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Jamaica InnWhen I first read Daphne du Maurier s popular novel Jamaica Inn, I had no idea what wreckers meant Some romantic idea connected with pirates, I thought I knew of the real Jamaica Inn, a pub in the middle of Bodmin Moor But the grim truth is that Daphne du Maurier was not writing an account about either pirates or ordinary smugglers, but a highly coloured bloodthirsty tale about bands of men who existed around 1815, according to the novel 20 or 30 years after Cornish pirates had been eradicated view spoiler These vicious gangs deliberately lured sailors onto the rocks to seize their cargo When the ships were wrecked, the gangs proceeded to plunder both the cargo and their possessions, killing all aboard by letting them drown, or worse hide spoiler 4There s things happen at Jamaica Inn, Mary, that I ve never dared to breathe Bad things Evil things I dare not even admit them to myself Gritty, dark and atmospheric, Du Maurier weaves a Gothic tale set in the cold and chilling moors of Cornwall The main protagonist is Mary Yellan, a young women who after the death of her mother, takes the long and lonely journey over the moors to the isolated and almost desolate Jamaica Inn, where her Aunt Patience resides with her husband, Joss Merlyn Mary soon discovers that Joss is an abominable man who has broken her Aunt Patience though his roguish and abusive waysBut I tell you this, Mary Yellan I ll break that mind of yours if you let it go astray, and I ll break your body too Through being trapped on the moors, Mary Yellan soon learns that there is to her uncle and the brooding Jamaica Inn, with cart noises in the middle of the night and a mysterious noise of someone walking around in a room down the hallway but with no one in sightall of these events which will have dire consequences for Mary if she finds out the true goings on at Jamaica Inn.Even though the darkness and isolation of her seemingly trapped life makes her feel alone, Mary meets an enigmatic man who she starts falling for, despite being someone she cannot trust She also meets some people she may call acquaintances , each unsettling in their own ways adding to the question of who can she trust How do I escape Jamaica Inn How do I save my Aunt In this book Du Maurier writes with such description that you too feel surrounded by the moors, with it s mist and moans from the wind It chokes you and leaves the reader unsettled and gripped by the story In addition to this description, Du Maurier portrays such an amazing character bright and inquisitive, brave and loyal, as Mary plunders through the events of the book Mary Yellan is a brilliant character as she was not a conventional female character at the time of writing release of this book she is a character who boldly states that she does not see herself getting married and with no desire to, and she only has the desire to own and work on her own farm Even through the book another character points out that she thinks much like a male than a female.So glad to be able to pick up a book again after being ill than usual recently and to finally get the review done This was another good book written by Daphne Du Maurier that I ve bought some. Wonderfully dark and atmospheric and utterly suspenseful, Daphne du Maurier s Jamaica Inn is a thrilling adventure of a novel I wish I had picked up this book on a chilly, gray and dreary fall day so I could have curled up on the sofa next to the fire with a blanket and a cup of tea That would have created the perfect environment for reading this one Nevertheless, it was still a satisfying reading experience.On her deathbed, Mary Yellan s mother exacts a promise from her daughter that she will seek out her Aunt Patience and reside with her in order to avoid the uncertainties and pitfalls of a single young woman living alone in her hometown of Helford Here, Mary s mother describes her sister Patience asa great one for games and laughing, with a heart as large as lifewithribbons in her bonnet and a silk petticoatSo, the spirited yet obedient Mary leaves the comfort of her farm and sets out to find Aunt Patience in Bodmin As always, du Maurier does a superb job of evoking the sensations of the surroundings and we see the contrast between the tranquility of Helford with the hostility of the moors for which she is boundIt was a gentle rain that fell at Helford, a rain that pattered in the many trees and lost itself in the lush grass, formed into brooks and rivulets that emptied into the broad river, sank into the grateful soil which gave back flowers in paymentOn journeying into Bodmin and beyond, Mary and the reader are submitted to harsher conditions with a palpable feeling of threat in the airThis was a lashing, pitiless rain that stung the windows of the coach, and it soaked into a hard and barren soil No trees here, save one or two that stretched bare branches to the four winds, bent and twisted from centuries of storm, and so black were they by time and tempest that, even if spring did breathe on such a place, no buds would dare to come to leaf for fear the late frost should kill themWe get an immediate sense of foreshadowing as Mary relatesNo human being could live in this wasted country and remain like other people the very children would be born twisted, like the blackened shrubs of broom, bent by the force of a wind that never ceased, blow as it would from east and west, from north and south Their minds would be twisted, too, their thoughts evil, dwelling as they must amidst marshland and granite, harsh heather and crumbling stone Once arriving in Bodmin, Mary learns that her aunt now lives out at the formidable Jamaica Inn where her uncle, Joss Merlyn, is the sinister and drunken proprietor of the now disreputable inn that welcomes no travelers but the vilest characters that scurry in from the darkness of the moors Mary finds Aunt Patience a changed and nearly unrecognizable personHer face had fallen away, and the skin was stretched tight across her cheekbones Her eyes were large and staring, as though they asked perpetually a question, and she had a little nervous trick of working her mouth Was this poor tattered creature the bewitching Aunt Patience of her dreams, dressed now like a slattern, and twenty years her ageThe suspense mounts as Mary discovers secrets and despicable acts that envelop the owner and the inn itself Like her aunt, will Mary now languish as her surroundings drain the life out of her Perhaps made of stronger stuff, Mary perseveres and manages to even wander the moors unattended trying to find answers to the mysteries that plague her sanity On these solitary ventures where the treacherous marshes place her at increasing risk, Mary encounters two singular individuals that seem to be quite adapted to the danger of the moors Jem Merlyn, brother to her infamous uncle, is a bit of an enigma with his charlatan ways, coarse appearance and sharp tongue yet irresistible, ruggedly handsome, and lively bearing Despite her better judgment, Mary falls for this manJem Merlyn was a man, and she was a woman, and whether it was his hands or his skin or his smile she did not know, but something inside her responded to him, and the very thought of him was an irritant and a stimulant at the same timeJust the right amount of romance ensues Mary also meets Francis Davey, the Vicar of Altarnun out on the moors where he rescues her as she finds herself lost and confused when trying to return to the inn The vicar s gentle manner and unusual appearance are a bit contradictory yet he often arrives at the right moment to save Mary from her predicaments time and again On one such occasion, we readMary looked up at the pale eyes in the colourless face, the halo of cropped white hair, and she thought again how strange a freak of nature was this man, who might be twenty one, who might be sixty, and who with his soft, persuasive voice would compel her to admit every secret her heart possessed, had he the mind to ask her She could trust him that at least was certain Still she hesitated, turning the words over in her mind One of my favorite things about du Maurier s writing, besides her ability to create a tremendous sense of atmosphere, is her incredible talent for bringing to life even those inanimate objects within her novels The houses in Jamaica Inn appear to live and breathe of their own accord and I loved reading about them The vicar s home is described hereThere was something strangely peaceful about the house, something very rare and difficult to define The room in which she was sitting had the quiet impersonality of a drawing room visited by night The furniture, the table in the centre, the pictures on the walls, were without that look of solid familiarity belonging to the day They were like sleeping things, stumbled upon at midnight by surpriseThe inn itself reflects a different sort of feelingThe house was treacherous tonight, her very footsteps sounding hollow on the flags, and there were echoes that came unbidden from the walls Even the kitchen, the one room in the house to possess some measure of warmth and normality, gaped back at her as she left it, yellow and sinister in the candle light As Mary tries to uncover the dark secrets of the inn and the covert operations of her uncle and his company, the reader is taken on a blood tingling trek between the bleak moors, the gaiety of the Launceston fair, the oppressiveness of Jamaica Inn, the strange tranquility of the vicar s home, and the wretched Cornwall coast Mary must learn who to trust the Vicar of Altarnun, Jem Merlyn, or Squire Bassat and his wife Will she be able to save herself and Aunt Patience from the horrors of the moors and the madness of the inn Grab a copy of this book, find a cozy corner, and hunker down for a very captivating read Overall, I liked it, however I wasn t totally enthralled I m not sure what exactly was missing for me, but I wasn t able to really connect with the characters and the story Still enjoyable, but wishing I didn t feel so detached while reading it. The Coachman Tried To Warn Her Away From The Ruined, Forbidding Place On The Rainswept Cornish Coast But Young Mary Yellan Chose Instead To Honor Her Mother S Dying Request That She Join Her Frightened Aunt Patience And Huge, Hulking Uncle Joss Merlyn At Jamaica Inn From Her First Glimpse On That Raw November Eve, She Could Sense The Inn S Dark Power But Never Did Mary Dream That She Would Become Hopelessly Ensnared In The Vile, Villainous Schemes Being Hatched Within Its Crumbling Walls Or That A Handsome, Mysterious Stranger Would So Incite Her Passions Tempting Her To Love A Man Whom She Dares Not Trust I just noticed this is my 900th review throws confettiWho knew classic novels could be so wonderfully creepy I knew this was gothic, but it still surprised me how disturbing it got murders, thieves, desolate land, and social isolation makes for one heck of an unsettling story I loved it Though ironically the one thing I did NOT love was the romance thrown in there the setup was fine but her emotions thoughts were a bit too intense and developed too quickly for my modern tastes I have read two other books by this author My Cousin Rachel and Rebecca and while I enjoyed them , I still think this is definitely worth picking up. Jamaica Inn, Du Maurier , Jamaica Inn , check in. This book is an excellent prime example, as to why I read Jamaica Inn made my heart beat just above the norm, obviously just to let me know that it is still doing it s job, but, Du Maurier seems to be masterful at messing with both my head and my heart, as this is the third time it has happened I m certainly not complaining This girl wants MORE This is a typical gothic style novel I love this kind of style, and with a creepy building involved, situated near the Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, made it even intriguing The building in question, Jamaica Inn, is a rather unwelcoming and deteriorating place, which the majority of people avoid like the plague The answer as to why that is, is uncovered when you read the book Goddamn, I want to unread this book just so I can experience it all again The main character, is 23 year old Mary Yellen, and she is pretty fearless, and I couldn t help but like her, even so as the novel progressed The character development within this story is incredible Du Maurier has an amazing writing style, and her descriptive language throughout is beautiful She kept me entirely hooked until the very end I liked the way Du Maurier brought in a little romance for Mary, without losing sight of the main plot It worked I had an inkling of what was going to happen at the end, but, it still didn t prepare me for what was to come On finishing this exquisite piece of literature, I cannot say that I feel entirely comfortable or at rest, but I can say, that that was probably what Du Maurier wanted, the reader to feel uneasy I cannot recommend this book enough DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES First published in 1935, this haunting gothic tale of adventure begins when a brave, young Mary Yellan adheres to her mother s dying wish that she live with her fun loving Aunt Patience, but upon arrival at the sinister looking and desolate JAMAICA INN, Mary finds her Aunt has turned into a gaunt nervous wreck of a person with a spirit destroyed by abuse and fear of her violent drunkard of a husband, Uncle Joss.As the story evolves and darkness falls.bad things.evil things happen on the moors of Jamaica Inn, but you ll also find a bit of romance, a somewhat predictable twist and another very atmospheric winner of a read by Daphne du Maurier.Be sure to check out the cool photos of the 18th century Jamaica Inn that still stands today This rancid mess is supposed to be a classic The attempt at 19th century prose falls flat like a dead thing Good god It has all the writerly skill of a romance novel, and a boring one at that With midnight smuggling and murder lurking behind a thinly veiled mystery, I expected THRILLS and CHILLS from this story.For its time, perhaps it was thrillingNO No, I will not defend it The what s going on behind the scenes tension is teased out to beyond caring and the characterizations are hackneyed Aunt Patience, the long suffering wife Come on alreadyDu Maurier came from an almost aristocratically artistic lineage The pretentious shit she says in interviews even makes her sound snobby With everyone in her artsy family looking on, she must have felt a great deal of pressure to produce No wonder her work of any notoriety is, in all likelihood, plagiarized.

If Daphne du Maurier had written only Rebecca, she would still be one of the great shapers of popular culture and the modern imagination Few writers have created magical and mysterious places than Jamaica Inn and Manderley, buildings invested with a rich character that gives them a memorable life of their own.In many ways the life of Daphne du Maurier resembles a fairy tale Born into a fami

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