Jude the Obscure

Jude the Obscure Jude Fawley S Hopes Of A University Education Are Lost When He Is Trapped Into Marrying The Earthy Arabella, Who Later Abandons Him Moving To The Town Of Christminster Where He Finds Work As A Stonemason, Jude Meets And Falls In Love With His Cousin Sue Bridehead, A Sensitive, Freethinking New Woman

A Pair of Blue Eyes in 1873 In the novel, Hardy chose to leave one of his protagonists, Knight, literally hanging off a cliff staring into the stony eyes of a trilobite embedded in the rock that has been dead for millions of years This became the archetypal and literal cliff hanger of Victorian prose Excerpted from

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  • Jude the Obscure
  • Thomas Hardy
  • English
  • 01 July 2019
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    i have just discovered betterbooktitles.com, so i am including this, but it is a total spoiler, so be warned view spoiler hide spoiler

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    If you like sunshine, unicorns, and lollipops, then you probably won t like this book If it s raining and you re vaguely manic depressive or if you just want to sit around for a few hours and feel sorry for someone other than yourself well, Jude s your man I can t fault Hardy s talents at controlling the mood Even before it became horrendously horrendous, there was a pall of doom that hung over everything that poor Jude touched.

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    But his dreams were as gigantic as his surroundings were small I realize wistfully that I cannot revisit all books I read and loved a long time ago Oh, how I regret not having an endless existence to go back and revisit my most precious memories However, I have so many new celebrated novels yet to explore I read Jude the Obscure when I was in college, I was so young but used to read whenever I did not have class or did not have to study If I remember correctly, I discovered it in an English Literature class I was exposed to marvels through it that are never far away Yes, I loved Thomas Hardy s appealing protagonist I liked that he wanted to advance himself, but no effort would be enough for him to rise above his social status in those times He is continually knocked out in his aspirations His love life is no successful, as he seems to choose unsuitable women People go on marrying because they can t resist natural forces, although many of them may know perfectly well that they are possibly buying a month s pleasure with a life s discomfort Thus, Jude represents almost every men of his time in England or maybe many other places From the title we understand that he is an obscure man for his choices make no sense If I remember correctly, all along we are reminded of what could have been Nothing could be melancholic Despite my lack of maturity at the time I read it and the gloom that involves the novel, a feeling of amazement still rises in me when I think of it Thomas Hardy must have been a master to inspire me so at my youth Somebody might have come along that way who would have asked him his trouble, and might have cheered him by saying that his notions were further advanced than those of his grammarian But nobody did come, because nobody does and under the crushing recognition of his gigantic error Jude continued to wish himself out of the world I might one day yet decide to go back to this great book.___ Note quotes from Goodreads.

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    Thomas Hardy ended his brilliant career writing novels, with this book, Jude the Obscure , because of the adverse reaction in Victorian England , this was thought unseemly, immoral, not a decent product , you didn t parade such filth to the public, but he did, almost fifty years too early, yet liking poetry , it was not a hard decision for him to stop, back to his first love, making exquisite poems In the tail end of the 19th century two intelligent , but undisciplined, rather immature first cousins, meet, and fall in love, Jude Fawley and pretty, independent, Sue Bridehead, Jude s great ambition is to better himself, attend the university at Christminister, Oxford studying alone , friendless, for ten long years, Latin, Greek and ancient classical literature, in the small country village of impoverished Marygreen, the orphan living with an unsympathetic, cold , great aunt, Drusilla, the spinster, she warns him about the many bad marriages in the family, not caring, but instead seeing the far distant glorious lights of the fabled city, the poor boy has the gift, but lacks money or family connections, in a class conscious society, he wouldn t be welcomed at schoolBefore encountering Sue, her mother dead and estranged from the father, Jude makes a tragic error in judgement , marrying the scheming, coarse, Arabella Donn, the daughter of a pig farmer, she forces him to the altar by a lie, she was in trouble sorry , a mistakehe pursues a profession he hates, being a stonemason, having learned earlier the skill as a boy, still all his hopes, dreams, fantasies are crushed, scattered to the wind, his detested life in poverty will always be, for the would be scholar Arabella exits, to the other side of the world, Australia, they are not compatible, no surprise, too many disagreements, and Sue enters for a short time until Mr.Richard Phillotson, Jude s old schoolmaster, mentor, in Marygreen, and only friend, gives Sue a job as a teacher in a nearby town, at the urging of Mr.Fawley, she needed the job, people are not comfortably, the cousins living together, innocently they say, especially in the Christian city of ChristministerThe school instructor twenty years Sue s senior, asks her to marry him, she agrees, even as her love for Jude grows, Miss Bridehead thinks it will be for the best, into a respectable situation, live as a decent woman, and not being a burden to Jude, just one little problem arises, she loathes the kindly, thoughtful, unattractive gentleman, something makes her skin crawl, when he touches her and the feelings won t leave Sue and Jude constantly meet, talk and kiss, the passion is there , but the complications are too Every time Jude passes the university, on the street, his sad eyes observe, the mind wonders , the ache begins, for what might have been, he can never forget

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    3.5 5To read of Tess or Jude I was completely undecided, so took the action of a coin toss to decide for me.Problem, had not a penny in my pocket, so whisked out a visa card and launched it across the room.Frontside up TessBackside up JudeJude it was then Don t worry Tess, you will have your day He might have won my card toss but there is no winning in Hardy s final novel A novel of such bleak and devastating intensity it s little wonder he finally called it a day Stirring up a feeling of failure and disappointment in life, the protagonist Jude Fawley is a scholarly chap who aspires from an early age to study in the university town of Christminster, situated in Hardy s fictional county of Wessex, become a clergyman, and distinguish himself in the world.But two women would enter his life, Arabella and cousin Sue, to ruin everything..His tragic story moved me in such a way that was almost unbearable, too painful to comprehend, the light at the end of the tunnel didn t even exist Jude is brought up by his old Aunt and is devoted to a local schoolmaster, Phillotson, and dreams of following in his footsteps after he moves to the Oxford like town of Christminster He builds a fantasy life for himself, and believes this is based on his entire destiny, well, that is until the selfish Arabella Donn enters the frame, followed by unhappy Sue Bridehead What happens next , we have murder suicide, failed marriage, a miscarriage, deathly illness and loss of faith, could a novel be depressing.Hardy skewers the cruelty and hypocrisy of the way society works He shows how, even in moments when men attempt to do something about the injustice of it all, they end up merely papering over the problem so that they don t have to see what s amiss.I have to say it s very well written, and clearly see why Hardy is regarded so highly, you take all three central characters to heart, it s impossible not to, and his portrayal of the villages and countryside evokes such feelings within, however, I am unconvinced that Hardy s critiques of Christianity and marriage are altogether just and reasonable, but do recognize the truth for love in the hearts of Sue and Jude, through their anguish and hopelessness, their anxiety and grief.Of the other earthy characters in it, dare I say they actually made me laugh at times, but generally any cheerfulness is on a very small level to say the least.As for Hardy s career as a novelist, it s a shame that he ended it so soon, he here proves himself to be one of the great creators of complex characters with emotionally devastating problems, grabbing the readers attention in a very short period of time, I didn t think it was the masterpiece some might see it as, but did leave a very strong impression on me.I even felt sorry for the Pig.

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    799 Jude The Obscure, Thomas HardyJude the Obscure, the last completed novel by Thomas Hardy, began as a magazine serial in December 1894 and was first published in book form in 1895 Its protagonist, Jude Fawley, is a working class young man, a stonemason, who dreams of becoming a scholar The other main character is his cousin, Sue Bridehead, who is also his central love interest The novel is concerned in particular with issues of class, education, religion and marriage 1984 400 1362 600 1372 7

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    Finally read it This one was so often interrupted and left for dead I guess it was better to keep straining the eyes and pausing after glorious upon glorious sentence for better understanding Yeah he s one of those authors often times associated with Greatness, with good reason The Return of the Native is another interrupted and altogether discarded novel which had incredible prospects This one rollercoasters from Dickensian beginnings Jude the pauper and dreamer to omnipresent tragedy yes Shakespearean modern, too Jude is an Everyman cursed by an even larger figure the pre feminist minx In the case of Jude, being associated to a woman in a then bizarre two in one ness is The Fatal Flaw And not just to any woman Sue Bridehead, a Bovary ian counterpart, is ambivalent and mean and unromantic Of course she will singlehandedly betray Jude s affections, break his heart She is a sad drama queen, every woman in this novel is an antagonist There is a downfall to this modest Everyman, sure, and though it is propagated by his unfortunate mistake of falling for a BITCH, there are outside influences which too contribute to the misery that pervades.Jude is an idiot, of course, and the moral is clear, though other themes insert themselves with automatic ambition, themes such as Marriage this book should be mandatory for anyone studying the rituals of the dreadful lawful union , Christianity, Urban Sprawl, Social Decay, Shattered Dreams, Lowly Expectations.It is a difficult read, and I am happy to put it behind me It is a sure fire classic, as grand a production as any writer can produce I will read it again when I have time patience I predict within the next ten 15 years.

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    Casi ten a miedo de leer Jude porque me hab an vendido esta historia como un DRAMA SIN FIN, y no s si es que me he hecho ya al estilo Hardy, pero no me ha parecido para tanto Es cierto que resulta impactante por una serie de acontecimientos del desenlace pero no me gustar a quedarme solo con eso Me ha parecido una novela muy cr tica con la sociedad victoriana en much simos aspectos, con personajes muy complejos encerrados en una poca en la que son incapaces de ser felices por culpa de las convenciones sociales, siendo ellos muy adelantados a su poca o su pa s He disfrutado de cada p gina por el estilo tan especial del autor y hay personajes como Sue y Arabella que me han fascinado Sigo recomendando encarecidamente empezar con este autor por Lejos del mundanal ruido

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    God had created woman for the sole purpose of tempting and testing man One must not approach her without defensive precautions and fear of possible snares She was, indeed, just like a snare, with her lips open and her arms stretched out to man Guy de Maupassant, Clair de Lune.I wonder who the real tragic protagonist in Hardy s tale of doomed love and transcendental disillusion is What seems evident according to the incriminating behavior of the female characters in the story is that women are not to be trusted for their either manipulative or gullible nature Many might easily consider Sue Bridehead, Jude s alma mater, the major villain of this wretched story A perverse seductress full of inessential stratagems and provocative pouts, whose tribulations ruin the lives of two good hearted men, tantalizing them with sharp mind and incorporeal beauty.One can throw stones at this treacherous creature based on false social embodiments of love and despise her impetuous rebellion or choose to dig deeper and endure acute spiritual turmoil in an inner battle of wills between abstract ideology and constrained reality.One can focus on Sue s ellusive actions and self centered individualism or see her as a token of the transition between the new and the old mental frame of the semi liberated female in Victorian society, whose entanglement in centuries of sexual enslavement and intellectual repression brings her to continuous inner conflict.One can choose to condemn those who attempt to struggle against centuries of subjection or be forgiving for the inconsistencies that define humankind and its perplexing contradictions Because when human nature is tamed by oppressive convention or shackled by fundamentalist morality, abrupt and almost unpardonable reactions can unchain from the most emancipated and spiritually untainted individuals There is something external to us which says, You shan t First it said, You shan t learn , Then it said, You shan t labour , Now it says, You shan t love 357 In the end, Sue s gravest betrayal is to turn against her own convictions when her willpower fails under the pressure of social stigma and the corrosive guilt that comes from horrific calamity.Call me biased but I choose not to condemn Sue Bridehead I choose to embrace her obscure mystery and all the ambiguity of her complex psyche instead.If Sue evokes the torn nature of humanity trapped between turbulently opposed tides, Jude s genteel and innocent morality arises as the soothing balm for the restless soul in the still pool of rationality.Jude s rootless origins are as inert as Marygreen, the place where he grows up as part of the emerging tradesmen class His uncommon sensitiveness and his sense of ideal justice nurture this dreamy laborer s aspirations to attend College in Christminster, the alluring cultural town next to Marygreen, to become a learned scholar and a man of wisdom But the the law of nature can t be fooled indefinitely and lofty ideals need to be confronted with animal instinct when the allure of the flesh surpasses the call of the mind Arabella, the merciless huntress and the archetype of Victorian female in search of economic security through marriage, lures Jude into a permanent contract based on a temporary feeling which has no necessary connection with affinities and a marital life of shared misery leads the couple to walk their separate ways.Free from his conjugal ties, Jude starts treading the path of his dreams and moves to Christminster, where he finds work as a stonemason refurbishing the phantasmagorical walls of the same elitist Colleges that turn him down because of his humble origins When the stagnant medievalism of Christminster s cultural hollowness becomes evident, Jude finds in ethereal Sue the perfect substitute for his idealistic aspirations, clinging blindly to a body and mind consuming passion that can t be fully reciprocated by a woman who identifies physical sexuality with submission to social convention We ought to have lived in mental communion, and no 372 Who commits the greater sin The sightless or the guileless The one who clings to ghostly reflection of the idealized mirage or the one who fumbles with faltering candlelight amidst the engulfing darkness of moral hypocrisy The devotedly religious or the unredeemed pagan The ethical collectivist or the self destructive individualist The law of men might seem crueler than the law of nature but Hardy s equally haunting and lyrical prose oozing with symbolic realism shows otherwise Nature is as astonishing a miracle as it is an inescapable curse Two pure doves are liberated only to be hunted down again to have their hearts ripped out to produce a fake love potion by a perfidious quack, a rabbit caught in a gin bellows in agony bleeding to a slow and agonizing death, a compassionate man dies alone with a feeble blessing on his cracked lips, a heedless woman punishes herself masochistically with a long lasting self debasement and spiritual corruption Only the pig is spared an excruciating suffering with a fast kill in the hands of clement Jude, whose fate won t grant him the same luxury Nature is the bleak mirror of doomed existence and certain obliteration A mirror that Hardy turns around to us proving we are all characters of his dire novel and that the world is a too much obscure place for those visionaries whose ephemeral light glows ahead of their time, regardless of hollow social constraints and racking tragedy The rawness of nature will eventually find all the characters in this novel called life and their only choice will be whether to face her with bitter damnation or with a forgiving blessing on their lips I choose not to condemn I choose to embrace I choose to absolve I choose to be merciful What will your choice be But no one came Because no one ever does 45

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