Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season (Jesper Jinx, #2)

Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season (Jesper Jinx, #2)Jesper Jinx is back again in book 2 called Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season Jesper is the eleven year old boy who has eleven year old things on his mind Mainly, how to cause mischief for his sister, Melinda, day dreaming about his future not yet girlfriend, Chloe and performing boredom busters with his best pal, Oliver As in the first book there is a unique relationship between the character Jesper and the writer of his stories The writer, or scribbler as he is called by Jesper, lives in Puffington Hill with him and gets front row seats to Jesper s stories but only if he promises not to publish his stories Book 2 continues in its hilarity as we follow Jesper through his everyday life.In book 2 we are introduced to a girl, Chloe, who Jesper believes is the most beautiful girl in the universe and his future girlfriend even though she doesn t know that yet In the first chapter we follow Jesper as he tries desperately to perform a chivalric act for Chloe only to have his efforts thwarted I couldn t help but feel sympathy for Jesper as his good deed ended up in a mishap as it was just pure bad luck Jesper s life seems to be one misadventure after another Some of own his own doing and some, well, bad luck just seems to follow him around.The chapter of which the title of the book is named is another adventure where Jesper meets disaster There is a competition to win a 50 pound note if someone can capture a rare purple buzzard in a award winning photo Jesper s family make it into a outdoor family adventure One funny moment is when Jesper s mom plays tricks on everyone by getting them to run around claiming she saw the bird Even moms can have some fun In the end Jesper finds the rare bird and initially gets a shot of it but because of a world breaking sneeze he loses the picture A funny twist is found in the following chapter told by Rosie the Squirrel who lets us in on the whole set up with the purple buzzard Also of note in this chapter are the illustrations particularly, the cute baby photo of Jesper on the potty and the picture of the sneeze heard around the world In the end Jesper s efforts are thwarted but this time it was his own doing with a little help from a squirrel.My favourite chapter is the diary wars with his sister Melinda First, Jesper and his friend Oliver enact one of their famous boredom busters on Melinda Jesper should have known his sister would pay him back some how She does so by reading his diary where he has professed in writing what he thinks about Chloe Melinda then uses that info to send Jesper down a path of his own embarrassment I found this chapter ties everything together nicely with Chloe and it also restored my faith that good things will happen to even the most accident, mishap, disaster prone people of the world Jesper would be able to check off one of the items from his top secret bucket list In regards to the relationship between Chloe and Jesper I would have preferred if the author had expanded Jesper s reasons for liking her to include then just the superficial reason of her looks In his diary the focus was only on her eyes and hair which I find stereotypical After reading the last chapter I found Chloe to have many other desirable qualities A skilled reader might pick up on these but I m not too sure about younger less experienced reader If the book is read as a read aloud then a teacher or parent could discuss in detail In the end Jesper is happy to just go on a date with Chloe even though she is now bald This made me very happy because I was worried that Jesper would respond in a negative superficial manner, but he didn t I enjoyed this twist of Jesper s character because it means the author is building a complex character.There is a lot going on in Jesper s life It is not an easy time for kids in their preteen years Jesper is becoming an enduring character who you know will have funny, interesting stories as he navigates the tumultuous years of preteen life The scribbler and Puffington Hill have to look forward too And if you sign the contract you will find in the book which is an absolute must, you too can take part in the many misadventures and antics of Jesper Jinx. GOODREADS GIVEAWAY First of all, if your name is Jesper Jinx do NOT read this review Today I ve read about the hilarious adventures of Jesper Jinx Everything this poor boy does, ends up into a calamity I mean, really, even the animals are against him like a monstrous sea gull, a purple buzzard and a grinning squirrel But fortunately, because Jesper s heart is at the right place funny thing to say I have never met someone with his or her heart at the wrong place Imagine hearing your heart beat in your foot for example , some of his adventures don t end totally bad. Book Two in the Jesper Jinx series is another highly entertaining read If you have already read Book One you will notice some familiarity but these new stories are fabulous At last we get to know about Chloe, Jesper s future girlfriend Jesper has devised a perfect plan to impress Chloe, and it s really good fun As usual it doesn t all go to plan The main story is Jesper Jinx and the Purple Buzzard It s a really good story and here s where the Sneezing Season comes into it s own Jesper decides to take part in a photo competition after learning about the prize money on offer He has to endure a day out of his comfort zone, bird watching and he is accompanied by other prize wining hunters To add to Jesper s dilemma, he s got to put up with his parents and his older sister, Melinda Plus, her best friend Bella and her parents In this story you ll meet a new character called Rosie, a grinning squirrel with an attitude.Will Jesper get that winning photograph of the Purple Buzzard He had a perfect opportunity, but did he manage to take it or did something unexpected happen The story Payback With A Vengeance by Rosie the Squirrel Unknown to Jesper Jinx, Rosie has been stalking him, and she has a well constructed plan in mind It s a very clever story, that s actually linked to the main story It has something to do with an event a few days earlier You ll get introduced to Rosie s silent husband Ronald Jesper Jinx and the Diary Wars is hilarious It s time to launch a Boredom Breaker Jesper has devised a wicked plan to try out on his suspicious sister, Melinda With a little help by his best friend Oliver, he invites Melinda to a balancing challenge With the additional temptation of a ten pound note, Jesper convinced his sister that she could win Snowy the cat makes a brief appearance but only to witness the event Having lost the challenge Melinda plots a revenge plan, with the help of information illegally taken from Jesper s secret diary Unfortunately for Jesper, he believes that Chloe s been a victim of his own prank on Melinda I won t spoil what actually happened, but yes, it really is hilarious and most amusing So there we have it, fun from start to finish This story is set at a good pace and it s very clever and very well written Warning This book may cause uncontrollable laughter I really like the fabulous black and white illustrations in this 153 page book They add yet another dimension to the lively story line I recommend this book for an age range of eight to twelve years It will also make good family reading.More good news Book Three is coming soon Author, Marko Kitti s next book is called Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper I m already looking forward to reading this Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season packs quite a number of laughs Jesper is his usual mischievous self and his adventures and experiences are even funnier As usual Marko warns the reader not to divulge the secret of the existance of the book or to discuss it in case Jesper finds out about it This story is all about how a squirrel gets her revenge on the boy who hurt her husband mind you it was an accident on Jesper s part Jesper is also interested in a girl and Marko describes how he goes about trying to get her attention There is some sibling fights as usual between Jesper and his sister and the most interesting is Jesper s top secret bucket list The story is well written and Marko sticks to his usual humour throughout the book His style of writing as though directly talking to the reader and narrating an incident is wonderful Frankly I would love to meet Jesper in person and get to know him This is definitely worth a read for all Jesper fans out there Careful, just as Marko warned us about not telling anyone about the story, don t let Jesper know about this review either 11 year old Jesper Jinx is back for a second helping of stories of the world s unluckiest, mischievous prankster Having previously read the first in the wonderful children s series, Jesper Jinx Volume One, I am still bound by the Secrecy Agreement the author Marko Kitti asks every reader to sign as Jesper is not allowed to know of the existence of these series of books Just in case you somehow missed the first book, fear not, the Secrecy Agreement is in this one ready for readers, young and old, to sign If you are new to the Jesper Jinx series he is 11 years old and lives in Puffington Hill on the South Coast of England with his Mum, Dad, 12 year old sister Melinda and Snowy the cat He is in possession of a very vivid imagination and hates to be bored To relieve his boredom he, along with his best friend Oliver, play lots of pranks but they have a tendency to backfire.In this collection of stories we see Jesper ignoring his parents and not taking his allergy pills hence Sneezing Season , sandwich stealing seagulls, a purple buzzard, a vengeful squirrel that costs Jesper 50, diary wars between Jesper and Melinda and 2 very extreme haircuts Overall, this is another collection of Jesper Jinx stories that children from the age of 8 and adults like me will love No matter what Jesper does things seem to go wrong in most cases, but in the turmoil some things do work out OK in the end for him.At around 150 pages the stories are relatively short but are hilarious, fun and expertly written in a way that children will engage with The author writes these books as though he is having a personal conversation with the reader which is engaging and makes the reader a conspirator in keeping the book secret from poor Jesper maybe I shouldn t be writing a review of the book, hopefully Jesper won t see it.A fun collection of stories that children will love to read and want Jesper Jinx is back this time with new adventures and new mishaps and a bucket list too We are also introduced to Chloe, his future girlfriend and so much But, I can t tell you Because I signed the secrecy agreement So, the only way you can find out what Jesper is up to now is by reading the book.I love this series And not least because Jesper is such a fun character, but also because everybody else is caricatured amazingly well The elder sister, the nosy neighbour, the best friend and even the cheeky squirrel are all captured so beautifully, that flipping from page to page is the most pleasurable experience.This book is perfect for tween age girls and boys with a penchant for mischief though maybe, not so much for their parents Marko Kitti s language is simple, the sentences are short and witty and the characters quirky enough to keep you grinning throughout.But my favorite part of the book is the unwavering humor that s maintained all through from page 1 to the final the end Written the way it is, this difficult job is made to look effortless by the author.BOTTOMLINE Jesper Jinx is the book I would read if I wanted company through a particularly difficult time So, parents, do yourself a favor by reading it and do your kids a favor by introducing it to them.Happy reading For reviews like this, check out Jesper JinX and the Sneezing SeasonBook TwoOnce again, Marko Kitti is willing to take you on a fun but slightly mischievous adventure with eleven year old, Jesper Set in the lovely seaside village of Puffington Hill, we are introduced to another set of tales of Jesper s antics both contrived and accidental Jesper spies the love of his life on the beach with her friend In his eyes, she s the most beautiful eleven year old girl in the universe and she s hungry Jesper tries to remedy this situation by taking her a sandwich However, the seagulls of Puffington Hill are a lot smarter and quicker than Jesper and take advantage of him From here the story takes flight sorry for the pun as Jesper considers the advantages of earning 50 pounds for photographing a rare purple buzzard He suffers the consequences of spitting out his allergy medication, the revenge of a rather spiteful squirrel and yet still finds the energy to plan and execute a very deceitful trick on his older, annoying teenage sister As the author explains, the book was created in spring a time when pollen floats about in the air and infiltrates people s nostrils for this reason and , it seems most fitting that the book is titled, Sneezing Season.I have no doubt that any child aged 7 will enjoy this book Like the first book it is smart, fast and just odd ball enough to hold the reader s attention until the end I enjoyed the interactive voices shared between the narrator, the author and the other characters in the book It s quirky and fun and bound to be a winner with anyone aged 7 to 77 or even older Jesper Jinx Is Eleven, And Probably The Unluckiest Person In All Of Puffington Hill Everything He Touches Seems To End Up In Sweet Disaster Hence His Nickname JinxIt S Spring Time In Puffington Hill, And The Most Unforgettable Sneezing Season Ever For Jesper In This Book, Packed Full Of New Wonderfully Wicked Adventures, You Re Going To Get To Know Chloe, Jesper S Long Time Future Girlfriend, And Meet A Purple Buzzard From The Tropical Island Of Buzzupurplu Also, There S Rosie, The Grinning Squirrel With An Attitude And The Infamous Diary WarsWARNING This Book Causes Uncontrollable Laughter Contains The Stories JESPER JINX And The PURPLE BUZZARD, JESPER JINX And The DIARY WARS And A Bonus Story JESPER S EXTREMELY TOP SECRET BUCKET LIST SynopsisJesper Jinx is eleven, and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster Hence his nickname Jinx.It s Spring time in Puffington Hill, and the most unforgettable Sneezing Season ever for Jesper In this book, packed full of new wonderfully wicked adventures, you re going to get to know Chloe, Jesper s long time future girlfriend, and meet a Purple Buzzard from the tropical island of Buzzupurplu Also, there s Rosie, the grinning Squirrel with an attitude and the infamous Diary Wars.WARNING This book causes uncontrollable laughter Contains the stories JESPER JINX and the PURPLE BUZZARD, JESPER JINX and the DIARY WARS and a bonus story JESPER S EXTREMELY TOP SECRET BUCKET LIST My Review This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review I read the previous Jesper Jinx book last year and found it comical, this was no different, especially since I am familiar with the style and format of the series already Coming from personal experience with seagulls stealing lunch, I feel for poor Jesper and I certainly wasn t trying to impress anyone I particularly love the Boredom Breaker Jesper is a master at coming up with pranks and ideas, granted often than not they come back at him Even as an adult I find this book to be humorous and can only imagine how they would be for a young reader granted I don t want my Munchkin learning any of Jesper s tricks to use on me. Eleven year old Jesper Jinx has a good heart usually , but no matter how hard he tries, luck never seems to be on his side The author, Marko Kitti, leads readers through a few of Jesper s unfortunate adventures and tons of laughter There are several things I really enjoyed about this book The first was the humor It s perfect for kids in that age group and mixed with the wonderful illustrations 40 in all , even the reluctant boy readers will be lured in The author narrates during and in between the adventures, making the reader promise to never let Jesper know they ve learned of his mishaps The reader even is asked to sign a contract The stories themselves are broken down into short reads, which allow the reader to set down the book and come back without feeling over whelmed at any time But this is true of the overall length as well at around 150 pages, kids won t shudder in fear when they see the book The adventures are light hearted and fun, and one can t help but wishing that Jesper would at least reach his goal once But he carries on and never seems frustrated or beat down Jesper is a great kid, packed with life and tons of ideas I can definitely recommend this to kids who simply like fun reads.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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