relationship With FoodOn Her Twentieth Birthday, Andie Mitchell Stepped On The Scale And Discovered That She Weighed Nearly Pounds At Even Knowing That She Was Big And Hating Herself For It She Was Stunned How Had She Gotten There Without Following Wild Diet Trends, She Lost Pounds Over Thirteen Months And Has Kept It Off For Six Years It Was Me All Along Shares The At Times Heartbreaking, Yet Ultimately Uplifting And Motivating, Story Of How Andie Kicked Her Habit Of Binge Eating, Which She Developed During A Traumatic Childhood, And Developed A Healthy Relationship With Food, Which She Still Loves To Cook And Enjoy Her Story Is At Once Familiar And Inspiring To Millions Who Have Struggled With Weight And Self Image Issues Andie Is A Powerful Motivator Who Bravely Bares All To Help Others Whelp that was some pretty awful writing This is Andie Mitchell s memoir about her eating disorder as a young adult, her morbid obesity, the subsequent weight loss, and her finally stable relationship with food In many ways, Mitchell s story mirrored my own I ve always had a fucked up way of eating I yo yo dieted, binged, exercised obsessively, compulsively counted calories, etc The whole enchilada of body hate diet hate food love food fear was basically my existence for 10ish years Her descriptions of those behaviors were pretty spot on And her descriptions of the addict level obsession with food, while overdone, were definitely relatable I remember being 10 cupcakes and an entire jar of PB deep and only thinking about what I could eat next after my mom went to bed It s euphoric and slightly insane and kind of like being high Listening to others share their stories of ED moves me, if only to remind me that it s a battle that can actually be won I mean fingers crossed , I m at a point right now where I think I ve finally won it, too Fucking finally I eat almost normally In fact, the overall advice Mitchell gives about how to live life binge and diet free was very sound and closely mirrored my own path And yet this book was miserable The writing was boring and very amateur The narrative moments she chose were so cliche, it was painful There was a scene where she described the rapturous night she was the fat girl dubbed prom queen, and another where she talked about the life affirming moment her childhood crush Leonardo Dicaprio talked to her These plot high points were without any sense of irony, really God just a painfully predictable and cliched narrative arc While she seems like a nice girl, I didn t find her sympathetic or likable She runs a fairly successful food blog, and this book would ve been decent as a series of personal posts Instead of what reads like a dreadfully long blog post masquerading as a memoir Point being If stories of conquering obesity and eating disorders speak to you, I d give it a shot Just be prepared to slug through a pretty bad book to get to the self helpyness advice you re actually there for. 3.5 StarsI closed this book and literally went, out loud, Huh I have very mixed feelings, and just a warning, this is a highly subjective review than my typical ones because this book is so hard hitting There were parts of it that I loathed because of the tone used, but then later on I would realize why she did that and how it supports her message Nevertheless, this was a bittersweet book for me.At the beginning, this book made me highly uncomfortable See my update for this book when I was on page 22 It seemed like she was writing it for skinny people She was constantly talking about how she had to battle an eating disorder and the importance of eating and being content with your body, but in the same breath, she talks about how gross it was that she used to eat pancakes with syrup and butter She created all this gluttonous imagery around the idea of food, always giving very descriptive passages about food as if to make the reader guilty for enjoying those things Perhaps some people benefitted from feeling the guilt as a result of this, but it just made me feel even shittier about myself and the fact that I indulge in these foods Even though she was establishing that she used to binge eat and overeat for comfort, it came off in a very shaming way and sort of made me feel like shit honestly, if you have any triggers with food or fat shaming, i would avoid this altogether Her writing style was gorgeous Descriptive images were packed onto every page and I really got to feel the texture of her life However, almost every image was contingent on describing food, or comparing something back to food If something in the book was red, she would say it was red, like strawberry jam or if something was soft, she might compare it to cake It got really tiring because, once again, there seemed to be this really pervasive theme that fatty food was the only relevant thing in her childhood, which was disturbing to me for some reason And although this made it hard to read for the first 100 pages, it began to make me think about myself Was I just sensitive to this because it made me reflect on my eating habits Did I see myself in Andie At one point I was describing this book to my mom and jokingly said, I feel like she should get thrown out of the fat people feeling sorry about themselves club because she was prom queen and she had several boyfriends in this book, which is now something I can t stop thinking about I was kidding, but I think that telling her this made me realize that I harbor a lot of insecurities about myself that I actively suppress, and this book brought a lot of those to the forefront Therefore, I don t think this book was meant to be a comfortable read or, once again, it was written for skinny people or people who have already lost the weight they needed to I definitely think an editor could have gone through this thoroughly in order to make sure that the tone of the book wasn t so critical to the point of being nearly triggering, but once I made it past the difficult scenes in this book, it really did open up a conversation about transformation, finding motivation to shed old habits, and the way that insecurity and self consciousness can exist in someone who is overweight or obese It s just a very, very dark topic for me, so clearly, reading about it in my free time as an activity I do for fun was a bit jarring I don t think I was fully ready for the message of this book at the time I picked it up.Mainly, I m disturbed by the terminology in this book because the blurbs says this book is about Andie learning to love herself, yet she describes her younger self in really vulgar, hateful ways She shames her old self for the way she ate, the way she looked, and everything in between I understand regretting or being embarrassed about the unhealthy lifestyle one must have lived before losing weight, but for anyone reading this book who s still in that stage, it reads as incredibly accusatory and critical It felt like she was talking to me Again, this might be my insecurity showing, but I just wanted to reiterate that a book that is supposedly about self love possesses a LOT of body shaming.All of that being said and once again, those criticisms might be entirely overly critical just because of the sensitive nature of this book and my weight I do think its final message was good This is than just a book about her weight loss journey it talks about her family, her career, her college experience, and other factors occurring around her getting healthy I liked that part of it I liked seeing her slow progression of getting better And in the end, this book did make me think twice about my food choices during the few days that I was reading it Maybe the first night I read it, I just wasn t ready for it But I still can t decide if this is a book I would recommend or not It was such a strange, thought provoking experience. I read some good reviews of this but it was not my cup of tea Overwritten Seriously, some sections were very high school creative writing class style pile of adjectives While I could relate to struggling with a relationship to food and the beginning chapters about her childhood were sad and compelling, it felt like she kind of glossed over the actual weight loss aspect of her story It read like, Poof, then I lost 55 lbs by walking around Italy Um, okay I just didn t feel a connection with her as a teen or an adult and honestly, often felt annoyed instead of feeling sympathy or like I could relate I won t nitpick too much since this is a memoir, she is a real person and just because she isn t someone I would want to be friends with in real life, doesn t mean that I get to critique her relationships, way she views herself or life choices so I ll leave it at that in terms of author personality or storyline One major critique about the book itself, though Maybe don t spend a chapter talking about the time you met and got a picture with Leonardo DiCaprio and then don t even include the picture Come on Show, don t tell On that note, I was really surprised for a food blogger and someone writing a weight loss memoir that the book didn t include any pictures Maybe that was just the eBook version If so, bad call publishers. Blah blah boring blah.I had wanted to like this book, but it was meandering and dull Maybe you will like it.If you are looking for a good memoir about someone s weight loss journey, I recommend Portia de Rossi s Unbearable Lightness.

Hi I m Andie 10 years ago, I lost 135 pounds through diet and exercise, so I share a whole lot about my journey and the lessons I ve learned about losing weight, keeping it off, and transforming my relationship with food and my body.

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