Just Another Number

Just Another Number This book was torture to read Aside from the glaring mistakes of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, I found the writing to be that of a girl who has been told she writes well but doesn t actually write well I did not find any of the stories particularly engaging they all seemed devoid of emotion and sincerity Though the tag line is, Every grave I dug for myself was in the name of a man , the book didn t seem to support that She tried to play each of her one night stands off as her being too good for each of them when, really, if she d focused on the desperation of finding and hooking up with each one, it would have made the book better Instead, she used crassness and vulgarity to shock the reader, but none of it was very shocking.Also, Ashley Taborsky, an editor you are not I have never read such mistake riddled nonsense. I do not consider myself a feminist I am a female who was sexually harassed at very young ages and who was very starved for that male approval I couldn t get from my dad I enjoyed this book thoroughly Maggie does a superb job illustrating her experiences in a way that offers both insight and perspective without apologizing or preaching I, personally, related a great deal to her experiences overall A few, I related to so closely I had to literally laugh out loud at how predictable men can be Women, too, but the men really made me laugh I look back at my own, VERY similar experiences and I laugh now that I m in my 40s Everything I did and experienced was in the 1980s, while Maggie s had to be at least a solid generation later, and, still, it could have been the same story minus social media s role.I suffer, some, with a PTSD type of reaction to unsolicited sexual advances, now that I m much older and have had time to let it all sink in However, I m very happy to say that this book did not trigger any sort of a reaction I found myself feeling almost freed because I knew I was not the only one.My 24 year old son asked me if a man would enjoy reading this book I am not sure My initial thought is they would only like it for the graphic sex scenes, which were very well done in my opinion They did not drag on and merely served to give us a feel for what happened I told my son that I thought, some men, might be embarrassed for their own past thoughts and or actions I m just not sure.I also cannot recommend whether or not someone else should read it I never enjoy reading graphic sexual situations in books, but this book requires them I believe that, if someone had similar experiences, a similar history of these sorts of decisions, they may very well enjoy and or benefit from Maggie s recounts.As for improving anything I found myself wanting a little resolution or of a take away something but I also realize that not all stories can offer those and that Maggie s story is not over yet I am certain she has so much to say Maggie, thank you so much for being brave enough to write this book I ve considered doing something similar, but because of my children, I simply am not that brave yet I admire and am proud of you. Generation Y female meets uber masculine military.What right has this young woman to write a memoir you might ask when her life is not yet midway through Well if the best writing is that which makes both the writer and reader uncomfortable then this intelligent, frank discourse on gender politics pushes all the right buttons But in a good way This isn t some bitter rant It s a rant which illuminates the human condition worthy of Palahniuk Where there s vitriol it is insightful This is a well written philosophical treatise on the mating rituals and tribulations of the young adult who refuses to fit an outdated mould With Maggie Young s talent for prose she could easily have masked her experience in the guise of fiction but chose instead to put herself out there This trek to emotional freedom for the author is forthright, brutally honest, funny and sad in equal measure and reveals not only what it is to be female in the uber masculine world of the military, but also what it is to be a member of Generation Y with all of your mistakes, experiments and growing catalogued on the internet A deeply personal and gritty tale which must have put some noses out of joint however the sense of truth inherent in an insider expose such as this results in a compelling read. Ugh I wanted to like this book so badly It takes guts to write so openly about ones life as she did, and she told a story many women can relate to, but I had to force myself to get through this book It s written like an unedited first draft of a book It s scattered and she often repeats herself The author comes across as the type of person that swears they re not racist but then constantly says racist and transphobic remarks And who still uses the R word in an insulting way Two stars for how open the author is about her past and her feelings. Just Another Number is a loud and lewd coming to age memoir, where one is never sure the author has exorcised her demons This memoir is both engaging and trying at the same time the author s Sisyphean struggle with weight and men provides a conflict, which she seeks to overcome throughout her tale The language is bold and direct Sometimes the reader is left wondering if the tone is meant to sensationalize here tale The book interesting like a diary, whereby the reader is able to assess the writer s thought process, when she made some questionable choices as a younger woman The structure of the book could use some tightening, because many times the chapters which are named after the numeric position of her male acquaintances have little to do with those individuals, and to do with the author s life, so the correlation wasn t there Overall this book is filled with fast moving prose and enough sensationalism like it was spoken from the tongue of a raconteur. Just Another Number by Maggie Young is not for the reserved I was a bit shy, relating to Maggie Maggie is a Tennessee southern bell breaking free, and breaking all the rules It s a woman s view of taking charge in a mans world Rebellious Being a woman,, yet acting like a man Maggie s Navy tour eventually breaks all of her personal and professional expectations Full of sexual encounters, and sensual escapades The numbers represent her growth from teen to woman, as she labels and vividly describes each man along the way She gender switches roles Treating men as eye candy, and using them as toys Not sugar coating what she desires, causing controversial views of a woman s role Southern bell and feminism have to learn how to meet in the middle This story is very erotic, and flows well I tend to be a bit reserved Maggie s underlying desire stems from a poor body image her step father gave her She seems to constantly replenish one high for another I sympathize with her need to get better and stronger I give this 3 stars Good solid flow, strong woman, good characters, and loved reading about different places.The romance and explicit descriptive language is a bit much for my tastes I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. It takes an enormous amount of courage to disclose one s life to the extent that Young has done in this frank, and sometimes confrontational, memoir Such courage must be respected even when the means of expressing it do not altogether please.Young s writing is in general articulate and fluent, and the book was an easy read from that point of view, although use of language was at times careless and the work would have benefited from tighter editing.I did find parts of the book distasteful There was, I felt, far explicit description of sexual activity than was necessary to tell the story, and one could not but gain the impression that this was done deliberately to shock or confront the reader I found this distasteful, for both reasons However, the accounts of Navy life in particular were fascinating, and overall I did like the book, although I didn t love it. I really like the author s thoughts on women in a male dominated society and her wish to rebel The insights into the US Navy are also very interesting.But This book needs better editing and proof reading Young repeats some things over and over, skips back and forth and her style is just not as good as I would expect from a professional writer After about a third of the book, reading it felt like a chore than entertainment At least in the Kindle edition, some words were missing and others were not spelled correctly e.g swig swing, hear here.I wanted to love this book and know that it has gotten rave reviews, but it didn t convince me. Just Another Number is a gritty portrayal of a young woman s journey into the world of sex, drugs, government bureaucracy, and the search for self value This isn t a Harlequin romance novel you can give to your aging aunt it s the car crash on the highway that you can t help but look at even knowing you might crash yourself It s a tumultuous ride that left me at turns angry, shocked, and empathetic, yet always riveted.Young s ability to capture the underbelly of the South is spot on A culture that values surface politeness and saccharine sweetness will always cast a darker shadow and Young becomes intimately familiar with those darker places Just Another Number lays bare the stark poverty, the rampant drug use, and the ultimate callousness that is the Hyde of the land of milk and honey and sweet tea Jekyll of the South Her struggle to find her value as a person independent of sex and the sway men have over her lead her to the military, a safe haven of questionable safety.Young presents a life story that is unfortunately becoming commonplace sexual abuse, eating disorders, and casual hard drug use are major players in her story For some, these are hard topics to read about and I could understand wanting to pass this book over if the graphic frankness of it all does not appeal Yet Young manages to tell her story in such a prose like fashion that it lends a level of grace to the journey Beyond the lure of the subject matter itself, her style of telling the story draws you in as a reader And her brutal honesty as she faces her issues and takes back the power they have over her make this ultimately a proud, inspiring tale. Just Another Number Is A Memoir Structured By The First Men I Had Sex With It S About How American Society Curbs Women To Validate Themselves By Men Through My Lovers, I Relive All The Shit I Got Myself Into Because Of That The Book Paints A Gritty Portrait Of A Tennessee Teen Who In The Midst Of Bulimia And Meth Abuse Joins The Navy Just Another Number Hops Through The Various Shades Of Chauvinism In The Conservative Bible Belt, The Male Dominated Military, And The Superficiality Of Southern California My Story Is Littered With Hypocritical Christians, Brainwashed Warriors, Deadbeat Band Guys, And The Spoiled, Cocaine Snorting Trust Fund Offspring Of California S Elite It Also Entails Eating Disorders, Drug Cultures, Social Media, And Of Course, Military Corruption Although The Memoir Harbors The Darkness And Tragedies Of My Stories, It Is Packed Full Of Raunchy, Satirical Humor Just Another Number Dips Into The Gritty, Humiliating Aspects Of Sex From Bodily Functions To Cringe Worthy One Night Stands

Maggie Georgiana Young is a Los Angeles based screenwriter and the author of her feminist memoir, Just Another Number As a child of the Bible Belt, her early years were turbulent riddled with eating disorders, hard drug use, and toxic relationships Her escape route was her United States Navy enlistment where she became one of the first women aboard her freshly integrated destroyer crew Maggie

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