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Jeff Gordon The First Ever Authorized Biography Of Jeff Gordon, The Four Time Championracing Legend For Over A Year, Garner Interviewed And Observed Gordon Atraces, Special Events, And At Home The Book Is Based On Extensive Interviewswith Gordon As Well As In Depth Interviews With Dozens Of Family Members, Friends, Competitors, And Colleagues, Some Of Whom Have Never Gone Onthe Record Before Jeff Speaks Candidly, Sometimes Brutally So, About Hischildhood, His Much Publicized Divorce, Those He Competed Against, Hisfamily, And Life After RacingThis Fully Illustrated Hardcover Biography Will Allow Privileged Access To Awealth Of Exclusive Unseen And Rare Material From Gordon S Personal Photoand Memorabilia Collection Gordon S Meteoric Rise Through Racing S Ranksis A Classic American Success Story Readers Will Find Inspiration In Gordon Scandid Take On His Pivotal Life Episodes

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[Ebook] ➢ Jeff Gordon  By Joe Garner –
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Jeff Gordon
  • Joe Garner
  • English
  • 01 October 2017
  • 9781603803960

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    A very good book about a one of the last great drivers to come up through NASCAR before NASCAR imploded When I picked this book up at the library I was sort of disappointed when I saw the lady bring it to the counter It was physically large, like a coffee table book, which a lot of times is packed with photos and not much information However that wasn t the case with this book It did contain tons of great photos, but was also not short on actual words It was a very interesting read This is the only Jeff Gordon book that I ve read, and will read I mean, come on, he s not Elvis I would recommend this book to other fans of Jeff

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    This was an interesting read for me considering I know nothing about about NASCAR or have any interest in the sport I happen to catch Jeff doing an interview on a hip hop radio show of all places In discussing the book, he seemed to have an interest story So I figured why not read something different Whether you re into NASCAR or not it s a good read.

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    I absolutely loved this book I have been a huge Jeff Gordon fan, but reading about his life made me even of a fan His drive and dedication to racing from the time he was five, is absolutely incredible to read about.

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    I was grateful for the insight this book gave me on the week of thanksgiving Being about a sport I cared not a lick about, it showcased than anything the doubt producing in pro sports, PR, and cultural revolution of a sports icon at the turn of the century The low rating was due primarily to the fact that I have never and will never be a diehard racecar watcher I have never seen 50 cars go 200 mph on a 1 mi track the ins and outs of lane bullying and cutting to the front through a final turn are gibberish to me Jeff Gordon, the wininingest race car driver before the meteoric 2011 rise of Jimmie Johnson, won so many races through the 36 race season that NASCAR thought it necessary to institute a race to the finish, the chase, playoff series to make the season interesting again for the average fan The turn of the century marked a huge change for sports Longtime regional sports were starting to gain national appeal as the introduction of digital TV and the greater reception of cable among Americans as a whole brought local sports into the national spotlight This increased revenue and fanbase attracted a wider range of enthusiasts and competitors Jeff Gordon started his days competing with the pros in his early teens and handedly winning open car, Busch League races before entering high school A racing prodigy driven by his overambitious step father, Jeff Gordon took the sport as seriously as an adult would from day one at four years old This passsion or drive or destiny showed and he was offered a gig in any of the major racing leagues NASCAR or formula 1 24 team and Jeff s unmatched success through the 2000s opened the door for scouting grounds anywhere one could fathom across amateur and foreign leagues Today s NASCAR is leagues competitive because of the millenium s anthropocentric evolution in scouting and popularity.It was disconcerting to read about NASCAR head Bill France Jr s telling the 24 team to slow down or they will be forced to slow down in his invincible 2008 season I always hoped professional sports wasn t rigged, but, alas, it is as shown in the following dialogue Jeff and I got direct orders from Bill France Jr., Don t stink up my show this week, Evernham recalls He said, You guys need to slow that thing down a little bit or I ll slow it down for you Both Evernham and Jeff found it flattering.Pro sports are made for their consumer market, trying to reach the biggest cities, with as broad of storylines as they can make If one person wins every race in the season, all other drivers across hometowns will lose hard earned fans.b c of Jeff s focus on PR and maintaining a loyal fan base, his 100 million in prize earnings pale in comparison to his endorsement deals, a product of living in Victory Lane

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    I grew up in the mid late 90 s and being the son of a big racing fan, it was easy to get swept up in NASCAR While I was too young to understand the complexity of auto racing or the celebrity culture that came with it, I clearly remember the days of Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt And Though neither of those 2 were my favorite I was a Sterling Marlin fan , it was always hard to ignore the rainbow paint scheme of the 24 car and his near constant positions towards the front of the field Jeff Gordon while definitely too short at just shy of 200 pages though at times feeling immensely longer too , did a fantastic job in highlighting and chronicling Jeff Gordon s meteoric rose to fame And pinpointing just why the guy was such a huge, albeit refreshing, change to the otherwise stuffy culture of NASCAR I started watching the sport in the mid 90 s and came in at the height of Gordon s career, so being able to learn about his upbringing, his past, and his constant drive to be the best, was a great experience and a much needed diversion from my normal reading fare My only complaint s , aside from the length, are fairly minor The layout was a bit strange I loved the pictures full color on my iPad , but their placement in the middle of chapters or slightly out of sync made for odd breaks in the text and sometimes, with the captions, ruined the suspense of the chapter I also found Garner s writing to be too simplistic and basic at times I know This was a biography and sometimes this genre doesn t really require tense, action packed, detailed sentences, but I ll just say that Garner is no Erik Larson Again, it s not bad writing, I totally enjoyed what was written, I just wanted .

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    As a long time NASCAR fan, I was really looking forward to reading this book about Jeff Gordon While he wasn t always my favorite driver he was major competition for some of my favorites , he certainly knew how to drive a race car and win I think that I was expecting dirt in this book His divorce from Brooke was kind of down played and I think that should have been talked about a little I think his personal life should have been shared .This book is definitely the life story of Jeff Gordon on the racing side The author did a great job of getting to know Jeff Gordon and the personalities who helped him gain his career One beef For such a large volume, the print could have been a little larger also.

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    The Jeff Gordon I didn t know Who knew This excellent work of non fiction reads like a novel Garner has made the story of Jeff Gordon s life and racing career not only enjoyable and fun to read, but so important in telling the true story about the real Jeff Gordon I now have a strong appreciation of who and what Jeff Gordon was and is Quite an amazing talent, but even importantly, an awesome human being Here, here to both JEFF s I sincerely hope many folks take the time to read this book

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    I am not much of a NASCAR fan but always enjoyed Jeff, his image and his driving After reading this book and learning about him, I am disappointed in Jeff and how he has chosen to live his life He is pluralistic in his views and totally lives in the world and lives for only what he thinks will make him happy He is a real disappointment He self admits that he is only worried about his image A very sad existence A well written book and story never the less.

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    A memorable walk down memory laneAn avid NASCAR fan in the early 90s through the early 2010 decade, reading this book took me back down memory lane I remember watching the first victory at the Coca Cola 600 race As an avid Rusty Wallace fan, the 24 team was one I d boo each race weekend But it is hard to not like Jeff s personality and dedication Truly enjoyed reading the history of how Jeff Gordon became Jeff Gordon.

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    Great bookI am a life long fan of Jeff Gordon after seeing him on Thursday Night Thunder He was an incredible talent and I enjoyed watching him dominate his competition This book gives a lot of what happened behind the scenes and is quite good If you re a fan of Jeff and NASCAR you ll enjoy this book.

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