Jennys War

Jennys War I really enjoyed this book it s about a ten year old girl called Jenny who lives in London with her mum dot But then Jenny has to go and live in the countryside Coz of the war and she ends up going to a really nice family who looks after her until mum decided she wants her back I m glad Jenny gets her happy ending don t really like dot that much Excellent, the story flowed, the poor girl Jenny, during the 2nd world war, and her terrible mother, would recommend. Is It Possible For A Ten Year Old Girl To Fall In Love Jenny Mercer Thought So Evacuated To Lincolnshire From The East End Of London At The Outbreak Of War, She Is Frightened Of The Wide Open Spaces And The Huge Skies At First, She Is Treated Badly By The Two Spinsters With Whom She Is Billeted But The Kindly Thornton Family Soon Makes Her Feel Welcome And No One So Than Georgie, The Handsome RAF Fighter Pilot, Who Is Caught Up In The Battle For Britain S Survival When Georgie Is Posted Missing, Presumed Killed, Jenny Is Devastated And There Is Heartbreak When Her Mother Demands That She Return Home To The Dangerous City Streets Now Under Almost Daily Attack From Enemy Bombers Well developed characters that you ll love hate somewhere in between Easy to read Was a little disappointed that it turned into a love story as that s just not my normal cup of tea, but it was good all the same. Would have given a 3.5 5 if I had been able The story centres around Jenny Mercer who is 10 years old when the book starts She is a Londoner born to a single feckless mother who does not stick with any man for too long At the start of WW2, Jenny is evacuated, ultimately to a well to do family featured in Ms Dickinson s book Sons and Daughters which is told from Charlotte s the lady of the house point of view the Thorntons, and she loves it there Unfortunately, her mother requests her to return to London, however before long they are forced to do a flit due to the spiv activities of her mother s boyfriend Arthur They move around in Derbyshire and Sheffield, and then due to circumstances move again a couple times I found this part interesting due to being a Sheffielder with links to Derbyshire, and also the part when the family lived in the old village Derwent which was along with Ashopton later cleared and flooded out to make the Ladybower Reservoir. I really enjoyed this book with all its twists and turns and it kept me reading til the last page Of course it helps that these books are set in a part of the UK that is familiar to me, but even so, its a good, light read Jenny Mercer is 10 years old her Mum Elsie is a single mum, with many boyfriends or uncles as Jenny calls them The children are evacuated and Jenny goes to Linclolnshire and lives with the Thornton family they live in a huge house abd look after Jenny Jenny likes there son Georgie he s very handsome, however Jenny is heartbroken when Georgie has to go back to the RAF and even when Georgie has gone missing possibly killed Her mother wants her home again Jenny refuses at first but has to return home, even although deep down she knows her mother has never wanted her But what kind of a future does Jenny have and will she ever see Georgie again I really enjoyed this book, I felt sorry for Jenny, this book was very easy to read and follow definetely recommend. As you can see I read this book really quickly simply because it was so easy to read It transported me to a completely different world One of war time England and the troubles and hardships faced by teenage Jenny Mercer who s own mother never really loved her In this book we learn about love loyalty hardships and endurance and the sense of all going right in the end despite everything pointing the opposite way We read about the hardships Jenny faces and the injustices forced upon her and also the redeeming love she finds in the end Yes I would recommend this book. We first meet Jenny as a truculent 10 year old from East London, evacuated to rural Lincolnshire Taken in by local squire Miles and his wife Charlotte, refuses to co operate with them The only one who can win her round is youngest son, Georgie, an RAF pilot After eventually settling and coming to love the Thorntons and the area where they live, Jenny is forced to go back to London by her single Mum Dot and fancy man Arthur From there, she is forced to aid Arthur in his black market activities How Jenny eventually makes her way back to Lincolnshire and Georgie makes a delightful rites of passage novel As always, with Margaret Dickinson s novels, the setting whether it s Lincolnshire or a near deserted village in Derbyshire makes it seem very real. Book Review Jenny s War by Margaret DickinsonPublished by PanmacmillanISBN 978 0 330 54430 6This is a very good easy read novel, the sort of book you like to curl up on the sofa with, coffee in hand, to escape from your own world for a little while.The plot is well crafted, following the life of Jenny Mercer with all its ups and downs It takes you from when Jenny is just 10 years old right through until she is a full grown, beautiful young woman with the future at her finger tips Jenny s life does not get off to a good start, living in the East End of London with her mother, who never wanted her, and her mother s succession of boyfriends, all occurring during the thick of world war II Jenny is evacuated to Lincolnshire and life improves but is this the end of the tale I will leave it to you to find out.The characters are beautifully drawn picture images in your mind and I challenge you not to fall in love with the young Jenny I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anybody who fancies a little escapism, there are no deep controversial issues to face and no hard work to do as you read It is a heart warming story which brings the realities of living Britain during World War II to life It will give insight to any younger readers who never experienced this time and nostalgic moments for those who are old enough to remember living through it themselves.Personal read 4 5Group read 2 5 as there wouldn t be an awful lot to discuss unless your reading group is made up of older members who remember the war.

Born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, Margaret Dickinson moved to the coast at the age of seven and so began her love for the sea and the Lincolnshire landscape Her ambition to be a writer began early and she had her first novel published at the age of twenty five This was followed by many further titles including Plough the Furrow, Sow the Seed and Reap the Harvest, which make up her Lincolnshire

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