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Just Jorie Some Believe That Special Someone Is Out There Just Waiting To Be Found Jorie Andolini Is One Of Those People And Has Spent A Lot Of Time Envisioning That Moment She Bumps Into A Woman At A Grocery Store, The Woman Drops A Can Of Peas, Jorie Picks It Up, Their Eyes Meet, And Two Souls Connect But It S Actually A Wasted Trip To New York, A Snowstorm, And A Canceled Flight Home That Puts Her In The Path Of Lena VaughnLena Has Found Fault In Every Man She S Ever Dated Her Dream Of Finding A Husband Is Dwindling With Every Year That Passes Despite What Her Friends Say, Lena Doesn T Believe She Has A Fear Of Commitment, She Simply Hasn T Found A Man She Wanted To Commit To It Comes As A Surprise That In Fact It Is A Woman Who Stirs Those Desires For Lena, It S Not Really A Matter Of Sexuality, It S Just JorieTravel The Road To Happiness With Jorie And Lena Two Crazy Old Women, Meddling Friends, And Cattitude Are Just Some Sights You Ll See Along The Way

Born in 1965, Robin Alexander grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she still resides An avid reader of Lesbian fiction, Robin decided to take the leap and try her hand at writing It didn t take long for her favorite hobby to become a full time author With nearly a dozen titles in print with Intaglio Publications, Robin s books have fast become a favorite among fans of lesbian romance Robin

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 223 pages
  • Just Jorie
  • Robin Alexander
  • English
  • 26 March 2019

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    I oughta serve myself an Aunt C style slap upside my head for taking FOREVER to read this Not gonna lie The cover art put me off a bit Now, I find it endearing This was the glass of top notch sparkling wine after days of intense thirst Okay, that sounds a bit too ritzy for this down to earth novel by Robin Alexander Wow, if the rest of her content is like this, she ll easily find a way into my favorite author category.Too many books have been described as laugh out loud funny, only for me to slightly smirk a few times throughout the whole reading THIS BOOK HAD ME CACKLING Even in the subway, I was the person grinning and giggling at my phone I probably looked like I was in love, tittering at a crush s text SO FUNNY Alexander s analogies and sayings were justexcuse me while I kiss my germ covered screen Then, not only is it funny, IT S ROMANTIC AS HELL AND SEXY I can t remember the last time I got a fiction crush as hard at the one I have on Lena Lenaaaaaa all tiny in her Bette Porter esque outfits and her icy at first awkward later personality I MELT I highlighted SO MANY quotes and grew as frustrated as Lena and Jorie navigating through friends and family skeptical of their love Grams and Aunt C I usually duck away from stories with annoying relatives These two old ladies, however, captured my heart and my massive grin Alexander wrote them so well they were too entertaining to skip over I even created a new shelf in honor of them meddling family I m tempted to make an annoying friend one, too, for Tina and Eva and annoying friends in past books.I m cloud nine in love with this Unlike other books, it didn t stop at Lena and Jorie dating, making us assume they d have a HEA No, we got to see them grow without the hackneyed break up get back together trope that romance books love so much I fell in love with their love, which should happen in every lesfic, honestly I must also mention how refreshing for the setting to be in New Orleans Nicely done.Oops I m working backwards by mentioning the first segment now But, I loooooove seeing them get to know each other, picking up on easter eggs of to come They made amusing acquaintances loved their thoughts accusing the other of being a killer hahaha and that translated into an attractive, stable couple It s a pleasure of a romance.MORE THAN FIVE STARS LET ME DO IT, GOODREADS.Edit Read this again in the middle of the night Still all that I could love and 5

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    I m in the minority on my feelings for this one My conclusion is that this is an okay read I didn t love it and, in fact, I didn t even like it all that much at times but found there to be some good aspects.I ll get out of the way what I didn t like, the dialogue I know, it s the same exact dialogue that everyone raves about but, seriously, it grates on me to no end It bugged me so much I actually stopped reading the book awhile back and only picked it up again after a long break.What do I hate about it My problem is that it doesn t feel like real conversation and, if it is, I wouldn t want to spend time with that person so it irks me I think this author focuses on her dialogue and uses it as one of her hallmarks so the fact that it doesn t feel natural makes me feel dissatisfied We get fairly long monologues of dialogue that are supposed to serve the purpose of the characters getting to know each otherbut, what s super strange to me is that a character will talk to reveal all of this information about themselves and the other one doesn t even respond or have a reaction to what was said They just launch into their own long monologue that may or may not be relatedand my brain screams, This is exposition or What does this have to do with anything or How could she not react to that and that completely pulls me out of the story It makes the dialogue feel forced to me.The characters also do these weird name drops in the middle of their talking which is something I never encounter in real life Example, a style I tend to hear in real conversations When I was in kindergarten, this girl I hated cut her tongue on the cafeteria counter and I felt bad because part of me was actually happy about it And, my teacher freaked out because how do you fix a big gash in someone s tongue might come out in this book as When I was in kindergarten at St Anne s, there was this girl, Brandy, that I really hated One day, she cut her tongue on the cafeteria counter I felt bad because part of me was actually happy about it Ms Colleen, my teacher, was freaked out because she was wasn t sure how to fix the big gash in Brandy s tongue Unless the listener already knows that person or place OR it s super relevant and important to have that specific information, there s no reason to mention names People don t care It just makes things sound stilted.In general, the book throughout seems to be missing some reactions, descriptions, or showing that I think would make it a better read.So, that rant over, what did I like About 50% into the book, since the characters did know each other and that was out of the way, their interactions became natural so the feel of the book improved I started enjoying the actual story at that point.I also liked the premise The fact that it s about a forty year old going into a same sex relationship for the first time WITHOUT defining herself as lesbian yet accepting her attraction and not feeling shame about it was refreshing And having Jorie going into it with an open heart was nice, too The story was about a fluid sexuality or a pan sexual kind of thing.Jorie and Lena were also adults who talked about their feelings quickly and any insecurities were resolved right away This book was not an angsty, hand wringing type of story so I liked that, too.I didn t find it laugh out loud funny but there were some amusing quips that got a smile out of me.Combining what I did and didn t like I rate this story as 3 stars.

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    This was a fun read I like how Lena just accept that she has feelings for Jorie, she just goes with her heart It was a trip to read pun intended It s worth the reading.Edit I just finished the audioBook and I felt even in love with this book

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    This was a re read this time the audio version It was only 1.99 because I had the kindle version so I thought what the heck I was considering reducing the stars from 5 to 4 because i enjoyed other Alexander books much After the re read I decided it deserves the 5 stars It s LOL funny, as many of her books are, the MCs are very likable as are the secondary well except the ones that are intentionally not likable I loved how the relationship developed and how they worked through problems and of course Jolie s hilarious family and Lena s supportive brother Kurt.As for the Audio version, the narrator, Lisa Cordileone was excellent and I m sure contributed to my liking this book than I remembered Each character has a unique voice and she actually acts just the right amount rather than just a straight read I read the last few chapters myself because I was impatient to finish the book That s when I realized how well she narrated I never really got the Ahhhh that Jolie s family yells to say Enough until I heard it yelled by Cordileone I read a review that said they thought her voice for Tina was too harsh I have to agree Sorry I can t remember who the reviewer was I recently started listening to books at work This is the first time I read one with a relatively explicit sex scene remember when I said the narrator acts not just reads I looked around hoping nobody could hear through my earbuds.I highly recommend the audio version.

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    I think this is going to go down as one of my favourite books this year It s sweet, hilarious, has a bunch of characters I love a whole lot, and is very emotional without getting angsty There s not a huge conflict between Jorie and Lena, and I m completely okay with that because sometimes that s just how love goes Weirdly, I liked this book so much that I m at a loss about what to read next I ll definitely reread this one later.2016 reread Does it count as a reread when you listen to it Regardless, I still love this book, and I think I might actually love the audio version even Dog Ear did a kickass job with producing the audio book and the reader is perfect I want to listen to her talk all day Full review here

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    Well, not really a detailed review.but I just want to go on record as saying that this is a FANTASTICALLY wonderful book The story is great, and the narrator is amazing If you like witty banter, silly and wonderful side characters and two PERFECT girls who find unexpected loveGET THIS BOOK I m just glad I don t have to pay royalties each time I listen to the book again My favorite book EVER

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    After reading Alexander s Ticket 1207, I was about to write her off as an author, but some of the positive reviews for this one made me decide to try her out again I m glad I did, because I did enjoy this one, but I wasn t overwhelmed.A big part of my problem with this one was that the MCs felt very juvenile Ok I get that everyone needs to let off steam once in a while, but these two felt like they were constantly acting like they were 18 and 20, not 38 and 40 Alexander was going for funny and cute, but it came across to me as just juvenile in many ways and that really turned me off from enjoying this one Constant talk of candy, juvenile antics like sticking Milk Duds and straws on their teeth, watching Shrek in the hotel room, etc just felt too young and immature It was too much for me.Side characters Grams and Aunt C were funny at times, and definitely provided a change of pace to the normal lesfic romance troupe, but they also rubbed me wrong in ways I can see how some would find them funny, but I found Aunt C s speech to just be rude at times, not endearing I loved how Lena s character just accepted her newfound sexual attraction without freaking out or feeling ashamed, but why couldn t the two characters act a little mature and talk through things as adults instead of magically U Hauling The relationship between these two mains could have been so much better, and even with their immaturity, I liked them together It just kills me so much that I ll repeat it this one could have been so much better Kudos to Alexander for skipping the whole 80% angsty breakup and then immediate resolution and HEA though.3.5 stars, rounded down to 3 for immaturity.

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    2.85 stars Not my favorite but also not the worst from Alexander There was barely any of her hallmark lough out loud humor in this book but there was plenty annoyance I felt towards one thing or another First of all the road trip These middle aged women act and talk like complete teenagers At times I thought I somehow must be reading some kinda YA book by mistake Their actions and dialogue was that juvenile Further the dialogue was often awkward with one or the other going on long monologues without receiving any response Attraction between them also was lackluster, they just spent some time together as friends in a teenager kinda way when you make fun of strangers together, watch Shrek on TV and wrestle in the car to kill some time or what ever that was they did and, no, it s not that kind of wrestling you re probably thinking about I wish Secondly Grams and Aunt Coleen are not endearing, nor are they funny, they re just annoying and a waste of words Calling your great niece little shit for most of the book as well as using all kinds of other profanity is not endearing Without hearing the intonation of the voice and seeing the expression I thought she actively hated her niece at first I didn t get what s funny about their constant bickering or noisiness or fishes at all Whenever the duo came up the book almost lost all it s appeal to me They are the kind of people I would never want in my life I enjoy silence, these two are complete chaos all the time.Thirdly the issues with friends seemed kinda redundant I don t know, it all felt inconsequential I was left with a question What was the point of it all And as far as I can see there is none It would ve been better to write about issues with the immediate family With glee I expected them getting shocked by Lena s newly discovered preference yet it never happened, they never meet in the book MehI almost DNFed this one but then they got together, the awkward dialogue got less awkward and they started talking like adults they are I m trying to think of one thing that would make it shine when compared to other books by Alexander or other authors but I can t come up with anything.Just an OK read this time.

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    Robin Alexander did it again and wrote another beautiful, warm and funny story Great humor, engaging characters, great dialogue I very much recommend it.

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    This has such a good, great even, start I was so happy to find such quirky, cute, funny, adorable and still interesting story.And then they got together So soon Too soon.I m so not a fan of the U Haul situation Being together for a few days, weeks top and moving in with each other Really And they say it s a lesbian stereotypeAfter they got together it was boring There was no drama at all, nothing to keep you interested It stopped being funny and Robin Alexander is always funny And she was funny until she got them together.The two old grandmas, aka Grams and her sister were supposed to be funny in the old cute way They weren t They got on my nerves A LOT with their overprotective behaviour towards Jorie That wasn t healthy If I were Jorie, I d be running away from them ASAP, not staying in the same house until almost my 40 Tina as her best friend was the same Getting angry just because her relationship with a straight girl failed Really I wanted to slap Jorie when she felt guilty over their fight Tina deserved it and even I thought I d give this 4 stars, 5 even Because I absolutely loved their little road trip and everything until they got together Instead just 3, because I found myself skipping pages from the second half of the book just to get to the end.

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