Jackie O: On the Couch: Inside the Mind and Life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Jackie O: On the Couch: Inside the Mind and Life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis Jackie O On The Couch Is The Story Of Jackie Kennedy Onassis As She Might Have Written It This Is Not Just Another Biography For The First Time, Jackie O On The Couch Highlights Jackie S Life From Her Own Perspective, As Imagined By Author Dr Alma Bond, A Psychoanalyst And Long Time Student Of Jackie Lore The Facts Are All Historically Correct, As Are The Ideas, The Washington Intrigue And Politics, And The Examination Of The Role Of Women In Society And In The White House Jackie Speaks Of Her Need To Record Her Story Truthfully To Replace The Hodgepodge Of Lies Published During Her Lifetime Speaking As An Older Woman, She Ponders How Her Points Of View Have Changed From Those She Held When She Was Young The Book Delves Into Her Childhood And Explores How And Why Jackie Became The Person She Was It Also Explores The Kennedys, And How John F Kennedy S Background Affected His Marriage Jackie S Deep Love For Jack, His Early Inattentiveness, Their Difficulties Together, His Outrageous Womanizing, Happy Times At The White House, And The Tragedy Of His Assassination All Are Viewed Through Jackie S Eyes Jackie Writes Of Her Need For Aristotle Onassis, Debunking The Notion That She Married Him Purely For His Money, And Traces The Joyful Early Years Of The Marriage Through To Its Dramatic Collapse And Ari S Difficult Death A Different Jackie Emerges Into The World Of Publishing Her New Persona Allows Her To Establish Her Very Best Relationship With The Stout And Adoring Maurice Tempelsman, Until Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Takes Her Life In , At Age Jackie O On The Couch Is A Unique Exploration Of The Life And Loves Of A Great Historical Figure Jackie Kennedy Onassis Deeply Prized Her Privacy And, As A Result, She Was Both Revered And Mysterious In This Book, Much Of The Mystery Is Shed As Jackie Finally Emerges As A Fully Fleshed Out, Three Dimensional Person A True Human Being, With Enormous Strengths And Shortcomings, Who All Of Us Can Now Understand And Appreciate, Perhaps For The First Time

Alma H Bond, PhD, is a psychoanalyst and the author of 20 published books She received her Ph.D in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University, graduated from the post doctoral program in psychoanalysis at the Freudian Society, and was a psychoanalyst in private practice for thirty seven years in New York City She retired to become a full time writer, but now maintains a small practice

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Jackie O: On the Couch: Inside the Mind and Life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis
  • Alma H. Bond
  • English
  • 02 January 2019
  • 9781610880213

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    I have never understood the fascination people have with Jackie Kennedy Other that she once was our First Lady, I never liked her or found her particularly special However, I have read books by the same author in the past and I ve enjoyed them Her biographical novel, Camille Claude, A Novel, was beautifully crafted and executed In any case, this is why I decided to give this book a try.Another thing I should point out is that, while the book seems well researched, I m not an expert on the subject so I have no way of knowing if the facts are correct.This psycho biography written in first person is part of a series published by Bancroft Press While I found the book well written and the personal details of Jackie and the people friends and family who affected her life interesting and in some cases even fascinating, the voice of Jackie is matter of fact, detached, and even robotic I m not sure what the author s intention was but if she wanted Jackie to come across as a cold, arrogant and totally unlikable character, she succeeded with flying colors There s no warmth in the prose, no redeeming quality in Jackie In fact, she appears in the book even worse than what I had pictured her like.I found myself skimming over whole sections just to get to the ending sooner But again, people who are familiar with the life of Jackie might be a better judge of character I really wanted to like this book but couldn t If you want to read a great book by this author, I highly recommend Camille Claude, A Novel instead.

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    As someone who has read almost every biography of Jacqueline Kennedy, and also as someone who loves historical fiction, all I can say is that you are better off reading a good biography of JBKO The writing is pretty dull and doesn t truly capture the essence of Jackie There are quite a few passages that seem as though they were directly lifted from previously written material and just switched to first person I am pretty sure Jackie s cousin John Davis book that was published over twenty years ago was heavily recounted, as was A Woman Named Jackie , if you are able to get a copy of these, they are much better reads anyway I wasn t a huge fan of Jack s Widow by Eve Pollard either, but at least that had an interesting twist and tried to be creative with the story line Regardless, with the Jackie Kennedy tapes that came out this month, this book is fairly pointless anyway The real Jackie seems much fascinating than anything portrayed in this novel.

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    Dr Abe Bortz, Co editor of the Book of the Month Club and History Book Club selectins, wrote This book is brilliant and fascinating I am in awe of Dr Bond s ability to paint so layered and so riveting a profile The fact that it is written in the first person provides the reader an intimacy and understanding that no normal third person biography could ever accomplish.

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    I found this book interesting in that it was written in 1st person I m not sure how I feel about that How can one know what someone else s perspective truly is I found it well written and riveting Before reading this, I was ambivalent about the family Now, I have very decided feelings about them At times I felt that I read way than I wanted to know about their personal lives.

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    The remarkable life and mind of Jackie Kennedy Onassis is both intriguing and mysterious But Dr Alma H Bond dispels the illusions of this iconic woman s life by threading fiction based in fact Dr Bond has read over 100 books about the widow of J.F.K and has clearly become entranced and fascinated by the possibilities of such a unique human being as a character and narrator Dr Bond has crafted an enchanting narrator out of the idea of Jackie, teaching us facts about her very private life we may not know.Readers who know much about the former First Lady will enjoy this novel for its thoughtful interpretations of events and people they are familiar with, while readers new to many of the facts about this American icon will find themselves enad with Mrs Kennedy, searching out facts about this very private woman s life.The voice of this narrator is so well done, it feels less like Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy laying on the psychoanalytical couch and like Jackie O chatting it up over mimosas The narration sucks you in, makes you laugh, makes you cry, but most of all, it makes you think.The scenes are vivid and dense, especially through the moments of John F Kennedy s death It is a relatively quick read considering how much it covers A page turner and impossible to put down, Jackie O is a must read.I often see photos and posters of Marilyn Monroe and I have never personally gotten into the craze In fact, there s a caf I frequent in Boston, MA that has photos on the bathroom door and the female photo is of her I am not going to be liked I am sure for saying this, but if this is some sort of iconic tribute, I d really rather see Jackie Although the last place her picture belongs is on a bathroom door.This book covers just about everything I would want to know about Jackie, from her upbringing with a womanizing father all the way up to her untimely death Did you know Jackie was a book editor at Viking Press Her maturation through her relationships beginning with her understanding of her father to her last, and likely most successful, relationship with a male companion is explored Jackie was in a culturally transitional period in American history that drove some women to suicide and others to over experimentation, but she knew how to keep her eloquence, tact, and taste Even in jeans and a T shirt making her own instant coffee, the perpetually envied and ever elegant Jackie O.

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    Not very subtle portrait of the Lady I am not an ardent admirer of JKO, and have little interest in her life other than its historical period, but I do like auto and biographical fiction so when I read a glowing professional review of this, I promptly got a copy I wasn t as prompt in slogging through it, however.In places this is almost stream of consciousness like a portrait of Mrs Dalloway s inner adult child of Later chapters were interesting to me for their take on external political events, but the internal life still leaves me feeling like an unwilling voyeur or tabloid reader, however sympathetic the overall portrait Although I m not squeamish about reading sordid details or mixed motives of historical actors, I think I prefer them mediated by a traditional biographer Although this masqueraded as a memoir written by Jackie O, it was like ramblings from the analyst s couch in places Perhaps it was just too early after JKO s death for such an account, at least for me I think this would be a love it or hate it book for many.If this is Jackie O on the couch, I am so happy I am a history teacher and not an analyst I ll reserve my future biographical fiction to portraits of events in the outer world or characters removed from present day.

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    I am still thinking about it whether I liked this book or not The story, with details about the life of Jackie O is definitely interesting She was a fascinating woman I am pretty sure that the author did a lot of research, and most of the facts are correct I was, and still am however struggling with the approach of presenting a lot of things as thoughts or feelings of Jackie O, when in reality they are assumptions, speculations or the products of the analysis the author did based on the facts and research she has Was Jackie really someone who had basically just negative things to say about a number of people whom she claimed to love Other than talking about how handsome JFK was there is very little in the book beyond the public persona that would prove that he was the love of her life at least not much that i found convincing But a lot of why he was making her life miserable same for her mother, sister, and a number of others, close to her She does not come across as a very nice person Maybe that s what the author wanted to achieve In any case, interesting reading.

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    As a huge fan of Jackie, and the Kennedy family, this book was a non stop thrill Hard to put down, you re thrown into the life of Jackie, and learn things about her early life you d not have otherwise known The author does a great job getting into the mind and aura of the former First Lady for a mind blowing, trip through her life and times.You forget that it s not actually Jackie telling this tale, but Bond does such an amazing job that you can almost hear Jackie talking So full of love and heart break, happiness and tears, if you didn t know about Jackie before, you sure fall in love with her by the end of this book Few things were hidden from view, you see the dirty unflattering side of many of the people in Jackie s life, including herself.5 stars for Jackie O On the Couch, well written and researched You just can t go wrong Reviewed by Steph on New Age Mama Free copy received in exchange for an honest review

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    Informative, historical, fascinating Learning about Jackie Kennedy from her point of view was enlightening I have always Benny fascinated by their very public life and the tragedy that befell such a young women How she acted kept a country together and tongues wagging for years.I learned from her what the assassination of her husband did to her, her family and her choices later in life There are many facts that I didn t know and found them answering questions that I had A very well written bio that had me laughing, crying, and seeing a time in history from a different point of view.

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    fun to read

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